French Female Rappers

List of Top Female French Rappers

Despite French female rappers being in the shadows of the large roster of male rappers from France, their extraordinary talent certainly surpasses many of the top men of France’s rap scene. With some of the pioneers and influencers for female French rappers being the likes of Diam’s, Princess Aniès, Vicky R, Melaaz, Lady Laistee, and Sté Strausz, all setting precedence for future generations, women’s presence in French hip hop has only grown from its early days.

Top 17 French Female Rappers

French Female Rappers Shay

1. Shay

The fashionable and the inventive artistic styles of Shay has arguably led her to become one of the world’s most iconic French rappers. Despite not having the largest catalog of music, Shay’s impact cannot be unnoticed. While releasing two albums Antidote (2019) and Jolie Grace (2016), the Belgian rapper would gain recognition for hits like “Liquide,” “PMW,” “Notif,” “Cocorico,” and “Jolie,” while also collaborating with several top French rappers, reaching multiple fanbases through all French markets.

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French Female Hip Hop artist Chilla

2. Chilla

While making her debut in 2016 and 2017 with her first official project of Karma and the single “Sale Chienne,” since her first appearances Chilla has not only shown growth as an artist, but has showcased an undeniable level of talent. A universal sound that touches all corners of hip-hop styles and subgenres, Chilla is one of the most versatile artists for the lineup of female French rappers.

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3. Doria

Known for hits like “Pochtar,” “Trajet,” “Pas le choix,” and “Tempo,” Doria has been on a steady rise since first appearing in 2017 with her first release of “Warry.” Constantly switching gears with a sound that ranges from a blend of pop and hip-hop to lacing powerful vocals and lyrics over today’s top hip-hop produced tracks, Doria is in a league of her.

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French Female Rappers Meryl

4. Meryl  

Hailing from the small Caribbean island of Martinique, Meryl has become one of the top French female rappers from overseas. Often implementing and representing her West Indian culture, Meryl has emerged as one of the rising stars of the next generation of top French hip hop artists. With a host of hits like “Coucou,” “La Brumme,” “Wollan,” and “Beni,” all on her acclaimed album of Jour Avant Caviar, Meryl has only briefly displayed her abilities as a rapper.

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French Rap Laeti

5. Laeti

One of French hip-hop’s top newcomers, Laeti entered France’s rap scene with the hit record “Rider toute la Night.” Before her official debut, Laeti made a name for herself on the French television show Validé, a show that is based and centered around the drama of hip hop and the rap world within the borders of France.

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Lala &ce

6. Lala &ce

Growing up in Lyon, France, Lala &ce would build a name for herself on the internet, before linking with top French rappers like Zuukou Mayzie, Freeze Corleone, and Jorrdee. For the past five years, Lala &ce has been slowly gaining traction among France’s hip hop scene. Beginning as an underground artist of a new wave of French rappers, Lala &ce has been on a nonstop rise, with hits like “Show Me Love,” “Wet,” and “Fallait Dire Non.”

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Le Juiice French Female Rappers

7. Le Juiice

Parisian artist Le Juiice is among the shining stars of France’s new era of hip hop music. Her first appearances as an artist were in 2019 with the hits “No Cap,” “Clean,” and “Trap Mama.” Le Juiice has since become one of the most intriguing French artists. Making her rounds through various hip hop shows and radio stations during the beginning stages of her career, eventually Le Juiice would gain enough confidence to set a path to becoming one of the top French female rappers of today.

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8. Leys

While of late, Leys has been one of the main stars of Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow France (Nouvelle école), a hit show of top French rappers competing against one another. Despite the success she has found on one of Netflix’s top French shows, Leys’ career dates back to 2019 with hits like “Sommet,” “Bad Gyal,” and “Makelele,” and “7 Rings Freestyle.”

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French Rap Davinhor

9. Davinhor

The artist formerly known as Davinhor Pacman, first releasing music in 2018, has made her way into the forefront of France’s hip-hop scene with the recent release of her critically acclaimed album, Indomptable. Originally born in the Congo and growing up in Loiret, France, Davinhor has had a long journey to reaching the top of the rap game. With beauty and a style of hip-hop like no other, Davinhor is on the verge of becoming one of the new faces for rap music in France.

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10. Soumeya

Growing up in southern France, Soumeya would eventually come of age from years of mastering the craft of hip-hop. Making her official debut in 2020 with the release of “La misère,” Soumeya began to perfect her art as a hip hop artist at a very young age before becoming recognized by the outside world.

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Liza Monet

11. Liza Monet

Being influenced by and adopting the raunchy styles of Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj, Liza Monet set out on a mission to make her presence known as one of the leading female French rappers. Growing up in Paris, being of Reunionese and Congolese descent, Liza Monet would make her debut during the early 2010s. While her sex appeal has always been part of her image, even before the start of her career as a rap artist, Liza Monet is much more than eye candy, dominating a rare style of French hip hop.

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French Female Rappers Nayra

12. Nayra

Overcoming obstacles and very little support, Nayra has emerged as one of the few Arab French speaking female artists. While making her first debut in 2016, Nayra would revamp her career in 2022, becoming one of the fastest rising artists of the year.

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Moona French rapper

13. Moona

Moona, whose musical journey began with her debut in the late-2010s, has been on a rise within the French rap scene. She gained recognition with her breakout single “Blanco Griselda” in 2016. Since, she has continued her ascent, with several singles, like “Athena,” and her 2019 album Hasta La Vie.

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SKIA French female MC

14. Skia

With her debut coming to light in the 2020s, SKIA’s musical style stands out for its poetic bold rhymes. Her most notable work, the album Comme si j’avais, which was released in 2023 and features a slew of great music, “Hier” and “James Bond,” earning her recognition in underground hip-hop circles.

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15. BabySolo33

BabySolo33 emerged on the rap scene with refreshing energy that quickly stood out from the crowded French hip-hop community. Since her debut in 2019, she has released the projects SadBaby Confessions and EPs Radio Summer Hits, Stress & Paillettes and Solo2019. With her unique themes and vibes, she is not boxed in as rapper, but a pop artist that stands to become a promising voice in French music.

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French Rap Mara

16. Mara

Mara is a French rapper who has made her presence known since emerging on the rap scene in the late 2010s. With Mara’s raunchiness and her stirring narratives, the album Loveland and singles like “Point cue” and “Foufoune” has given her artistry not only an earned following but also respect from critics.

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French female rappers Zinée

17. Zinée

Zinée, a rising star in the female French rap scene, commands respect with her thought-provoking lyrics and powerful delivery. Breaking onto the scene in the early 2020s, Zinée has already made waves with her debut single “Personne,” followed by a series of successful releases that showcase her versatility and skill. Her first album Cobalt received critical and commercial acclaim for tracks such as “WGA.”

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