Top German Hoods

Map of the Top 8 Germany Hoods

Have a chance to view and tour the top 7 Germany hoods with a map that highlights several of the most known German urban areas, or the modern-day German ghettos. These include the ‘hoods and communities of Kölnberg, Gropiusstadt of Neukölln, Märkisches Viertel, Billstedt, Wilhelmsburg, Mühlenberg, and Chorweiler, scattered throughout Germany in cities of Berlin, Cologne (Köln), Hanover (Hannover), and Hamburg, while other large cities, like Munich, Frankfurt, and Staggart, there is not much of a presence of reputable “hood” areas.

The neighborhoods consist of large housing estates, or public housing projects, frequently termed as “Sozialer Wohnungsbau” or “Sozialwohnungen.” These areas house a diverse population of various ethnic origins, including ethnic Germans, Turkish, Arab, Africans, Russians, Polish, and others from multiple Eastern European backgrounds.

In Germany, urban and so-called hood areas are often referred to as social hotspots. These areas are not just known for a large amount of street activity, from a standpoint of illicit activities, but also contain a high concentration of young residents, often lacks specific community needs to make a residential area viable and livable, and suffers from involuntary idleness and economic dislocation.

While certain groups, including Outlaw motorcycle gangs like Hells Angels and Bandidos, as well as specific Lebanese, Russian, Eastern European, and Kurdish crime families, can be classified as gangs. However, unlike the Bloods and Crips in the U.S., these German gangs are more so organized crime syndicates, engaging in activities such as drug trafficking, smuggling, money laundering, and racketeering.

In the following map, anticipate seeing Germany’s most reputable and notorious hood areas or housing estates, rather than viewing specific gangs. Although certain communities have experienced progress since the 1980s and 1990s, a majority continue to carry a stigma and a reputation within German society. To probably view the map, click on the icon for information and zoom in and click on the shape for video and images. (There are multiple images and videos for each)

Map of Top 8 German Hoods

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