Female Rappers

List of Top 100 Female Rap Artists

The once male dominated industry has now become more diverse as female rappers have not only proven that they are just as talented, but that have also proven to attract more fans, make bigger hit songs, and have better performances.

Today, the times are changing with the rise of female hip hop artists that are slowly changing the demographics of the rap game and hip hop within the music industry.  Female hip hop artists have come ways since the 1980s.  In hip-hop’s early days, where rap music was strictly based in and around New York City, there were only a few female artists, like Roxanne Shante, Sparky D, MC Lyte, Sha-Rock, Queen Latifah, and Salt N Pepa, all who had a place in hip hop from the late 1970s to the beginning of the 1990s.

The next generation of female rappers came during the late 1990s and into the early and mid-2000s.  This generation consisted of artists like Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Lauryn Hill, Eve, Foxy Brown, and few others, during an era that was the most successful era. The success arose from Lauryn Hill releasing one of the top selling albums of all-time, Missy Elliot dropping hit after hit, and Lil Kim pioneering a style of hip-hop that would be imitated by future female rappers. As southern hip-hop has taken over the music industry, southern female artists like Mia X, Trina, Ghetto Twinz, or Gangsta Boo deserves much of the credit for opening the doors for southern female rap artists.

For a period of time female representation in hip-hop was dormant, but the arrival of Nicki Minaj changed just that.  Following Nicki Minaj’s rise and dominance during the 2010s, the newly addition of Cardi B furthered the growth of hip hop  music for female rappers. Now with Nicki Minaj and Cardi B leading today’s movement of women in hip hop, there are dozens of female rappers currently in the music industry.  From Megan Thee Stallion to the City Girls to Saweetie to dozens of other artists. A once male dominated industry is a thing of the past and the large lineup below will showcase how far women have grown in rap and hip hop.

Top 100 Female Rappers

Female Rappers Nicki Minaj

1. Nicki Minaj

As female rappers are standing on top of the rap game, Nicki Minaj deserves much credit as being one of the first megastars in hip-hop to represent women. Beginning her career during the 2000s, the Queens native would initially gain a fanbase through her time with Atlanta’s So Icy Entertainment and her 2009 release of Beam Me Up Scotty.

While her journey began under the hip-hop group Hoodstars, her real start into becoming an icon was with her signing with Lil Wayne’s Young Money. By 2010, Nicki Minaj released her first album, Pink Friday, which became an instant classic. Dominating the 2010s with hits like “Super Bass”, “Bang Bang”, “Starships”, “Anaconda”, “Tusa”, “Right By My Side”, and “Only”, just to name a few, Nicki Minaj has carried her legacy well into the 2020s.

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Cardi B

2. Cardi B

With one of the best personalities in hip-hop, Cardi B’s music and charm has handed her the position of one of the world’s most popular entertainers. Her start in entertainment was not necessarily in hip-hop, but as an exotic dancer. Gaining popularity, Cardi B would later become nationally known for her time on Love & Hip-Hop: New York, but also for her mixtape grind with Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 that helped her transform from a reality star to a superstar.

From her debut album of Invasion of Privacy, which was awarded a Grammy, to songs like “Bodak Yellow,” “Like It,” “Money,” “WAP,” and “Up,” musically Cardi B has held onto a strong presence in hip-hop over the past few years, while also being one of the most loved rappers in the industry.

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Megan Thee Stallion

3. Megan Thee Stallion

Following her linking with former baseball player Carl Crawford and his 1501 Certified imprint, Megan The Stallion would slowly begin her ascent in music. Prior to her signing to 1501, the daughter of a former MC, Megan Thee Stallion would begin to get involved with music during her time in college.

Gaining fans and followers, Megan Thee Stallion would release multiple mixtapes until the release of 2018’s Tina Snow. Since, Megan Thee Stallion has released multiple projects and some of hip-hop’s hottest tracks, like “Big Ole Freak,” “Body,” “Hot Girl Summer,” “Thot S***,” and “Savage,” all while becoming megastar and one of the world’s top pop stars.

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Female Rappers Ice Spice

4. Ice Spice

While just entering hip-hop, Ice Spice became one of the most talked about artists of 2022, following the release of her viral hit “Munch (Feelin’ U).” A Bronx native, Ice Spice is still progressing and building her career, but Ice Spice has received the most notoriety, especially after featuring with Taylor Swift. Following her debut hit, Ice Spice has continued with songs like “Bikini Bottom” and “No Clarity.”

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Female hip hop artist Latto

5. Latto

Atlanta’s own, Latto was first introduced to fans in 2016 through reality television show The Rap Game. Beginning her career as Mulatto as far back as 2010, if not before, with glimpses of her younger self on YouTube performing at talent shows, festivals, and local radio stations, Latto has now grown into a superstar. Gradually rising through the ranks of the rap world, Latto would grabbed everyone’s attention with the 2019 hit “B**** From Da Souf.”

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Coi Leray

6. Coi Leray

With music and hip-hop running through her veins, Coi Leray has had a unique journey into becoming a rapper. The daughter of former Source Magazine founder Benzino, Coi Leray was first introduced alongside rap star Trippie Redd.

