French ‘Hoods

Map of Lyon, Marseille, Paris Ghetto

France, a country known for its wealth and prosperity, has both affluent and low-income areas. The latter can be compared to the Paris ghetto, with most of them located outside the city in Seine-Saint-Denis, as well a few other areas in the Paris metropolitan region and a few communities in Lyon and Marseille’s Les Quartiers Nord or the Northern Districts.

In France, urban areas are mostly situated in public housing complexes that are commonly referred to as “HLM” or “habitation à loyer modéré” in French. HLMs are affordable housing units that are subsidized to cater to the needs of low-income families and individuals. These housing complexes are managed by different public agencies and organizations, such as social housing associations, local municipalities, and the state. Currently, there are over 800 HLM organizations that manage over 4 million social housing units in France.

France’s diverse communities includes a host of French from various backgrounds. Arabs primarily from North African countries such as Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. Africans from Central and West African countries like Senegal, Congo, Cameroon, and Mali. Along with many Eastern Europeans and even Asians. While many of these communities have faced challenges such as crime, poverty, and social unrest, despite these issues, many talented and successful artists and stars have emerged from these same neighborhoods. Often bringing an unique blend of cultures, creating a rich melting pot of diversity in the neighborhoods.

While some may expect to see gangs and specific street affiliations, the map below just pinpoints several of France’s most well known urban areas, or ‘hoods, such as the communities of the Paris ghetto, or in other major cities of France.

The map below highlights some of the most renowned areas in France that have been associated with social unrest, street crimes, and hosting marginalized and often forgotten communities. Although some of these regions have undergone gentrification, others are still grappling with challenges.

Map of Top 15 Lyon, Marseille, Paris Ghetto Areas in France

The map is still in the initial stage of development and should be updated periodically. It includes only several of the most prominent and well-recognized urban areas of France, or “French hoods,” rather than all of them. Click on the Star for information and click on the Shape for images.

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