Miami Hoods

Map and Tour of Miami Gangs and Hood Areas

Take a tour through the streets of Dade County and view the top and most notable Miami hoods, home to local cliques and at times Miami gangs. This includes the citywide GKode and GDub alliances, from Liberty City to Miami Gardens, a few Blood and Crip affiliations, and several homegrown and nationwide Latino gangs.

This map offers a comprehensive overview of Miami’s diverse neighborhoods, illustrating both African American and Latino communities, ranging from the Uptown region of Northwest Miami to the down south areas of South Dade County, and extending from Exit 1’s Florida City to Miami Gardens old Carol City area.

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Breakdown of Miami Hoods

This map provides a glimpse into the streets and street life of Miami. It showcases several neighborhoods from Miami Gardens, previously known as Carol City, to the Pork N Beans in Liberty City and Swamp City in Overtown, all of which are prominent areas of Northwest Miami. In between these areas are communities such as Lil’ Haiti, NMB (North Miami Beach), Robin Hood (West Little River), and Opa-Locka.

Bordering those areas are Miami’s large Latino and Cuban hoods, Hialeah, Allapattah, and Little Havana. While these neighborhoods were much more active during the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, there has always been a large presence of Latino Miami gangs, whether homegrown gangs or Chicago affiliations that migrated into the area.

Traveling further south is section known as down south, which is often viewed as Miami hoods south of the city of Kendall. This section of Dade County is home to various neighborhoods of black and Latino Miami gangs in places like Perrine, South Miami Heights, Florida City, Homestead, Goulds, Richmond Heights, Naranja, and Leisure City.

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