Following the ending of her relationship with Trippie Redd, Coi Leray stayed in the spotlight by becoming an artist herself, but not before appearing on Trippie Redd’s “Everything BoZ.” Since, Coi Leray has been one of the most commented female rappers, while building a following, which began from 2018’s “G.A.N” to her latest album of Trendsetter in 2022 and COI in 2023.

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Rap Female Artist Sexyy Red

7. Sexyy Red

The raunchy and sexual styles of Sexyy Red grabs viewers attention immediately upon viewing her outgoing rap persona. Representing the North Side of St. Louis, Sexxy has been professionally rapping since 2019, often known for tracks like “SkeeYee” and “Pound Town,” and for the 2021 project Ghetto Superstar and 2023’s Hood Hottest Princess.

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8. Iggy Azalea

One of Australia’s most noteworthy stars, Iggy Azalea began her career within the American rap scene during the early 2010s tied with Atlanta rap legend T.I. Following the release of the EP Change Your Life and her first official single “Work,” Iggy Azalea released one of music’s biggest hits, “Fancy,” featuring Charli XCX. Following the megahit, Iggy Azalea quickly became one of the top pop stars and one of the most renowned female rappers in music.

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9. Saweetie

Bay Area resident and University of Southern California alumni, Saweetie became a force in hip-hop following her debut release, “ICY GIRL,” which became an immediate hit, featured on her first official project, High Maintenance, released in 2018.

Following her being discovered in Los Angeles and the release of her debut single, Saweetie was well on her way to being one of the top female rappers in hip-hop. Still anticipating her debut album, Saweetie has released multiple EPs, like ICY, Pretty Summer Playlist, and High Maintenance, while hitting the airwaves with songs like “My Type,” “Best Friend,” “Tap In,” and “Back to the Streets.”

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Female rapper Flo Milli

10. Flo Milli

With Mobile, Alabama becoming a staple in hip-hop, Flo Milli has led the wave for Alabama to become the next representation of southern hip-hip artists. Arriving in 2019 with hits like “In The Party” and “Beef FloMix”, Flo Milli quickly went viral. Along with her two debut hits, the Alabama native has produced top hip-hop songs like “May I”, “Back Pack”, and “Conceited” and well-acclaimed albums Ho, Why Is You Here and You Still Here, Ho?

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Female hip hop artist BIA

11. BIA

One of the most underrated female rappers, the Massachusetts homegrown artist BIA has been quietly becoming a star in hip-hop. While her first shot at becoming an artist was in 2012 with her debut song “High.” A break in between, BIA would make a comeback in 2016 with the song “Whip It.” Ever since, BIA has been consistently releasing music, with songs like “Whole Lotta Money” becoming one of her most popular fan favorite songs.

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Stefflon Don

12. Stefflon Don

Rapper, alongside being dancehall and R&B singer, Stefflon Don began her voyage into becoming one of the world’s top female rap and dancehall artists during the mid-2010s. Raised within the U.K.’s music scene, Stefflon Don would eventually become a standout artist by 2017 with several hit singles, “Real Ting,” “Envy Us,” “Hurtin Me” with French Montana and “16 Shots.”

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Yung M.A

13. Yung M.A

With the hottest rap song of 2016, “OOOUUU,” Young M.A has proven to all doubters that she is here to stay. While Brooklyn’s own Young M.A has spent a bulk of her career freestyling on classic hip-hop tracks, like “Thotiana,” “I Get The Bag,” and “Quiet Storm,” but her music like “OOOUUU,” “BIG,” and “PettyWap,” alongside albums like Herstory In The Making, has helped gained hundreds of thousands fans throughout hip-hop, becoming one of the top lyrically talented female rappers.

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Female rappers City Girls

14. City Girls

Yung Miami, aka Caresha, and JT combine to form the duo of the City Girls, originating out of South Florida’s Dade County. Having one of the hottest songs in 2019, “Act Up”, the Quality Control signees made their first appearances with “Where The Bag At” and “F*** Dat N****” in 2018. Perfecting themselves as artists, the City Girls would develop the talents as the years passed. Eventually their development as artists landed them as not only top female rappers, but also as the most highlighted artists in the rap game.

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15. Glorilla

Ms. F*** N**** Free (FNF), Glorilla had a complete takeover of the rap game with the 2022 hit “F.N.F.” With her strong presence and her powerful delivery, Glorilla is unlike any other female rap artist. Receiving notoriety with one of the biggest hip-hop tracks of the year, Glorilla has since removed the label of one hit wonder and has continued her rise with songs like “Tomorrow 2,” “Blessed,” “Nut Quick,” and “Westside Baby.”

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16. Doechii

A combination of soul, old school hip-hop, and a new age rap styles, hailing from the state of Florida Doechii easily leaves her mark in hip-hop. While her journey began as a YouTuber, 2019’s “Spookie Coochie” sparked her career as a recording artist. Since, Doechii has gained fame through top tracks like “Persuasive” featuring SZA, “Yucky Blucky Fruticake” or “Crazy.”

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Rapper Kaliii

17. Kaliii

Known for hit songs like “Wet”, “Do A B****”, and “Standards”, the Atlantic Records signee, Georgia native, and 2022 XXL Freshman Class artist Kaliii has expanded her music to listeners nationwide since making her first appearances in 2021. Only to continue since her debut single “Do A B****,” Kaliii was released two well acclaimed EPs, This Why They Mad and Toxic Chocolate.

