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Top 15 Best Tampa Rappers & St Pete Rappers List

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Tampa Bay:
Tampa Rappers & St Pete Rappers

In the shadows of the booming rap markets of Jacksonville, South Florida’s Miami and Broward County, and Orlando is the emerging rap scene within Tampa Bay, a rap scene of Tampa rappers and St Pete rappers.  Nicknamed Trigga City, for the longest Tampa rap music only consisted of Tom G and a few others that were more locally known. But with the growth in popularity of rap and hip-hop music there have been over a dozen Tampa and St Pete rappers that have altogether created a decent rap scene. 

From East Tampa to West Tampa to the small hoods of St Pete, stretching from Childs Park into the South Side, there are enough places in the Tampa Bay metropolitan to produce artists that are able to develop a thriving position among the national rap and hip hop stage.

The number one artist of Tampa Bay hip hop is St. Pete native Rod Wave.  With his melodic sound and music that touches countless by being easily relatable, Rod Wave has become one of the world’s top rap artists.  Next is Project Youngin.  Another one of the leading St Pete rappers, Project Youngin with his iconic look truly represents the streets through music while hailing from St. Petersburg’s Jordan Park projects. 

With his oldest songs being dated in 2018, T9ine has quickly appeared as a top rapper with millions of views and top songs with Polo G, Hotboii, and Lil Durk.  Melodic real life street music, the type of music that rising artist Lil Kee makes, with only a few songs, has the Florida rapper to already gain millions of views and streams.  Two vets in the rap game and two of the top Tampa rappers, Richie Wes and Yung Dred has been able to stay relevant within the Florida rap scene for some years now.  We can continue, but the point that there is no shortage of talent of Tampa and St Pete rappers.

Top 15 St Pete and Tampa Rappers

1. Rod Wave (St. Pete), follow on Instagram: @Rod Wave and watch more on Youtube: Rod Wave 

2. Project Youngin (St. Pete), follow on Instagram: @Project Youngin and watch more on Youtube: Project Youngin

3. T9ine, follow on Instagram: @T9ine  and watch more on Youtube: T9ine

4. Lil Kee, follow on Instagram: @Lil Kee and watch more on Youtube: Lil Kee

5. Richie Wess, follow on Instagram: @Richie Wess and watch more on Youtube: Richie Wess

6. Yung Dred, follow on Instagram: @Yung Dred and watch more on Youtube: Yung Dred

7. Taleban Dooda, follow on Instagram: @Taleban Dooda and watch more on Youtube: Taleban Dooda

8. Rayy Dubb, follow on Instagram: @Rayy Dubb and watch more on Youtube: Rayy Dubb

9. Tom G, follow on Instagram: @Tom G and watch more on Youtube: Tom G

10. Jimbo World (St. Pete), follow on Instagram: @Jimbo World and watch more on Youtube: Jimbo World

11. Shya L’amour, follow on Instagram: @Shya L’amour and watch more on Youtube: Shya L’amour

12. OTM Frenchyy (St. Pete), follow on Instagram: @OTM Frenchyy and watch more on Youtube: OTM Frenchyy

13. Tae Bae Bae, follow on Instagram: @Tae Bae Bae and watch more on Youtube: Tae Bae Bae

14. Rees Money, follow on Instagram: @Rees Money and watch more on Youtube:  Rees Money

15. Buck Sosa, follow on Instagram: @Buck Sosa and watch more on Youtube: Buck Sosa

Honorable Mention Tampa Rappers and St Pete Rappers:

Gitt Swift follow on Instagram: @Gitt Swift | Youtube: Gitt Swift

Eyeball Relly follow on Instagram: @Eyeball Relly | Youtube: Eyeball Relly

Famous Kid Brick follow on Instagram: @Famous Kid Brick | Youtube: Famous Kid Brick

Priceless Scott follow on Instagram: @Priceless Scott | Youtube: Priceless Scott

D-Slugga Follow on Youtube: D-Slugga 

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list email media@kulturevulturez.com