Map of Jacksonville Gangs (Full Tour of the Jacksonville Hoods)

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Map of Jacksonville Gangs

Full Tour of the Duval County Jacksonville Hoods

Map that truly breaks down a city filled with apartment complexes, working class and lower middle class neighborhoods, and a tradition of cliques, showcases the real Duval County – Jacksonville hoods, in a city that was once known as the “Murder Captial of Florida” and one of the most active cities in the South.

Residing in North Florida, Jacksonville for years have been known for the streets within the West Side, from 103rd to McDuff, the North Side, from Moncrief to 45th to Soutel, the East Side, and sections of the South Side.  Now with the rise of top southern rappers, more light has been shed on the city. To be clear there are no Jacksonville gangs, as far as the Bloods and Crips, but cliques and neighborhood affiliation that often are portrayed as gangs.

Jacksonville Hoods Key: Red = North Side  |   Blue = West Side  |  Black = East Side  |  Green = South Side

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Quick Breakdown of the Jacksonville Hoods (Duval County)

Divided into four sections, with the South Side viewed as the more suburban and affluent side, other than sections of Arlington, Atlantic Blvd. and St. Augustine Road, the heart of the Jacksonville hoods is located on the West Side, and North Side, with Out East being the smallest community.

Out East, or the East Side, has for years been one of the most reputable areas of Duval County, while being centered around Florida Ave. and Phoenix Ave., stretching towards 21st Street.  Out East is a generational community, as the neighborhood was one of the first areas that black families were able to live in.  Even though the East Side is the smallest side, numerous of stars have come from this area.

On the city’s West Side, what began as a separate black community by the name of Mixon Town would later expand into various sections of the West Side, sections around McDuff, 103rd, the Paxon area, and Sweetwater.

The largest section of the city is the North Side.  Once home to thriving historic neighborhoods like Davis Street, at least until urban renewal with the construction of Interstate 95 destroyed much of the area and replaced by one of Florida’s first housing project, the Blodgett Homes, the North Side has always been the heart of the city.

While Davis Street and Myrtle Ave.’s Durkeeville were two of the original neighborhoods, by the 1970s and 1980s the North Side expanded and eventually became home to apartments like 5020 Cleveland Arms, Flag Street, Hilltop, Washington Heights, neighborhoods like Pearl World, Harborview, Sherwood, Palmdale, or streets like Moncrief, Soutel, Myrtle, or 45th.

After the ending of segregation, many white families began to relocate from the North Side and sections of the West Side towards across the St. Johns River into a section of the South Side.  While the South Side is viewed more for the richer and upper middle class, there are sections like Justina and Bert Road of Arlington, Caravan and Sin City off Atlantic Blvd., and Pine Forest.

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