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18. Baby Tate

With Atlanta being the mecca of today’s hip-hop, the East Side native has added her own flavor to the legendary rap scene of ATL. Fresh off the release of one of 2022’s hottest rap albums, Mani/Pedi, Baby Tate has been on a rise since making her earliest appearances in 2016. A genre-blending artist, Baby Tate is in a league of her own, displayed through songs like “Hey, Mickey,” “I Am” with Flo Milli, “Pedi,” “Sl*t Him Out,” or the featured track “STUPID” with Ashniko.

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Snow Tha Product

19. Snow Tha Product

One of the purest hip-hop artists in the industry, the San Jose bred MC has been building her career over the past 10 years. Releasing various mixtapes leading up to her debut album Unorthodox in 2011, Snow Tha Product has become the true definition of independent and self-made. As one of the top female rappers and one of the top Mexican-American rap artists, Snow Tha Product’s music has traveled well from her once stomping grounds of San Jose and San Diego, where she attended high school and began path into hip-hop, to becoming a bilingual and international rap artist.

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 Rico Nasty

20. Rico Nasty

The eccentric DMV artist easily created her own lane, style, and sound of hip-hop. With her first release being in 2014, Summer’s Eve, Rico Nasty has since been on steady rise. Now surfacing as one of hip-hop’s most unique artists, Rico Nasty’s presence alone casts a shadow over the heavy saturated and often repetitive rap game. If one has been unaware of recent times, Rico Nasty has been quietly impacting hip-hop for the past five years, releasing numerous of fan favorites and multiple mixtapes to go along with her debut album, Nightmare Vacation.

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Princess Nokia

21. Princess Nokia

New York hip-hop’s hidden gem, Princess Nokia would bring her creative artistic abilities into the public view during 2014 as a singer and a rapper. The Manhattan native began to cemented her place in music with the leading single to her debut album 1992 Deluxe, “Tomboy”. Making her rounds in music, working years as an independent artist, and releasing songs like “I Like Him” and “Sugar Honey Ice Tea,” Princess Nokia has become a voice for many of today’s social issues.

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Little Simz

22. Little Simz

One of the top rap artists from the city of London and arguably one of the most creative female rappers on the list, Little Simz has been among U.K.’s shining stars since 2014. While releasing multiple mixtapes through the early 2010s, Little Simz would gradually gain stardom as U.K.’s top ingenious and inventive rap artist, acclaimed for albums like No Thank You, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert, and Grey Area.

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Qveen Herby

23. Qveen Herby

From a small Nebraska town to the big lights of the entertainment industry, Qveen Herby’s career began years ago, one half of the duo Karmin, who began as a group during the early 2010s. The versatile and multitalented R&B and hip-hop artist would eventually start a solo career in 2017 releasing multiple EPs, in which she has continued today, releasing over a dozen to date.

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Rap Female Artist Tierra Whack

24. Tierra Whack

Bringing an alternative style to hip-hop, the Philadelphia native has often been praised for her unorthodox approach to music. Tiara Whack is without one of the few Philly legends of today’s era to gain nationwide recognition, while beginning her career as Dizzle Dizz during the early 2010s. Originally, making a name for herself in the streets of Philly, Tiara Whack would reinvent herself in 2017, leading her to becoming the star she is today.

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Kash Doll

25. Kash Doll

As Detroit stands out on top of the rap game, one of hip-hop’s top female rappers helped lead the Motor City into the spotlight, after years of being overlooked. Already a local star long before her rap career took off in 2017, Kash Doll has blessed hip-hop fans with tracks like “For Everybody”, “Ready Set” featuring Big Sean, “Ice Me Out”, “No Lames”, and “Doin Too Much.”

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Lola Brooke

26. Lola Brooke

While a new face in hip-hop to some, the lady from Brooklyn’s Bed Stuy community, the birthplace of Jay-Z and Notorious BIG, has been gradually rising over the past few years. With the recent hit of “Don’t Play With It,” along “Dummy Ummy” and “Here I Come,” Lola Brooke has broken out of the market that has been saturated with Drill music, becoming New York City’s next top female rapper and hip hop artist.

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Rubi Rose

27. Rubi Rose

While once more so known as a model and a social media influencer, Rubi Rose has now surfaced as one of the top female rappers of years to come. With her raunchiness and her sex appeal Rubi Rose has easily obtained the eyes of viewers, especially during a time of short attention span.  Her first release was in 2019 with the song “Big Mouth”, and ever since she has become one of the many rising rappers in hip-hop.

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28. ppcocaine

Known for a number of hit songs, like “SLUT,” “3 Musketeers,” “DDLG,” and “Hugh Hefner,” ppocaine only recently arrived into the music business, debuting in 2020.  Born in 2001 and raised throughout Los Angeles County, ppcocaine has placed herself in the category of the unorthodox female rappers, often raunchy and eccentric.

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Dreezy  female rapper

29. Dreezy 

Chicago born and bred, Dreezy first introduced herself to hip-hop fans as teenager, growing up on the city’s South Side. With mixtapes and individual releases, Dreezy would truly arrive in 2014 and 2015 with the album Schizo. Linking with the top rappers in the city, like Common, King Louie, G Herbo, and others, during the early days of her career, Dreezy quickly became the face of Chicago hip-hop, while for years being considered as one of the top rappers from the city. Switching gears, Dreezy would gain national fame with Jeremih collaboration “Body” and with T-Pain on “Close to You,” both released in 2016 on the No Hard Feelings album.

