Top South Florida Rappers

Top South Florida Rappers

South Florida Rappers

Top Palm Beach, Broward County, and Miami Rappers

The largest market of Florida’s music and rap scene is located in the areas of West Palm Beach, Broward County, and Miami-Dade County of South Florida as from Miami rappers to Broward County rappers are creating one of the country’s biggest waves.

From the days of 2 Live Crew and Poison Clan to the days of Trick Daddy and Rick Ross, South Florida rappers have always been on top of the rap game with today’s top Palm Beach, Miami, and Broward County rappers having no exception.  Below is a list of the top current South Florida rappers who are representing for the Palm Beach, Broward County and Miami rappers.

Top 20+ South Florida Rappers

Kodak Black (Broward County), follow on Instagram: @KodakBlack and watch more on Youtube: Kodak Black
Ball Greezy (Miami Dade County), follow on Instagram: @BallGreezy and watch more on Youtube: Ball Greezy

Denzel Curry (Miami Dade County), follow on Instagram: @DenzelCurryPH and watch more on Youtube: Denzel Curry
JackBoy (Broward County), Instagram: @1804JackBoy & Youtube: 1804 JackBoy

Soldier Kidd (West Palm Beach), Instagram: @Soldier.Kidd & Youtube: Soldier Kidd
Ice Billion Berg (Miami Dade County), follow on Instagram: @BillionBerg and watch more on Youtube: Ice Billion Berg

Zoey Dollaz, follow on Instagram: @ZoeyDollaz and watch more on Youtube: Zoey Dollaz
Koly P (Broward County), Instagram: @Kolyon & Youtube: Koly P

Mike Smiff (Miami Dade County), Instagram: @MikeSmiff305 & Youtube: Mike Smiff
Jayo Sama (Palm Beach County), Instagram: @Jayo_Sama & Youtube: Jayo Sama

Kiddo Marv (Miami Dade County), Instagram: @KiddoMarv & Youtube: Kiddo Marv
JDola (Broward County), Instagram: @JDola24.7 & Youtube: Jdola

Bruno Mali, Instagram: @BrunoMali_Kidd & Youtube: Bruno Mali
John Wicks (Broward County), Instagram: @JohnWicks1K & Youtube: John Wicks

OTM, Instagram: @OTMFrenchyy & Youtube: OTM
PC Tweezie (West Palm Beach), Instagram: @PCTweezie & Youtube: PC Tweezie

Gank Gaank, Instagram: @GankGaank36 & Youtube: Gank Gaank
Geetchie Kemosabe (Palm Beach), Instagram: @ItsGeetchieBaby & Youtube: Geetchie Kemosabe

Tafia, Instagram: @Tafia_Official & Youtube: Street Fanci
Tiurakh$ushii, Instagram: @TiurakhSushii & Youtube: Tiurakh$ushii

Ferrari Fred, Instagram: @Ferrarii_Fred & Youtube: Ferrari Fred
Freese Cola (Miami Dade County), Instagram: @FreeseCola & Youtube: Cola OnTV

Choppa Zoe (West Palm Beach), Instagram: @ChoppaZoe & Youtube: Choppa Zoe 
Slick Casino (West Palm Beach), Instagram: @SlickCasino & Youtube: Slick Casino
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This is not a complete list of South Florida’s Palm Beach, Miami rappers, Broward County rappers, email [email protected] if anyone is missing.



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