South Florida Rappers

Top Palm Beach, Broward County, and Miami Rappers

The largest market of Florida’s hip-hop and rap scene is located in South Florida within the cities and communities of Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Miami-Dade County.  From Miami rappers to Broward County rappers, there has been a creation of one of the rap game’s biggest wave of artists that the industry has seen of late, all being within the large lineup of South Florida rappers.

As some can consider South Florida as one big city, but not necessarily from the natives of Miami and Broward, expanding from West Palm Beach to south Dade County’s Florida City, the talent of South Florida rappers has been easy to uncover in a place where there are millions of people and dozens of urban communities within Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pompano, Miramar, Miami Gardens (Carol City), and other cities and neighborhoods throughout Florida’s largest metropolitan area.

From the days of the 2 Live Crew and the Poison Clan to the days of Trick Daddy, Trina, and Rick Ross, South Florida rappers have always been on top of the rap game, with today’s top Palm Beach, Miami, and Broward County rappers having no exception.

Top Miami Rappers

The roster of Miami rappers includes the City Girls, the duo of JT and Yung Miami who took over the rap game with a complete representation for today’s women. One of hip-hop’s most innovative artists in Denzel Curry. Veteran Miami rappers like Ball Greezy and Ice Billion Berg who carried Miami’s hip-hop scene into multiple eras. Smokepurpp, being one of the top representers of today’s alternative styles of hip-hop.

All besides several faces of Miami’s new generation of rap music, like MajorNine, Tafia, Mike Smiff, and Kiddo Marv, all who arrived during the late 2010s with exception to Mike Smiff.

Top Broward County Rappers

As Broward County rappers have taken the lead of South Florida hip-hop, star standouts like Kodak Black have been impacting hip-hop for several years. While Kodak Black has been one of the most notable rappers in hip-hop, Broward County has also been producing a number of other artists.

From the familiar faces of rappers like Jackboy and Koly P to the alternative rap styles of XXXTENTACION (RIP), Ski Mask the Slump God, and Robb Bank$ to the emergence of rappers like Trapland Pat, FCG Heem, Mellowrackz, Teejay3k, and Lil Kari. All represent the large roster of rappers from Broward County.

Top Palm Beach County Rappers

Despite outshined being outshined by Miami and Broward County, just north sits Palm Beach County and a few top South Florida rappers. This includes Lake Worth’s $NOT, Delray Beach’s Soldier Kidd, West Palm Beach’s wifisfuneral, Muck City and Belle Glade’s DKE AUTHOR, and Lake Park’s Jayo Sama (RIP).

From street rappers to the long list of SoundCloud, emo, punk rap, and lo-fi rap, the range of diversity of hip-hop music in South Florida showcases the growth and the expansion of a genre that started in the streets of New York’s inner city and has now become a global phenomenon, with South Florida producing hip-hop’s largest icons.

Top 20 South Florida Rappers

Kodak Black

1. Kodak Black

A Broward County rapper from Pompano Beach, Kodak Black rose to prominence with his 2014 hit single “No Flockin'” and has since become a prominent figure in music. His debut studio album, Painting Pictures (2017), featured the hit single “Tunnel Vision” and went on to reach the top spot on Billboard.

Before his debut he released several mixtapes, including his first Heart of the Projects (2014) and one of his best Lil Big Pac (2016). Today, Kodak Black’s talent continues to shine through his his follow-up albums Dying to Live (2018), Back For Everything (2022), and Bill Israel (2020).

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Miami rappers Rick Ross

2. Rick Ross

Rick Ross is a titan in the rap industry hailing from Carol City, Florida as one of the first Miami rappers to emerge. With a career spanning over a decade, Ross is known for his husky voice and the portrayal of a drug kingpin persona.

He launched his career with the hit single “Hustlin'” in 2006, which led to his debut album Port of Miami. Since, Ross has been a mentor to many and has a successful portfolio that includes chart-topping albums like Teflon Don and God Forgives, I Don’t.

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South Florida rapper Ski Mask The Slump God

3. Ski Mask the Slump God

Known for his rapid-fire flow, Ski Mask’s presence in hip-hop has made him one of a kind in the rap game. Hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he initially gained fame collaborating with fellow rapper XXXTentacion and as a member of the hip-hop collective Members Only.

Debuting with his mixtape Drown in Designer in 2016, Ski Mask quickly developed a cult following. His most notable tracks include “Catch Me Outside,” “Take A Step Back,” and “Faucet Failure,” the latter from his 2018 classic Stokeley.