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Tommy Genesis

30. Tommy Genesis

Possibly the most celebrated female rapper in Canada, the Vancouver native Tommy Genesis has been blessing fans since 2015, which has included albums like goldilocks x, Tommy Genesis, and World Vision, which was her debut. Her uncanny approach to hip-hop has led to hits like “Tommy,” “100 Bad,” “a woman is god,” and “Peppermint.”

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Big Boss Vette

31. Big Boss Vette

Following in the footsteps of Nelly, Big Boss Vette latest rise in music has her bringing the city of St. Louis back into the forefront of hip-hop. Making her debut in 2018 with her first release “Bad B****” and gaining quite the notoriety for 2022’s “Snatched”,  Big Boss Vette ascent in the industry has led her into the conversation as one of the next emerging stars in hip-hop.

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32. Monaleo

Gaining much notoriety with 2021’s “Beating Down Yo Block,” the Houston, Texas native Monaleo has gained millions of streams and views, while creating one of the top platforms for hip-hop artists in the state of Texas. “We Not Humping,” “Beating Down Yo Block,” “Suck It Up,” “Girls Outside,” and “Body Bag,” have been Monaleo’s most noteworthy songs since entering music during 2020.

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Female rappers Stunna Girl

33. Stunna Girl

One of the top female rappers on the West Coast, the Sacramento bred Stunna Girl became a favorite among hip-hop’s female audience in 2020 following her hit song “Runaway.” A catalogue that is still in progress, Stunna Girl has produced hits like “Real Rap” and albums like YKWTFGO.

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One of the future stars in music, the Atlanta based rapper has been producing music over half of her lifetime. Born during the early 2000s, BKTHERULA began recording music as a child before releasing music online during years as a teenager. Now in her twenties, BKTHERULA has risen to becoming one of Atlanta’s next up and coming stars.

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Rap Female Artist Sukihana

35. Sukihana

A rap persona related to a nympho, the lascivious rapper of Sukihana, a native of the state of Delaware, has been turning heads and capturing hip-hop’s attention for last few years. Known for popular hip-hop tracks “No One,” “Pretty and Ratchet,” “5 Foot Freestyle,” “You Forgot to Love Me,” and “Food Stamp H**,” Sukihana has set a place for her in today’s rap game.

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36. Lakeyah

Milwaukee’s leading rap artist and one of the top new faces of female rappers in today’s generation of performers, Lakeyah quickly found her way in music following several freestyles going a viral, leading her to signing with one of the top independent labels in the industry, Quality Control. Since arriving her discography has included the projects like Time’s Up, No Pressure (Pt. 1), No Pressure (Pt. 2), and In Due Time.

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Erica Banks

37. Erica Banks

Dallas-Fort Worth native Erica Banks consistent grind led her into the eyes of 1501 Certified Entertainment, the label that helped Megan Thee Stallion become a star. Following the release of three mixtapes in 2019, Art of the Hustle, Pressure, and Cocky on Purpose, Erica Banks 2020 release of self-tilted mixtape landed her in the spotlight of rap fans, only gaining more recognition with 2022’s Diary of the Flow Queen.

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38. Lady Leshurr

One of the four female rappers to represent the U.K., Lady Leshurr would make minor appearances during the early 2010s before becoming known in the U.K. hip-hop scene. Gaining fans through her Queen Speech series, a series of seven songs released from 2015 to 2017, Lady Leshurr would eventually break away from freestyles and her Queen’s Speech volumes to bringing U.K. rap fans a handful of original hits.

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Female rapper Dream Doll

39. Dream Doll

For the longest, Dream Doll has been one of hip-hop’s leading female artists, at least since the late 2010s. Equally as popular on social media and as she is in New York’s rap scene, Dream Doll has become a cherished female MC following her initial debut on reality television’s Love & Hip Hop: New York. From beginning with “Everything Nice” and the first edition of her three-part series Life In Plastic, Dream Doll has shown much growth as an artist since her first releases in 2017 and 2018.

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Female rap artist Gloss Up

40. Gloss Up

The next Memphis rapper and the next Quality Control signee to make a name for themselves is no other than Gloss Up. Starting to make moves within Memphis’ rap scene during 2018 and 2019, Gloss Up flew under the radar until of late, as she has been rising star, especially featuring on top tracks, “Shabooya” with Hitkidd and “Real B****” with Lakeyah.

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41. LightSkinKeisha

Actress, rapper, and one of the faces of Atlanta hip-hop, LightSkinKeisha debuted in 2018 after slowly building a following on social media. Releasing popular songs like “Ride Good,” “Treadmill,” “Spend Sum Cash,” “Talk That Talk,” and “Believe Dat,” LightSkinKeisha has held onto having a strong presence in Atlanta’s heavy saturated rap scene since 2018.

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42. Killumantii

Killumantii emerged on the scene as a fierce femcee from Atlanta, Georgia. She first gained popularity through her freestyle videos on social media, showcasing her sharp wordplay and rapid-fire delivery. With her debut single “Undercover Pressure” dropping in 2018 and the then release of her mixtape Yellow Tape the same year, she cemented her place in the rap game. Killumantii’s talent has been recognized by heavy-hitters in the industry, and her star continues to rise.

