Orlando Hoods

Map and Tour of Orlando Streets

 In the heart of Central Florida is a  section of Orlando hoods, mostly located on the city’s West Side, or in West Orlando, a part of Orlando in the shadows of Disney World and other popular attractions. From Parramore and Crosstown to West Orlando to Pine Hills and Silver Star, as well hoods nearby in Orange and Seminole County, view the entire metro of Orlando.

While there are Orlando gangs, mainly Blood affiliations, this map just breaks down almost every hood section of the Orlando ghetto and urban areas throughout the metropolitan area of Central Florida, which includes hoods of Sanford, Brevard County, Kissimme, and of course Orlando.

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Once nicknamed Warlando, west of Interstate 4 is the heart of the streets of Orlando hoods like Ivey Lane, Carver Shores, Pine Hills, Parramore, Mercy Drive and more. Outside of the city of Orlando there are other hood and urban areas scattered throughout, like Tangelo Park, Eatonville, South Apopka, or even into Seminole County.

While there are Orlando gangs, many aligning with Blood affiliations, historically the city of Orlando has been neighborhood and clique based. From the past with the Motown Boys of Murchison Terrace or Baby Country Boys of South Apopka to hood beefs and rivalries with Carver Shores and Tangelo Park, Winter Garden and Pine Hills, or Eatonville and Rosemont.

Home to some of Florida’s and the South’s most oldest neighborhoods, like Eatonville, Winter Gardens, and Parramore that eventually grew into the majority of West Orlando and then into areas along Silver Star, the streets of the Orlando ghetto have been well known for years. Despite gentrification taken over areas like Tampa Ave., Orange Center, or Parramore, most hoods are still around.

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