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List of top French Female R&B Singers

While French female R&B singers may not have the global attention as performers of the U.K. or the United States, due to a larger number of leading English markets throughout the world, but French R&B artists are just as talented and have transformed the Rhythm and Blues genre into becoming #1 in France, as well expanding into Africa and other French speaking countries.

A country that is widely revered by the world for its landmarks and culture, France has produced some of the world’s best music, in a country that is very diverse. With its diversity, multiple ethnicities, which include Arabs, Africans, and obviously Europeans, have had a major impact on the current generation of French R&B music.

Within the melting pot there are various forms of rhythm and blues, like Urban Pop and Zouk music. Many of the French R&B artists of today’s era consists of sounds that relate to traditional American style R&B, sounds that have similarities to African and Caribbean influenced music, and sounds that consists urbanized Pop music. Regardless of the sound or the style, all represent the true lifestyles of France.

Just several years ago French music was dominated by pop stars, along with some R&B artists like Vitaa, M. Pokora, Jena Lee, Amel Bent, Kenza Farah, TAL, Ridsa, Fanny J, Léa Castel, Princess Lover, and few others. Today, as R&B music has been growing in popularity and in business, the lineup of French pop stars has vastly grown into a number of top female French R&B artists, like Aya Nakamura, Marwa Loud, Nej’, Eva, and dozens others.

Top 25 French Female R&B Singers

French R&B Singer Aya Nakamura

1. Aya Nakamura

A leading woman in one of the world’s largest music scenes and entertainment industries, Aya Nakamura has truly set her mark in French music. A lady of various styles, from French R&B music to other urban forms like Afrobeat, Zouk, and even Pop music, Aya Nakamura has been a rising star since 2017 with her debut album Journal Intime and the hit song “Brise.” Since arriving, Aya has received blessings from fans in all French music markets, obtained numerous awards and nominations, and has constructed a catalogue of music that has become overflown with hit after hit.

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French pop and R&B singer Marwa Loud

2. Marwa Loud

Providing a mixture of R&B, hip-hop, and pop music, Marwa Loud for the past five years has remained embedded in the spotlight as one of the top French artists in music. While receiving an immediate reaction with her debut “Temps Perdu,” songs like “Bad Boy,” “Billet,” “Fallait Pas,” “Oh la Folle,” and “Bimbo” have truly placed her on the map as a leading French female R&B artist, all while representing for women and for her Moroccan heritage.

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Imen Es

3. Imen Es

Like many starring female French R&B artists, Imen Es comes from a North African and Moroccan background. According to her bio, Imen Es has been intrigued with signing since she was a young child, but not until the year of 2018 did she give the French world an introduction to what has now become one of the leading women in music, especially following the immediate hit of “Attentat.”

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Singer Nej

4. Nej

Just finishing another segment of her SOS series, Nej’ has been one of the hottest singers of late, especially after releasing the classic album SOS (Chapitre 3). A career dating back to 2016, Nej’ has steadily built a solid foundation for herself in France’s music scene. Known for her cool sense of style and for being an artist that artistry contributes much to the global rise of France’s urban pop and rhythm and blues music, Nej’ has cemented herself in place as one of the top shining stars of French music.

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France's Wejdene

5. Wejdene

Among the long list of French newcomers to music, despite just becoming an artist only a couple of years ago Wejdene has easily became a fan favorite. With no regards of being a teenager, her short stint music has led to hit songs like “Coco,” “Je t’aime de ouf,” “Anissa,” and “Réfléchir,” leaving the impression that the French listeners and viewers are watching a superstar in the making.

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French singer Eva

6. Eva

One of the newer faces of the roster of French female R&B singers, but Eva has quickly risen to the top with the release of three acclaimed albums, Queen (2019), Feed (2020), and Happiness (2021). Reaching success upon her first appearances with the 2018 hit “Mood,” there has been no stopping Eva’s impeccable ascent in music.

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French female R&B artist Lyna Mahyem

7. Lyna Mahyem

French female R&B and hip-hop artist Lyna Mahyem has for long made a name for herself in music. A staple in French’s urban music scene, Lyna Mahyem made her first official appearance back in 2015 with the EP Avec mes ladies. Since 2015, songs like “Demain,” “Bye Bye,” “92 Veyron,” “Ena W Yek,” and “Mal de toi” has catapulted Lyna Mahyem to the top of urban music in France, from the country’s hip-hop scene to the national rhythm and blues.

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 8. Lynda

Making her debut in 2014 with the single “Je décolle,” Lynda has greatly found much success as one of the leading French female R&B singers. From success with her first official album Papillon to gaining notoriety through songs like “Si tu m’aimes,” “Si tu m’aimes 2,” “Adieu,” and “Coeur de pirate,” Lynda is arguably one of the country’s top R&B artists.

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French female R&B singer Ronisia

9. Ronisia

As the global rise in music and in rhythm and blues, France’s Ronisia is another emerging star to add to the list of talented young French female R&B singers. With only a few years in, officially starting her path in music during 2019, Ronisia has produced a selection of hits, like Mélodie, Comme Moi, and Atterrissage, while collaborating with some of France’s top urban artists.

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French music artist Kim

10. Kim 

Introducing herself to the French music world in 2009 with the album Premiers pas, Kim is a veteran R&B singer that has progressed throughout the 2010s only to enter the 2020’s as one of the few French female R&B singers that have carried on their careers and legacy into a new era and generation of music, artists, and overall trends.