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Renni Rucci

43. Renni Rucci

One of the peaking artists from the Carolinas, Renni Rucci would jump into the spotlight in 2017 remixing top charting rap and hip-hop songs, Kodak Black’s “Roll in Peace, ” Moneybagg Yo’s “Trending,” and Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow. With a stock rising, Renni Rucci’s talent and growing popularity led to her signing with Atlanta’s Quality Control. Two projects, QuickTape and Big Renni, and a handful of freestyles and singles has provided enough evidence to label Renni Rucci as one of the top female rappers.

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44. Ms Banks  

One of the few leading female rappers from the growing and expanding rap scene of the U.K., Ms. Banks has been holding her own for quite some time. With male dominance, Ms Banks has been one of the only women in the U.K. building their brand of hip-hip, which started in 2016 with the song “Fleek.” Fast forwarding, Ms Banks has built a solid catalog, featuring hits like “Snack,” “Dip” with Stefflon Don, and “Back It Up.”

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Queen Key

45. Queen Key

Now a veteran in Chicago’s hip hop scene, Queen Key was among the first wave of rappers from Chicago to begin to make a name for themselves in hip-hop. The confident and the self-assured Queen Key has often been representing for the ladies, especially with albums like 2018’s Eat My P****, 2019’s Eat My P**** Again, and in 2021 Your Highness, volumes 1,2, and 3.

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46. Tay Money

Despite being somewhat of a newcomer to the rap game, the North Texas native has become another representation for women in hip hop. With hit songs like “Trappers Delight,” “The Assignment,” “Asthma Pump,” “Bussin,” and “Brat,” Tay Money has been climbing the ranks of hip-hop and rap music since making her debut in 2018 with Duh EP.

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Female Rapper Rapsody

47. Rapsody

One of the most purest hip-hop artists within the roster of female rappers, the North Carolina bred and Grammy nominated MC leaves no shortage of talent. Debuting during the early 2010s with legendary producer 9th Wonder, as Rapsody’s career progressed, she would receive much praise and become highly respected among her peers and among the truest of hip-hop fans.

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Rap Female Artist Ken The Man

48. Ken The Man

Another Texas native on the list of female rappers, KenTheMan has come to be known for her charismatic, unique, and seductive style. Debuting in 2015 with the Kenny’s Back mixtape, which feature several freestyle tracks, KenTheMan has since become known for top hip-hop tracks like “Rose Gold Stripper Pole,” “IDGAF,” “He Be Like,” and “Join Them.”

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49. Asian Doll

One of hip-hop’s most familiar faces, Asian Doll emerged as one of the first female rappers of today’s generation following early entry into hip-hop during 2015. South Dallas’ own, Asian Doll has made herself quite known, from her relationships and collaborations with top artists to notable songs like “Pull Up” with King Von, “Nunnadet S***,” “Lame N****z,” and more.

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50. LeiKeli47

The anonymous and the conspicuous LeiKeli47, who is known for concealing her face as she performs, often presents fans with an imagination of creative methods to provide listeners with a distinctive experience unlike any other female rap artist. Originating out of the New York City borough of Brooklyn, LeiKeli47 has released four albums since her deubt, 2017’s Wash & Set, 2018’s Acrylic, and 2022’s Shape Up.

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51. Dess Dior

With songs like “Stone Cold” and “Don’t Play” making the rounds through hip-hop, the St. Louis born and Savannah, GA raised MC has been solidifying herself in the rap game since 2019. From her first release with the single “F***ed Up” to her latest album RAW, Dess Dior is on track to becoming a major player in the future of hip-hop.

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52. Lady London

Lady London has positioned herself as an up and coming female rapper that will be a force to be reckoned with in hip-hop. She made her first appearance dropping freestyles on YouTube in 2019, before releasing her debut single, “Woosah.” Since her stock in hip-hop has been ascending, with popular songs like “Pop Ya S***,” “Never,” and “Yeah Yeah.”

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53. Chinese Kitty

One of the top social media influencers switched gears and entered music during 2018 with her first official release “On Me.” While being a household name through her brand building on social media, the Brooklyn raised rapper remains constructing her career as an artist, despite the release of two albums, SMD and Kitty Bandz, and top songs like “Lit B****,” “Top B****”, and “Kitty Walk.”

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Cuban Doll rapper

54. Cuban Doll

Hailing from North Dallas, Cuban Doll was one of the top female rappers of the 2010s. With her biggest hit to date being “Let It Blow,” Cuban Doll has been pushing through multiple eras of hip-hop, from the mid and late 2010s, when there was a limited amount of female rap artists, to today’s era of the 2020s, as the market is heavy saturated.

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Female rappers Enchanting

55. Enchanting

One of the very top artists out of Fort Worth, Texas and the entire DFW metroplex, Enchanting would make her first appearances in 2019, but linking with Gucci Mane and his 1017 imprint landed her in the faces of many of today’s rap and hip-hop fans. Still on a rise, Enchanting has been known for songs like “Track & Field,” “Want Sum,” “What I Want,” and more.

