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Top 20 New Zealand R&B Artists: 2023’s Best New Zealand R&B Singers

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New Zealand R&B Artists

List of the Best New Zealand R&B Singers

In the depths of the Oceania resides a sizeable roster of New Zealand R&B artists. Despite being overshadowed by Australia’s music scene and other larger English markets of R&B music, New Zealand R&B singers are not just only every bit as skilled as the world’s leading R&B artists, but rhythm and blues of New Zealand offers much authenticity with artists not being compromised to the politics of the industry, but instead creating their own natural styles of music.

A country that has produced pop sensations like Lorde or is home to native genres like Māori music and Kiwi music, New Zealand is abundant in talent. With a wide array of musical genres being heard across New Zealand, rhythm and blues has become a shining light to New Zealand’s urban music scene.

At the lead are New Zealand R&B artists like the genre bending and the style blending Benee, an artist whose sound and style knows no limits. The smooth sounding veteran Janine, a singer that has been carrying R&B music within New Zealand long before the global rise. The varied tones of harmonies of Stan Walker, pop sensation and former Australian Idol winner. The small town hero of Teeks, a man with a soulful voice that often combines the elements of R&B, jazz, folk, and soul.

The lineup of New Zealand R&B singers brings the blends of hip-hop and R&B from Donell Lewis and Victor J Sefo, two of New Zealand’s most talented. The powerful voice of Olivia Foa’i, the lady who was introduced to the world for her lead singing on Disney’s Moana. The soulful, blending, emotive styles of Louis Baker. From Chart topping artists like Muroki to award-winning stars like Deva Mahal, New Zealand’s R&B scene is not only among the most adept, but also provides a broad spectrum of New Zealand’s culture and the country’s wide range of talent.

Top 20 New Zealand R&B Artists

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1. Benee
Follow on Instagram: @Benee, YouTube: Benee, and Spotify: Benee

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2. Janine
Follow on Instagram: @Janine, YouTube: Janine, and Spotify: Janine

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3. Stan Walker
Follow on Instagram: @Stan Walker, YouTube: Stan Walker, and Spotify: Stan Walker

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4. Teeks
Follow on Instagram: @Teeks, YouTube: Teeks, and Spotify: Teeks

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5. Donell Lewis
Follow on Instagram: @Donell Lewis, YouTube: Donell Lewis, and Spotify: Donell Lewis

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6. Victor J Sefo
Follow on Instagram: @Victor J Sefo, YouTube: Victor J Sefo, and Spotify: Victor J Sefo

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7. olivia foa’i
Follow on Instagram: @olivia foa’i, YouTube: olivia foa’i, and Spotify: olivia foa’i

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8. Muroki
Follow on Instagram: @Muroki, YouTube: Muroki, and Spotify: Muroki

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9. alayna
Follow on Instagram: @alayna, YouTube: alayna, and Spotify: alayna

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10. louis baker
Follow on Instagram: @louis baker, YouTube: louis baker, and Spotify: louis baker

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11. Deva Mahal
Follow on Instagram: @Deva Mahal, YouTube: Deva Mahal, and Spotify: Deva Mahal

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12. niko walters
Follow on Instagram: @niko walters, YouTube: niko walters, and Spotify: niko walters

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13. Konecs
Follow on Instagram: @Konecs, YouTube: Konecs, and Spotify: Konecs

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14. Noah Slee
Follow on Instagram: @Noah Slee, YouTube: Noah Slee, and Spotify: Noah Slee

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15. Vince Harder
Follow on Instagram: @Vince Harder, YouTube: Vince Harder, and Spotify: Vince Harder

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16. Tree
Follow on Instagram: @Tree, YouTube: Tree, and Spotify: Tree

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17. Thomston
Follow on Instagram: @Thomston, YouTube: Thomston, and Spotify: Thomston

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18. Sire
Follow on Instagram: @Sire, YouTube: Sire, and Spotify: Sire

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19. Bailey Wiley
Follow on Instagram: @Bailey Wiley, YouTube: Bailey Wiley, and Spotify: Bailey Wiley

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20. Doma Cyno 
Follow on Instagram: @Doma Cyno, YouTube: Doma Cyno, and Spotify: Doma Cyno

Honorable Mention New Zealand R&B Singers:

ponifasio samoa Instagram: @ponifasio samoa and YouTube: ponifasio samoa

Jordan Gavet Instagram: @Jordan Gavet and YouTube: Jordan Gavet

lou’ana  Instagram: @lou’ana and YouTube: lou’ana 

junior soqeta Instagram: @junior soqeta and YouTube: junior soqeta

Mara TK Instagram: @Mara TK and YouTube: Mara TK

Estère Instagram: @Estère and YouTube: Estère

Malek Lasike Instagram: @Malek Lasike and YouTube: Malek Lasike

Hales Instagram: @Hales and YouTube: Hales

Shavaun Marie Instagram: @Shavaun Marie and YouTube: Shavaun Marie

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