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Denzel Curry Miami rapper

4. Denzel Curry

Praised as one of the most versatile rappers of his generation, Denzel Curry blends conscious rap with the intensity of his Carol City roots. Since his debut with the album Nostalgic 64 in 2013, Curry has consistently pushed the boundaries of hip-hop.

His third album, TA13OO, released in 2018, received much success and contained hit singles like “Clout Cobain” and “Black Balloons.” Curry’s refusal to be boxed into a single genre makes him standout, exemplified by his 2019 album ZUU and his 2021 collaborative project with Kenny Beats, Unlocked.

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5. $NOT

$NOT is an enigmatic figure in hip-hop, being known for his distinctive look, often characterized by his signature hoodie that obscures his face. Breaking into the scene in 2018, he quickly made waves with his lo-fi sound and laid-back but sharp delivery on tracks such as “Gosha” and “Beretta.”

His debut album, Tragedy + (2020), solidified his status. His sophomore album, Beautiful Havoc (2020), along with his third project Ethereal (2022), continued to showcase his versatility.

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South Florida rappers City Girls

6. City Girls

Not only top Miami rappers, but the hottest female artists in the game, the City Girls are a rap duo comprised of Yung Miami (Caresha Brownlee) and JT (Jatavia Johnson).

Since their arrival they have taken the hip-hop scene by storm with their unapologetic lady anthems. The duo emerged onto the music scene with their debut studio album Period in 2018, which was followed by their breakthrough project Girl Code the same year. The City Girls have become synonymous with the resurgence of female voices in rap.

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7. Smokepurpp

Smokepurpp first came into the light on SoundCloud before making a real impact with his single “Audi” in 2017 and later 2018’s “Nephew.” His debut commercial mixtape Deadstar came out the same year and peaked on the charts.

Smokepurpp, often associated with fellow Floridian rapper Lil Pump, has continued to be a relevant figure in the trap rap subgenres. His style is characterized by its carefree nature, often complemented by heavy 808s, further seen on projects like Bless Yo Trap, Deadstar 2, and Florida Jit.

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Broward County rapper Jackboy

8. JackBoy

JackBoy is a Broward County rapper who hails from Pompano Beach, Florida. A former close affiliate of Kodak Black, JackBoy has made a considerable impact in the Southern rap scene. He debuted with his mixtape Stick Up Kid in 2016 and gained more attention with releases such as JackNDaBox and Grimace.

His self-titled project JackBoy dropped in 2020 and included the popular track “Pressure,”  and he has continued to release fan favorites, like Majorly Independent and Jackboy 2.

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West Palm Beach rapper wifisfuneral

9. wifisfuneral

Wifisfuneral is a rapper of Puerto Rican descent out of West Palm Beach, Florida. His stage name reflects a dark sense of humor and an internet-centric upbringing. He first made waves in the underground rap scene with his mixtape Black Heart Revenge in 2016. The following projects When Hell Falls (2017) and Ethernet (2018) only reflected his growth as an artist.

With several album and mixtape releases, wifisfuneral most notable tracks have been the bangers of “Wya?,” “IMVU,” “Love The Feeling,” “Genesis,” and “Lights,” since debuting in 2016 with “It Don’t Matter.”

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Rap artist Soldier Kidd

10. Soldier Kidd

Hailing from Palm Beach County’s Delray Beach, Soldier Kidd was an up-and-coming artist before emerging as one of the top South Florida rappers. Despite unfortunate controversy, he leveraged the spotlight to showcase his music.

Soldier Kidd’s work features street narratives and the struggles of growing up in tough environments. He has released over a half of dozen mixtapes and has hit songs like “Thug Paradise 2,” “Thug Cry,” “My Way,” and more.

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Miami rapper MajorNine

11. MajorNine

MajorNine is a former college football star turned rapper and producer, but also signed with the Cleveland Browns. From the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, MajorNine has impressed the local scene with his rap style and production skills, seen on tracks such as “Unconditional,” “Meg the Stallion,” and “Bass Check.” His transition from sports to music has been seamless, being able to balance a double life of football and rap stardom.

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Kid Trunks

12. Kid Trunks

Kid Trunks was part of a new wave of rappers who emerged from the South Florida scene, particularly known for his association with the Members Only collective alongside XXXTentacion.

Vietnamese-American by descent, Kid Trunks brings a unique perspective to the rap genre. Debuting with The Kid Before Trunks in 2017, he has continued to gain momentum in the rap game. Tracks like “IDK” exhibit progression and potential as a solo artist away from the Members Only collective.