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56. Jucee Froot

One of the leading women for southern hip-hop, while there has been a hip-hop takeover by female rappers, Jucee Froot has been representing for the ladies in the rap game long before it became a trending topic. Officially, beginning during the 2010s, Jucee Froot would eventually gain a place in Memphis’ rap scene, from her raunchiness to her strong presence as woman in industry that has been historically dominated by male artists.

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Brooke Candy

57. Brooke Candy

The sensual and erotic Brooke Candy is quite the unique and one of a kind artist among this lineup of female rappers. Hailing from Southern California, Brooke Candy’s career jump started during 2012, releasing her first single “Das Me.” While formally working as an exotic dancer and later a stylist for Hustler magazine, Brooke Candy’s style of rap and form of music comes to no surprise.

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58. Armani Caesar

Buffalo, New York native and member of one of the top independent labels in hip-hop, Griselda Records, Armani Caesar became quite known on social media, but since her latest albums of The Liz and The Liz 2, she has gained much notoriety in hip-hop. Beginning during the late 2000s with Bath & Body Work and Hand Bag Addict, Armani Caesar would have her moments during the 2010s, but nothing like after linking with Westside Gunn and the Griselda family.

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59. $hyfromdatre

Bred in the small city of Winston Salem, $hyfromdatre has risen into becoming one of the leading ladies for hip-hop music in the Carolinas. With an personality like no other, $hyfromdatre built her name before debuting in 2019 with “13th Street.” Since becoming a full-time rap artist, $hyfromdatre has been growing within the southern hip-hop scene, especially with hits like “Go Bestfriend” and “6000 Degrees,” appearing to be the next top rapper from Carolina alongside Da Baby and J Cole.

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60. Lady XO

Chicago native Lady XO has been making major moves of late in hip-hop. Debuting in 2018 with “No Holds Barred” the rapper and producer has been burning the rap game ablaze with her presence. Accumulating over 100 million views in a short time span, Lady XO has become known for songs like “Tap In,” “Finesse,” “Double Up,” “Okay,” and “Cliché.”

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Female rapper Tokyo Vanity

61. Tokyo Vanity

Tokyo Vanity is a rapper hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, known for her viral hit “That’s My Best Friend” which took the internet by storm in 2015. She gained further attention by appearing on the fifth season of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Her sound is characterized by its vibrant energy and her proud championing of body positivity. Tokyo Vanity has continued to release music, offering her fans catchy hooks and confident lyrics.

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Omerettà The Great

62. Omerettà The Great

Entering into the headlines with 2022’s Atlanta theme song, “Sorry Not Sorry,” Omerettà The Great originally only had minor appearances during 2016 and 2017 with the album Black Magic: Dose of Reality and songs like “I Owe” and “The Intro.” Omerettà would eventually give herself the perfect welcoming with her most noteworthy song “Dats Cap.”

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Female rappers K Carbon

63. K Carbon

One of Memphis’ shining rising stars, K Carbon is part of the influx of female rappers from Memphis that are now entering the rap game. Carrying the legacy of Memphis’ legends like the late Gangsta Boo and La Chat, K Carbon alongside other top female artists in the city are headed towards the top oh hip-hop.

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64. Molly Brazy

With Detroit becoming one of the number one hip-hop markets in the industry, Molly Brazy was one of the main contributors to Detroit becoming an influential rap scene. Molly Brazy became one of the first faces of today’s generation of female rap artists, after debuting in 2016. With almost a decade in the rap game, Molly Brazy has led a career with hits like “Trust None,” “Fight Me,” “Ion Like You,” and “Outro,” or the release of six albums, from 2017’s Molly World to 2022’s 17Molly.

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Maliibu Miitch

65. Maliibu Miitch

Another talent produced out of the city of New York, Maliibu Miitch has been on her path in music since the start of the 2010s. While having numerous early releases, Maliibu Miitch would come into her own following 2018’s “Give Her Some Money.” Still an up and coming artist, Maliibu Miitch has much to stand on for her work over the past couple of years.

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Rap Female Artist Tkay Maidza

66. Tkay Maidza

The Australian and the Zimbabwean Tkay Maidza led a career that dates back to the early 2010s into becoming one of the top Australian rappers. An oddity to hip-hop, or for better words a standout artist that has presented herself as a rare breed of musicians, Tkay Maidza has become known for songs like “Cashmere,” “You Sad,” “Shook,” and “24K.”

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67. Bali Baby

North Carolina raised and now based in the city of Atlanta, Bali Baby was one of the top rising female rappers of the 2010s, while taking a few steps back, she has remained in the public view as an up and coming artist. A career that was started in 2016 with the song “Do Da Dash”, with over 5 mixtapes and albums released since, Bali Baby has also become known for songs like “Amber Alert” and “Elastic.”

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68. Tokyo Jetz

While women are almost completely controlling and dominating hip-hop, Tokyo Jetz was one of the first female artists, as well one of the first Jacksonville rappers, to gain recognition and popularity in today’s era of rap music. Her initial grind led her to signing with Hustle Gang, but also led her to develop a catalog of albums like Bonafide (2017) and songs like “No Problem” (2018). Recent releases of her latest album Cancel Culture and her latest song “Just Ride,” Tokyo Jetz remains the queen of the city.

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69. Young Lyric

Houston, Texas artist Young Lyric was one of the top rising female rappers and one of Houston’s new generation most publicized artist during the late 2010s, primarily 2017 and 2018. A brief hiatus may have set her back, but Young Lyric remains skilled and prolific in artistry.

