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South Florida Rappers: 2023’s Top 20 Broward County & Miami Rappers

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South Florida Rappers

Top Palm Beach, Broward County, and Miami Rappers

The largest market of Florida’s hip-hop and rap scene is located in South Florida within the cities and communities of Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Miami-Dade County.  From Miami rappers to Broward County rappers, there has been a creation of one of the rap game’s biggest wave of artists that the industry has seen of late, all being within the large lineup of South Florida rappers.

As some can consider South Florida as one big city, but not necessarily from the natives of Miami and Broward, expanding from West Palm Beach to south Dade County’s Florida City, the talent of South Florida rappers has been easy to uncover in a place where there are millions of people and dozens of urban communities within Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pompano, Miramar, Miami Gardens (Carol City), and other cities and neighborhoods throughout Florida’s largest metropolitan area.

From the days of the 2 Live Crew and the Poison Clan to the days of Trick Daddy, Trina, and Rick Ross, South Florida rappers have always been on top of the rap game, with today’s top Palm Beach, Miami, and Broward County rappers having no exception.

Top Miami rappers

The roster of Miami rappers includes the City Girls, the duo of JT and Yung Miami who took over the rap game with a complete representation for today’s women. One of hip-hop’s most innovative artists in Denzel Curry. Veteran Miami rappers like Ball Greezy and Ice Billion Berg who carried Miami’s hip-hop scene into multiple eras. Smokepurpp, being one of the top representers of today’s alternative styles of hip-hop.

All besides several faces of Miami’s new generation of rap music, like MajorNine, Tafia, Mike Smiff, and Kiddo Marv, all who arrived during the late 2010s with exception to Mike Smiff.

Top Broward County Rappers

As Broward County rappers have taken the lead of South Florida hip-hop, star standouts like Kodak Black have been impacting hip-hop for several years. While Kodak Black has been one of the most notable rappers in hip-hop, Broward County has also been producing a number of other artists.

From the familiar faces of rappers like Jackboy and Koly P to the alternative rap styles of XXXTENTACION (RIP), Ski Mask the Slump God, and Robb Bank$ to the emergence of rappers like Trapland Pat, FCG Heem, Mellowrackz, Teejay3k, and Lil Kari. All represent the large roster of rappers from Broward County.

Palm Beach County

Despite outshined being outshined by Miami and Broward County, just north sits Palm Beach County and a few top South Florida rappers. This includes Lake Worth’s $NOT, Delray Beach’s Soldier Kidd, West Palm Beach’s wifisfuneral, Muck City and Belle Glade’s DKE AUTHOR, and Lake Park’s Jayo Sama (RIP).

From street rappers to the long list of SoundCloud, emo, punk rap, and lo-fi rap, the range of diversity of hip-hop music in South Florida showcases the growth and the expansion of a genre that started in the streets of New York’s inner city and has now become a global phenomenon, with South Florida producing hip-hop’s largest icons.

Top 20 South Florida Rappers

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1. Kodak Black follow on Instagram: @Kodak Black and watch on Youtube: Kodak Black

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2. Ski Mask the Slump God follow on Instagram: @the Slump God and watch on Youtube: the Slump God

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3. Denzel Curry follow on Instagram: @Denzel Curry and watch on Youtube: Denzel Curry

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4. $NOT follow on Instagram: @$NOT and watch on Youtube: $NOT

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5. City Girls follow on Instagram: @City Girls and watch on Youtube: City Girls

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6. Smokepurpp follow on Instagram: @Smokepurpp and watch on Youtube: Smokepurpp

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7. JackBoy follow on Instagram: @JackBoy and watch on Youtube: JackBoy

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8. wifisfuneral follow on Instagram: @wifisfuneral and watch on Youtube: wifisfuneral

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9. Soldier Kidd follow on Instagram: @Soldier Kidd and watch on Youtube: Soldier Kidd

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10. Kid Trunks follow on Instagram: @Kid Trunks and watch on Youtube: Kid Trunks

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10. MajorNine follow on Instagram: @MajorNine and watch on Youtube: MajorNine

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11. Trapland Pat follow on Instagram: @Trapland Pat and watch on Youtube: Trapland Pat

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12. FCG Heem follow on Instagram: @FCG Heem and watch on Youtube: FCG Heem

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13. robb banks follow on Instagram: @robb banks and watch on Youtube: robb banks

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14. Ball Greezy follow on Instagram: @Ball Greezy and watch on Youtube: Ball Greezy

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15. bass santana follow on Instagram: @bass santana and watch on Youtube: bass santana

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16. Mellowrackz follow on Instagram: @Mellowrackz and watch on Youtube: Mellowrackz

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17. Tafia follow on Instagram: @Tafia and watch on Youtube: Tafia

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18. Teejay3k follow on Instagram: @Teejay3k and watch on Youtube: Teejay3k

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19. Loe shimmy Follow on Instagram: @Loe shimmy  and Watch on Youtube: Loe shimmy

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20. Koly P follow on Instagram: @Kolyon and watch on Youtube: Koly P

Honorable Mention South Florida Rappers


 Mike Smiff Instagram: @Mike Smiff and Youtube: Mike Smiff

Lil Kari Instagram: @Lil Kari and Youtube: Lil Kari

 Kiddo Marv Instagram: @Kiddo Marv and Youtube: Kiddo Marv


wavy navy pooh Instagram: @wavy navy pooh  and Youtube: wavy navy pooh

Lajan Slim Instagram @Lajan Slim  and Youtube Lajan Slim

Gank Gaank  Instagram: @GankGaank and Youtube: Gank Gaank

F.O.B Pook Instagram @F.O.B Pook and Youtube F.O.B Pook

Jay Givenchy Instagram @Jay Givenchy and Youtube Jay Givenchy

Bruno Mali Instagram @Bruno Mali and Youtube Bruno Mali

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