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Rising French urban music artist Emma'a

11. Emma’a

Emma’a is an emerging French singer who is beginning to capture the hearts of many. While just debuting in 2022, Emma’a  might not yet be widely known, but her talent has put herself on the radar of France’s urban music scene. She has released one album, the self-titled Emma’a, and has popular songs like “Encre” and “Katana.”

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Leila Ad

12. Leila Ad

Just getting her musical career off the ground, Leila Ad is one of France’s top rising stars. Known for the song “A qui la faute,” Leila Ad has been constructing a career for herself within the overcrowded music industry. In all, Leila Ad has certainly made an imprint on French R&B music, blessing listeners with popular songs like “Bombe,” “Petit Menteur,” “Problemes,” and “Laisse.”

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13. Nesly

Another vet among France’s R&B scene, Nesly’s fame and stardom during the 2010s has transitioned into France’s modern day rhythm and blues music. Starting with 2011’s “En mode Love,” over the course of the past ten years Nesly has provided French music listeners with songs like “Venus,” “Tu Me Manques,” and “Prends moi la main.”

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French singer and social media star Sirine Jne

14. Sirine Jne

A top social media influencer with a large following on Instagram and TikTok, Sirine Jne’s is now giving a shot at a career in music, becoming one of the best next up urban pop and rhythm and blues artists, receiving much likening with songs like “Plus besoin” and “Dis-moi.”

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Singer Minissia

15. Minissia

With a voice that carries the warmth of the summer sun, Minissia stands as a beacon in the French music industry. Her music often weaves together elements of pop, R&B, and traditional French melodies, with examples through top songs like “Bye Bye” and “Ces femmes la” with T2R, “Mi Amor,” “Cible,” and her album Bushido. She entered the spotlight in 2019 and remains a rising star in France’s urban music scene.

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16. iambillies

iambillies is a French artist whose presence is being known. Since arriving in 2020, her  music has been defying conventional boundaries. iambillies’ approach is innovative and daring, displayed on her freshman release of Pharon, and tracks like “Nefertiti,” “528Hz,” and “Je l’aime quand même.”

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Maud Elka

17. Maud Elka

Maud Elka has been gradually making a mark in the French urban music scene. From her debut in 2019 with the EP P.Q.M, Maud has providing music fans of France with her sophisticated soundscapes. She has dropped multiple projects, including 2020’s Seven and the album and EP Drama (Part I and Part II). While still on rise, she has already won fans over with the hits of “Songi Songi” with rapper Hiro and “Comme avant.”

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Zouk and R&B artist Kany

18. Kany

Kany’s evocative voice has emerge in 2020 with the release of “Silence.” With two albums under her belt, Diya (2022) and Kaniguii (2023), she has quickly made a place for herself in the Zouk and R&B French music scenes. Her most popular song, “Queen,” “Love to Love,” “Nous deux,” and “Pardonne moi,” echoes the sentiments of a new generation in French music.

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19. Isleym

Coming off the success of her latest album Piquee, Isleym is one of the remaining veteran R&B singers that have maintained relevancy throughout the 2010s and into a new era of music. Finding success upon her debut with the 2010 single “Avec le Temps,” Isleym may have taken a hiatus from music, but her great talent has allowed her to recapture France’s large R&B fanbase.

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Zouk and Afropop artist Romy Rose

20. Romy Rose

Considered her music Zouk or Afropop related, but Romy Rose is another one of the many shining up and coming French female R&B artists. More known for the song “Molo” and her recent album Venus, which featured songs like “T’es piqué,” “Joli Cheri,” “Toi + Moi,” and “Viano,” all from expanding her brand since 2017’s “One More” and 2018’s “The Way I Like It,” two of her first major releases.

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Awa Imani

21. Awa Imani

Born into a family with musical backgrounds, Awa Imani would eventually become an artist herself, but long before her career as an artist she was immersed in music and other creative outlets at a very young age. Fast forwarding to the early 2010s, Awa Imani would officially begin her professional career in music with the release of “rien n’est acquis.” Since, Awa Imani become famous for songs like “Joli Garcon” and “C’est le Sang,” while continuing a successful career from the 2010s into the today’s music scene of French female R&B singers.

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22. Miya

Miya debuted in 2018 with the songs “Regret” and “Senorita.” Her music is characterized by its rhythmic diversity, especially coming from a Moroccan background. Her albums like Dorado, ET SI…, Vici, San rancune, and Coeur froid all showcase a promising young star.

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R&B singer Ocevne

23. Ocevne

Ocevne is the epitome of modern French R&B, interweaving smooth vocals with a sound that resonates with the urban youth. Since her debut in 2020 with the EPs MWANZO and MOYO WAZI, Ocevne has been on the fast track to stardom. From the 2022 album of Wingu to the hit song of “Last Time” with Tayc, Ocevne has presented herself as one of the top future French female R&B singers.

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24. Dorely

Dorely’s timeless voice has placed as one of the top next up artists in the French music industry. She first came into the limelight by the start of the 2020s, capturing hearts with several releases, including the EP A.L.V.A.L.A. Her hit singles “Fin d’amitié” and ” Où que tu sois,” bringing forward a blend of yesteryear’s charm with today’s clarity.

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25. Angelcy 

Angelcy and her melodies will soon make her a beloved figure in French music. Angelcy’s career took off in the late-2010s, not until recently with the songs like “Laisser faire” and “Marrakech” has her reputation and stock as a performer began to rise.

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