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Maiya The Don

70. Maiya The Don

One of the several newcomers that made the list of top female rappers, Maiya The Don has been storming through hip-hop of late with the song “Telfy.” While only having a few songs published into the world, Maiya The Don is an artist that many should keep watch.

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71. Deetranada

Baltimore, Maryland leader of hip-hop, at least one of the top few rappers in the city, Deetranada is in a league of her own. Over the past five years, Deetranada has constructed her career around songs like “ATTITUDE,” “BEEP BEEP,” “Know Me,” and “WANT.”

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72. Pap Chanel

Georgia born and raised and Def Jam signee, Pap Chanel would make her first standout moment in the industry with 2018’s “Talk 2 Cheap” with Lil Baby. While making music and performing hip-hop years before, 2018 was the start of Pap Chanel’s time in the music industry, only to continue into the current generation.

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Day Sulan

73. Day Sulan

Coming from the long lineage of Compton rappers, Day Sulan has been one of the top rising female artists on the West Coast since the release of the Rubi Rose collaboration, “BIG.” Linking with YG and his 4Hunnid label, Day Sulan would kick off a career in music in 2020. Still developing a resume and a catalog, fans of today’s top rap music should be on the lookout for the next number one artists out of Los Angeles.

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Connie Diiamond 

74. Connie Diiamond 

The blue-haired Bronx native began rapping at an young age, while being inspired by some of New York’s legendary female hip-hop artists. Since her debut, Connie Diiamond has been known for songs like “Militant,” “Cowabunga,” “If I Want To,” and “Dance For You.”

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Female rapper Reverie

75. Reverie

One of the top Hispanic female rappers, Reverie has come forth as one of the few veteran ladies that have been active in the Chicano and Chicana hip-hop subculture. Debuting during the late 2000s, the East Los Angeles MC has remained steady as an artist, performing years and bringing hits like “Ain’t S**t” and over ten albums a number of fans in Mexico and the United States.

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Rican Da Menace

76. Rican Da Menace

A newcomer into hip-hop whose stock is almost guaranteed rise, Rican Da Menace began her career in 2022, with listeners gravitating towards her music due to top songs like “Ain’t Going Back” and “I Admit.”

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Kari Faux

77. Kari Faux

While there are not many rap artists to come out of the state of Arkansas, Kari Faux is one of the few to venture out into becoming one of hip-hop’s most talented female artists. A career that dates back to 2014, if not before, Kari Faux would provide hip-hop lovers and rap fans with multiple albums and EPs, like Lowkey Superstar and CRY 4 HELP, to showcase and display her craftsmanship as an artist in a market that often promotes the talentless.

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78. Junglepussy

Bizzare, untypical, peculiar, abnormal, one can use various words for Junglepussy, but no one can deny her talent and her creative spirit. Originating from Brooklyn, New York, Junglepussy would debut over ten years ago following her first single, “Cream Team.” Since, the unconventional Junglepussy has remained active among the alternative rap scene, staying consistent with albums, mixtapes, and EPs since her debut in 2012.

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79. Tesehki

Tesehki may not be well-known to the hip-hop world, but she has grinded into a space where she is regarded as a unique talent. She first emerged as a reality star on Baddies East, and has a decent size following. Musically, she arrived in 2018 with the song “Thinking About You.” Since her debut she has released several songs, including “I EATSS” and “I Need Love.”

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80. Mellowrackz

Once under the tutelage of rap legend Lil Wayne, Broward County’s own Mellowrackz is emerging as the next top star of female rap artists. With a short selection, Mellowrackz has drawn fans with songs like “What I Want,” “Diamonds,” “Spend It All,” and more.

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Kenzo B 

81. Kenzo B 

New member of French Montana’s Coke Boys movement, Kenzo B is a future star in hip-hop, already with the hit song “Bump It,” the Bronx native may have just started within the last year, but much more is expected.

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82. KaMillion

In a hip-hop scene that highlights the violence and the negative of the streets, KaMillion brings in the love and good vibes to the city. Somewhat a veteran to the roster of rappers from Jacksonville, KaMillion began her career in 2014 with her debut song “Blowed”. A brief hiatus until 2017’s “I Heart Banana,” KaMillion eventually would shine with her outgoing styles, often displayed on songs like “Womp Womp,” “Bend Yo Byke,” “Bounce Dat Azz,” and “Put That S*** On.”

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Mello Buckzz

83. Mello Buckzz

Originally from Chicago, the pretty opp herself Mello Buckzz brings a refreshing Midwestern twist to the rap game. Her lyrical ingenuity has distinguished her amidst a crowded field of rising talented female rappers. Notable tracks like “Boom” and “Boom” pt.2 encapsulate her rise in the rap game.

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Female rappers Lebra Jolie

84. Lebra Jolie

Coming from a city with a legendary hip-hop scene, Houston native Lebra Jolie is carrying on the legacy of the city that brought the world the Geto Boys, DJ Screw, and many more pioneers and legends that contribute to the growth of Houston hip-hop. Lebra Jolie has been involved in music for over ten years, but revamping herself into a professional artist with 2018’s PWA, only to recently gain momentum with “Give U Some” and “Spring Summer,” and her self-titled EP Lebra Jolie.

