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List of Top Rappers from Jacksonville (Duval County)

Jacksonville rappers within North Florida’s Duval County, which is one of the state’s largest metropolitan areas, have created one of the country’s most thriving rap scenes as rappers from Jacksonville have easily separated themselves from the large of cities making an impact in hip-hop.

Duval County has never truly been a place to breed rap artists, other than the 69 Boyz and the local respected pioneer Mob Boss and his Hustle House imprint.  As far as entertainment of Jacksonville’s urban areas, areas which are mostly based on the North Side, West Side, East Side, and small isolated sections of the South Side, Duval County can be credited for giving the world top comedian Lil Duval, also part time music artist, and DJ and music executive Bigga Rankin.

In the past, Jacksonville had been mostly known for producing top Rock N Roll bands. In present day Jacksonville, the city has become known for delivering some of hip-hop’s top artists in the rap game.  Rappers from Jacksonville have not only taken the city to the very top of Florida’s best rap and hip hop scenes, but easily can be considered as having created one of the top rap markets in the world.

Whether it is Jacksonville rappers from the North Side’s Moncrief Road or the West Side’s 103rd Street, there are more than just a handful of gifted rappers from Jacksonville in the city.  With all artists showing different aspects and lifestyles of their lives growing up in Duval County, the art of intertwining music and real life is something that any listener should expect from a roster of raw and uncut Jacksonville rappers.

Top 15 Jacksonville Rappers

Jacksonville Rappers Nardo Wick

1. Nardo Wick

Now, one of the hottest rappers in the rap game, Nardo Wick’s release of one of the top rap albums of 2021, Who is Nardo Wick?, helped him to make the rounds, topped the charts, and conquered almost all the headlines. A newcomer to hip-hop, since Nardo Wick’s arrival in 2020 the Arlington native has proceeded to reach the top of the rap game with hits like “Who Want Smoke,” “Me or Sum,” “Dah Dah DahDah,” and “Wicked Witch.”

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Rappers from Jacksonville Yungeen Ace

2. Yungeen Ace

As Jacksonville has become one of the faces of southern hip-hop and Florida’s rap scene, Yungeen Ace deserves much of the credit. Beginning his ascent in rap during 2017 with the release of “Go to War,” Yungeen Ace quickly became one of the most talked about rappers in the industry. As one of the top representations for Jacksonville rappers, Yungeen Ace has taken over the city with songs like “Opps,” “Step Harder,” “Pain,” “Jungle,” and “Giving Up,” while releasing nine acclaimed albums, from 2018’s Life of Betrayal to 2022 with Survivor of the Trenches.

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3. Foolio

Possibly one of hip-hop’s most controversial, often trolling and in the mx of rap beef, Foolio has also been known for other aspects of hip-hop, like music. Songs like “When I See You,” “List of Dead Opps,” “Bibby Story,” and “Play With Me,” in which are often controversial, has gained Foolio a fan base, but many have tuned in to the North Side local with his personality outside of music, whether it is good or bad.

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Duval county rapper Jdot Breezy

4. Jdot Breezy

Another rising rapper in hip-hop and another a homegrown native from the East Side, Jdot Breezy has contributed much to hip-hop, especially providing listeners with songs like “Shoot It Out,” “B**** K,” “Tweak S***,” and “No Name Droppin’.” In all, accumulating close to 70 million views on YouTube and close to 20 million streams on Spotify, Jdot Breezy is one of Florida’s leading rap artists, helping Duval County to remain at top Florida’s rap scene.

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Hailing from the city’s West Side neighborhood of Lackawanna, SpotemGottem went viral in 2020 with his Beatbox series, which featured five parts that featured Da Baby, NLE Choppa, Pooh Shiesty, and Polo G. As of 2022, signed with Geffen and Interscope records, SpotemGottem has reached the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100, while also charting with projects like Final Destination, Back from the Dead, and Most Wanted.

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Lil Poppa

6. Lil Poppa

Flying under the radar among one of the most controversial cities in hip-hop, Lil Poppa has been quietly making noise since 2019. Originally from the heart of the city, Duval County’s East Side neighborhood, Lil Poppa may be one of the least highlighted of the top rappers from Jacksonville, but his level of talent easily surpasses most artists.

Acclaimed albums like Heavy Is The Head and Blessed, I Guess, Lil Poppa has been one of the most sought out rappers, linking with Yo Gotti’s CMG, Mozzy, and a dozen others ranging from the West Coast to local Jacksonville rappers.

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Jacksonville rappers Spinabenz

7. Spinabenz

While Chicago coined the phrase “Smoking On ___ Pack,” Spinabenz took it to another level with one of the most confrontational rap songs of all-time, “Who I Smoke.” Growing into music and hip-hop since 2020, emerging as one of the top rappers from Jacksonville, Spinabenz is more than just the controversial MC that highlighted the deaths of certain Jacksonville natives in the most disrespectful way possible. Since “Who I Smoke,” Spinabenz has continued with songs like “I Don’t Smoke,” “First Week Out,” “Drill Time,” and more.

