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Top 15 Orlando Rappers: 2021’s Best Rappers from Orlando List

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Orlando Rappers:

List of the Best Rappers from Orlando

With rap artists all over Florida, from South Florida to Jacksonville to Tampa Bay, making a name for themselves in the music industry it is only right for Orlando rappers to get in the mix.  Live in the heart of Central Florida’s Orange County is a place that has been known to the world for its entertainment attractions with Disney World and Universal Studios, but the city of Orlando has another side of entertainment. Not the nightlife along Orange Blossom Trail, but the other side of Orlando’s entertainment scene consists of a large roster of rappers from Orlando that have become not only Florida’s but the country’s top rap artists.

West of Orlando’s downtown area is the place that has birthed the city’s top rappers, West Orlando, Crosstown, Silver Star, or Pine Hills, just to name a few.  While one half of the 69 Boyz, the group that brought the world the “Tootsie Roll”, and street rapper Granddaddy Souf, an artist known for the songs “Run It” and “Game Room”, are from Orlando, the city has never had rap and hip hop scene.

Entering the 2010s came an emergence of Orlando rappers like Woop Woop, Bad Azz Becky and a handful of others.  While still in its early development, not until rap music became the world’s number one genre of music and the ease to become a rapper did the local music scene of Orlando rappers began to boom and become established into becoming one of the South’s top rap markets.

It should be noted, that the list of top rappers from Orlando often changes with new artists constantly emerging to the forefront from only months in the rap game.  Another unfortunate reason for the changes is the fact that many artists find themselves in legal troubles, which also harms the growth of one’s career as the momentum of many artists comes to a halt.  Despite what is going on in ones personal life, there is no doubt that Orlando rappers are some of the most talented and have rightfully developed a true rap scene that is viewed well outside of the region of Central Florida.

Top 15 Orlando Rappers

1. GlokkNine, follow on Instagram: @GlokkNine and watch videos on Youtube: GlokkNine

2. Hotboii, follow on Instagram: @Hotboii and watch more on Youtube: Hotboii

3. LBP Poody, follow on Instagram: @lpb poody and watch more on Youtube: LBP Poody

4. Kuttem Reese, follow on Instagram: @Kuttem Reese and watch more on Youtube: Kuttem Reese

5. Woop, follow on Instagram: @Woop and watch more on YouTube: Woop

6. Rico Cartel, follow on Instagram: @Rico Cartel and watch more on Youtube: Rico Cartel

7. 438 Tok, follow on Instagram: @438 Tok and watch more on Youtube: 438 Tok

8. RugRat OD, follow on Instagram: @RugRat od and watch more on Youtube: RugRat OD

9. Bad Azz Becky, follow on Instagram: @Bad Azz Becky and watch more on YouTube: BadAzzBecky

10. Bossman JD, follow on Instagram: @Bossman JD and watch more on YouTube:  Bossman JD

11. GlitchMan, follow on Instagram: @GlitchMan and watch more on YouTube: Glitch Man 

12. Mook Boy, follow on Instagram: @Mook Boy and watch more on YouTube: Mook Boy

13. ATM Tana, follow on Instagram: @ATM Tana and watch more on Youtube: ATM Tana

14. Kiwiana Bae, follow on Instagram: @Kiwiana Bae and watch more on Youtube: Kiwiana Bae

15. TMG Spook, follow on Instagram: @TMG Spook and watch more on Youtube: TMG Spook

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list or should be added email media@kulturevulturez.com