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85. Slimeroni

Slimeroni represents anew wave of female emcees taking the music industry by storm. Hailing from Memphis, she first appeared in the late 2010s before being recognized for featuring on the Hitkidd song “You The Type,” Duke Deuce’s “Hell Nah,” and on Glorilla’s “Wrong One.” As a solo artist, songs like “Rockstar,” “Trust Issues,” and “Pocket Rocket” standout.

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Female rappers Rella Gz

86. Rella Gz

 Another rising New York City rapper, Rella Gz, aka Legendary Rella, ignited her career during 2019 and 2020 with several songs that gained popularity locally, but of late she has been on a rise within New York’s hip-hop scene, coming into her own.

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87. Big Lex

Another female rapper with an outgoing in your face personality, Big Lex has gain a large following on social media, and is rapper on the rise, especially after releasing 2021’s Carolina Princess, with only one year in music.

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Rap Female Artist S3ensi Molly

88. S3ensi Molly

Coming from the Dallas Fort Worth area, S3ensi Molly would come into the view of the Texas hip-hop scene during the late 2010s. Often seen collaborating with female rapper Lil Brook, the former Def Jam signee has independently released four albums since 2018, In Full Effect, Dumb S*** with Lil Brook, 50 Shades of Paid, and Resilient, while her most popular songs have been “223” and “Big Boss.”

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Big Jade 89. Big Jade

Making waves through Texas, Big Jade gained a status within the Texas hip-hop scene with 2021’s Pressure album. With music published as far back as 2018, Big Jade is a next up rap artist, coming from the small town of Beaumont, Texas she has already given fans songs like “Dem Girlz,” “Respectfully,” and “Lower.”

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Rocky Badd

90. Rocky Badd

Detroit’s own has been representing the Motor City since her introduction in hip-hop, 2018. A star among Detroiters, but the rising star is still building her foundation in music, with a talent showcased on top tracks like “Oppresed,” “The Truth,” and “Rag Doll.”

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91. Kayykilo

Former protégé of Da Baby, the Baton Rouge rapper has now taken her career back into her hands. Beginning her creative spirit at a very young age, the up and coming Kayykilo, known for songs like “Ice,” “ABC,” and “Yeah B****,” is a talent on the rise for years to come.

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Bri Trilla

92. Bri Trilla

Georgia native Bri Trilla first burst onto the rap scene with a bang, becoming one of the latest female rappers to come onto the scene during the 2020s. Her work is characterized by its unapologetic realness and striking confidence, which is showcased on tracks like “Big Mood,” “Not Me,” “Fumble,” and the mixtape Trill Sexy Cool.

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93. Vel The Wonder

Vel Nine, or Vel The Wonder, first presented herself during the 2010s, she has now remained one of the top women within hip-hop’s Hispanic demographic. Los Angeles native, Vel Nine has released five albums, Laced With Pearls in 2014, Joyride in 2017, La Sena Ave in 2019, and Trophy Wife in 2020, and 2022’s Freakjet.

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94. Akbar V

Akbar V is known in the rap circles for her raw authenticity and no-holds-barred lyricism. Hailing from Atlanta, she has made a name for herself with her compelling backstory and resilience. Akbar V’s journey includes overcoming personal struggles and using her music as a means for empowerment. If we look at her discography, it includes several projects, from 2017’s Silent Cries to 2019’s 6:08, along with a number of explosive tracks.

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95. Young Devyn

A rising East New York, Young Devyn has been embracing music since a very young age, but would make her leap into hip-hop as a teenager in 2017 with the song “Waitin’ On Me.” Since arriving in 2017, the Brooklyn based rapper has released two albums, Baby GOAT and Baby GOAT 2, and has become notable for tracks like “Outside” with Fivio Foreign, “Straight To It,” “Act Bad,” and “Like This.”

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96. Big Mali

Another rising rap artist from the Carolinas, Big Mali gained notoriety upon her arrival in 2019. As of 2022, Big Mali has been one of the most consistent grinders for an up and coming hip hop artist. Under the South Coast Music Group, Big Mali’s release of four albums since 2020 and her most popular songs of “4,5,6,” “BAFWM,” “Das Me,” and “GTFOMD” has landed her as the Queen of North Carolina’s hip hop scene.

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97. Asianae

Clayton County’s own, right outside of Atlanta, Asiane made her debut with the song “Dumb” in 2020, but the track “Jump” positioned her as one of the most exciting new voices on the scene. Her talent has been shown through the likes of “Crab Legs,” “Period Pooh,” and “S-Walk (Pop It).”

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98. Kshiday

A newcomer entering the music indusry, the San Antonio native may only have a couple years of hip-hop behind her, but K Shiday has all the makings to be the next star in the rap game. Formerly linked with 1017, K Shiday remains a working progress, but with all of the necessary talent.

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99. Blaatina

One of the few Hispanic female rappers making noise in hip-hop, the Atlanta born and bred Blaatina came into everybody’s view in 2018 on WorldStarHipHop with the song “I Can” and in 2019 with NLE Choppa on “Watch Out.”

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100. Hood Brat

Miami native Hood Brat made her debut in 2017 with the project The Hood Brat. On her grind since her debut, Hood Brat has produced three full length projects, including Vonda (2019) and Hood Baby (2020), while also appearing on the Max Original Series Rap Sh!t.

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