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 Tokyo Jetz

8. Tokyo Jetz

While women are almost completely controlling and dominating hip-hop, Tokyo Jetz was one of the first female artists, as well one of the first Jacksonville rappers, to gain recognition and popularity in today’s era of rap music. Her initial grind led her to signing with Hustle Gang, but also led her to develop a catalog of albums like Bonafide (2017) and songs like “No Problem” (2018). Recent releases of her latest album Cancel Culture and her latest song “Just Ride,” Tokyo Jetz remains the queen of the city.

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9. RackRacer GMK

West Side’s own GMK only started in 2020, but of late his career has been headed towards becoming the next face of Florida’s rap scene. Once a developing artist slowly materializing as an aspiring rap artist, GMK has been grabbing the rap world’s attention, from viral moments to songs like “Who Gone Slide,” “Pray for War,” “Free Ksoo,” “New 50s,” or “Bang Dat Heat,” becoming one of the most aggressive street rappers from Jacksonville of our time.

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Whoppa Wit Da Choppa

10. Whoppa Wit Da Choppa

A East Side native and brother of Spinabenz, Whoppa Wit Da Choppa was introduced through one of the top viral songs, “Who I Smoke.” One of hip-hop’s number one songs of 2020, collaborating with two of the top Jacksonville rappers, Whoppa Wit Da Choppa has begun to build his own legacy separate from being attached to of most controversial songs of all-time. Following his introduction, Whoppa has been placing his own stamp on the rap scene of Duval County with “WAR,” “Dead H***,” “Not the Same,” “Take Off,” and “Add A K.”

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Trap Beckham

11. Trap Beckham

Just years ago, Trap Beckham had southern music on lock with hits like “Lil Booties Matter,” “Hit It,” and “Birthday B****,” providing the best music for the clubs and nightlife, often turning up the parties. A career dating back to 2010, Trap Beckham’s unique flavor of music in southern hip-hop led him to signing with Def Jam. Now, removed from the era of the 2010s, Trao Beckham is still present, finding his place in today’s often changing rap and hip-hop scene.

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12. Kamillion

In a hip-hop scene that highlights the violence and the negative of the streets, KaMillion brings in the love and good vibes to the city. Somewhat a veteran to the roster of rappers from Jacksonville, KaMillion began her career in 2014 with her debut song “Blowed”. A brief hiatus until 2017’s “I Heart Banana,” KaMillion eventually would shine with her outgoing styles, often displayed on songs like “Womp Womp,” “Bend Yo Byke,” “Bounce Dat Azz,” and “Put That S*** On.”

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13. Brokeasf

Making his name known with the 2020 hit “Comment,” the young and hungry Brokeasf has all the makings and talent to be rich as f*** with his current route and path in hip-hop. As the streets of America are ablaze, Brokeasf provides a soundtrack for the current state of streets, all displayed on his debut album Wrong 1, which features 42 Dugg, Rich The Kid, and Quando Rondo. Still rising and still emerging, Brokasf will be will soon be recognized as one of Florida’s top rap artists.

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14. Y&R Mookey

Among the top street rappers from Jacksonville, despite incarceration Y&R Mookey has remained one of the most known artists in the city. While being a soundtrack for the streets of the present day with songs like “Dead Opps,” “Shooters,” “Murda Twinz,” and “Gangsta Talk,” Y&R Mookey has been on a nonstop grind over the past few years, releasing albums like Russian Roulette, Love Til Death, Big Murda, Left 4 Dead, and Big 52.

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Jacksonville rappers Baby Soulja

15. Baby Soulja

While incarceration has been a major obstacle, roadblock, and career altering for Baby Soulja, one should not overlook his impact as one of first Jacksonville rappers to appear in today’s era of music. Baby Soulja rose to the occasion following his time rapping and freestyling on YouTube during the early 2010s with the Boosie Bad Azz featured track, “Dirty.” From multiple albums to working with the top southern rappers, Baby Soulja’s pursue of music was long before rap became the number one career choice for many.

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Honorable Mention Duval Rappers:

Backstreet TK Instagram: @Backstreet TK and Youtube: Backstreet TK

Tai Boujie Instagram: @Tai Boujie and Youtube: Tai Boujie

Skeet McFlurry Instagram: @Skeet McFlurry and Youtube: Skeet McFlurry

Kshordy Instagram: @Kshordy and Youtube: Kshordy

Slugga Tee Instagram: @Slugga Tee and Youtube: Slugga Tee

La Cracka Instagram: @La Cracka and Youtube: La Cracka

J4 Krazy Instagram: @J4 Krazy  and Youtube: J4 KRazy

Greenlightt Instagram: @Greenlightt and Youtube: Greenlightt

Mobsquad Nard Instagram: @Mobsquad Nard and Youtube: Mobsquad Nard

Nacho Soprano Instagram: @Nacho Soprano and Youtube: Nacho Soprano

Doloo Instagram: @Doloo and Youtube: Doloo

Luhh Ben Instragram: Luhh Ben and YouTube: Luhh Ben

Will Gocraxxy Instagram: @Will Gocraxxy and YouTube: Will Gocraxxy

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