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Top Jacksonville, FL Rappers

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Jacksonville Rappers:

List of Top Duval County Rappers

Jacksonville rappers of Duval County, which is one of the state’s largest cities while being located in North Florida, have their own unique sound and style that is separate from many other cities.  Duval County rappers, which have pioneers like Mob Boss and Hustle House or the overnight success of the Lil Duval rapper, who is officially a comedian, have not been historically as popular as other cities in Florida.  Today’s Jacksonville rap scene is changing that.

Below is number of artists that are the next up and coming rappers from Jacksonville and artist that have been well known in the game among other Duval County rappers for years.  All artist show all aspects of life growing up in Jacksonville, from Tokyo Jetz to Foolio to Yungeen Ace, Jacksonville rappers have an unlimited amount of talent in the local music scene.

Top 12+ Rappers from Duval County

1. Yungeen Ace, follow on Instagram: @YungeenAce and watch on YouTube: Yungeen Ace

2. SPOTEMGOTTEM, follow on Instagram: @SPOTEMGOTTEM and watch on Youtube: SPOTEMGOTTEM

3. Lil Poppa, follow on Instagram: @Lil Poppa and watch on Youtube: Lil Poppa

4. Foolio, follow on Instagram: @Foolio and watch on Youtube: Foolio

5. Dee Watkins (Macclenny, Florida), follow on Instagram: @DeeWatkins and watch on Youtube: Dee Watkins

6. Tokyo Jetz, follow on Instagram: @Tokyo Jetz and watch on YouTube: Tokyo Jetz 

7. Brokeasf, follow on Instagram: @Brokeasf and watch on Youtube: Brokeasf

8. Y&R Mookey, follow on Instagram: @Y&R Mookey and watch on Youtube: Y&R Mookey

9. Kamillion, follow on Instagram: @ItsKaMillion and watch on Youtube: KaMillion

10. Baby Soulja, follow on Instagram: @Baby Soulja and watch on YouTube: Baby Soulja

11. Jdot Breezy, follow on Instagram: @Jdot Breezy and watch on Youtube: Jdot Breezy

12. RackRacer GMK, follow on Instagram: @RackRacer GMK and watch on Youtube: RackRacer GMK

Honorable Mention Duval Rappers:

Mobsquad Nard, follow on Instagram: @Mobsquad Nard and watch on Youtube: Mobsquad Nard

Backstreet TK, follow on Instagram: @Backstreet TK and watch on Youtube: Backstreet TK

Trap Beckham, follow on Instagram: @Trap Beckham and watch on Youtube: Trap Beckham

Tai Boujie, follow on Instagram: @Tai Boujie and watch on Youtube: Tai Boujie

HDTV, follow on Instagram: @HDTV and watch on YouTube: HDTV

D-Lo, follow on Instagram: @D-Lo and watch on Youtube: D-Lo

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list or should be added email media@kulturevulturez.com