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Trapland Pat

13. Trapland Pat

Broward County rapper Trapland Pat is another name quickly rising in South Florida’s rap scene. His rise can be attributed to his portrayal of life growing up in Deerfield Beach. With tracks like “Big Business” and projects like 2023’s Professor Trap, Trapland Pat displays a certain level of sophistication that bodes well for his future in the industry.

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Broward County rapper FCG Heem

14. FCG Heem

FCG Heem is an ascending talent from Broward County who is making his mark on the regional hip-hop scene. He first caught public attention in 2020 with several popular tracks, “Haters,” “Destiny,” and “Focus.”

These releases led up to his second project release, the South Florida classic Neighborhood Poetry. Hailing from Broward’s Lauderhill community, FCG Heem has released multiple projects since his 2020 debut and is on a steadily rise.

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Robb Bank$

15. Robb Bank$

Robb Bank$, son of reggae artist Shaggy, has carved out his own path in music. He made a splash with his debut mixtape Calendars in 2012 and has since been one of the most persistent South Florida rappers, adding his own twist to the rap game.

His debut album Year of the Savage in 2015 only further established his place in the industry. As he continues to build his legacy in hip-hop, Robb Bank$ most notable works have been songs like “On Me,” “HOLLABACK,” “It’s Lifted,” “Lifted,” and over a dozen mixtape and album releases.

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Ball Greezy

16. Ball Greezy

One of the top Miami rappers, Ball Greezy began his career in the mid-2000s and has become a staple in the Southern hip-hop and Miami bass scenes. Ball Greezy has been known for creating music that ranges from party anthems to soulful R&B-inflected tracks.

Notable works include “Nice & Slow,” “Feel My Pain,” “I’m In Love,” “Dats My Bae,” and “Ignorant S***,” have accumulated millions of views and streams and have alos illustrated his capacity to connect with listeners with an universal appeal.

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17. Bass Santana

As a member of the Members Only collective, Bass Santana has emerged from the South Florida music scene as a multi-talented rapper, singer, producer, and engineer.

His artistic versatility has been evident since his contributions to the collective’s mixtape series. Known for his energetic performances and distinct sound that often merges elements of rap, rock, and electronic music, Bass Santana maintains a style that’s unique and experimental.

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Loe Shimmy

18. Loe Shimmy

Loe Shimmy is an emerging talent in the dynamic world of hip-hop. Only debuting a few years ago, the Pompano Beach native has a handful of popular tracks, “Bounty” with Kodak Black, “Fallin,” “Playboy Carti,” and “scarz.” Has has released two full length projects, 2021’s Zuper Powerz and 2022’s Z End.

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19. Teejay3k

Teejay3k has developed as a rising star in hip-hop. He debuted in 2018 with the hit song “Trust,” with his five year career Teejay3k has consistently showcased why he is destined to become the next rap star out of South Florida. This is proven through songs like “Testimony,” “Hold On,” “Bad Vibes,” “All For You,” and “No Friends” with Quando Rondo.

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20. Mellowrackz

With the rise of female rappers, Mellowrackz is has come to the forefront as one of the top female South Florida rappers. She debuted in 2021 with the song “Diamonds.” Still building her career, Mellowrackz linked with several heavyweights of hip-hop and has proven that she is here to stay.

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Honorable Mention South Florida Rappers

Koly P Instagram: @Kolyon and Youtube: Koly P

Tafia Instagram: @Tafia and Youtube: Tafia

 Mike Smiff Instagram: @Mike Smiff and Youtube: Mike Smiff

Lil Kari Instagram: @Lil Kari and Youtube: Lil Kari

Ice Billion Berg Instagram: @Ice Billion Berg and Youtube: Ice Billion Berg

Reace Sosa Instagram: @Reace Sosa and Youtube: Reace Sosa

DKE Author Instagram @DKE Author and Youtube DKE Author

 Kiddo Marv Instagram: @Kiddo Marv and Youtube: Kiddo Marv

BrickBoyDior Instagram: @BrickBoyDior and Youtube: BrickBoyDior

Wavy Navy Pooh Instagram: @Wavy Navy pooh  and Youtube: Wavy Navy Pooh

Lajan Slim Instagram @Lajan Slim  and Youtube Lajan Slim

Gank Gaank  Instagram: @GankGaank and Youtube: Gank Gaank

Bruno Mali Instagram @Bruno Mali and Youtube Bruno Mali

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