Map of Tampa Gangs (Full Tour of Tampa Hoods & Pinellas County)

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Tampa Bay

Map of the Tampa Hoods, St Pete Hoods, and much more

In one of Florida’s and the South’s largest metropolitan areas resides a number of Tampa hoods, St Pete hoods, and hoods throughout the metro in places like Clearwater, Manatee County, and other surrounding areas. Browse through the map to view history and background description, images, and much more of most of the hoods of the Tampa ghetto, along with St Pete and other surrounding areas of Tampa Bay. There are not any Tampa gangs, like Bloods and Crips, but instead hoods or cliques.

Tampa Hoods Map Key: Orange = North Tampa | Dark Red = East Tampa  |  Blue = St Pete Hoods  |  Black = West Tampa

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Highlighting the hoods of the East Tampa ghetto showcases areas like College Hills, Jackson Heights, Grant Park, Ybor City, Progress Village and much more, while breaking down some of the old areas. North of East Tampa are the Tampa hoods like Cross Busch and Cross Fowler, West Tampa includes sections along West Main, Carver City, Robles Park, Tampa Heights and few other sections, home various Tampa cliques, and not Tampa gangs.

The St Pete hoods are made up of small sections south of Interstate 175, which is known as the Midtown or South Side.  What was once a small area would later grow throughout the years with different St Pete hoods of Childs Park or Tre 4, Jordan Park, Bethel Heights apartments, 8 Hype or Harbordale, Lakewood 54th Ave, are just the few that are well known and shown on the map of the St Pete hoods in Pinellas County.

Outside of the St Pete hood, Pinellas County has small sections in the Largo and Clearwater cities. Hoods like Greenwood, one of the oldest black communities of Pinellas County, that started between Cleveland and Court streets, and is now center around Martin Luther King Avenue and Palmetto Street. Other areas are the High Point section around 58th Street North, Roosevelt Blvd and Largo’s Ridgecrest area around 119th Street North and Ulmerton Road.

In Manatee County, there is the Palmetto area, also known as Palmghetto or Uptown, and the Bradenton area being based around 9th Avenue or Martin Luther King Jr. Further south of Manatee County are the hoods of Sarasota like Leon, Central Avenue, Janie Poe Drive/Project Lane, Cohen Way, Gillepsie Park, Newtown Estates, Mango, the Old Projects, and other blocks around the Newtown section and along Martin Luther King Way.

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