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Top 50 Best Female Rappers of 2021

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Female Rappers

List of the Top Female Hip Hop Artists

In a once male dominated industry has now become more diverse as female rappers have not just proven that they are just as talented, but that they can attract more fans, make bigger hit songs, and have better performances.  One thing that is definitely true is that times are changing as the rise of female hip hop artists seems to be slowly changing the demographics of the rap game and hip hop within the music industry.  While the respect and the appreciation for their artistry may not be totally there, at least just yet, there are many female artists that are ahead of their male counterparts in a number of aspects, from being more lyrical to being more entertaining and having better showmanship.

To view female rappers of today one can see that female hip hop artists have come a long way from the 1980s.  In hip hop’s early days, where rap music was strictly based in and around New York City, there were only a few female artists that included Roxanne Shante, Sparky D, MC Lyte, Sha-Rock, Queen Latifah, and Salt N Pepa, all who had a place in hip hop from the late 1970s to the beginning of the 1990s.

The next generation of female rappers came around the late 1990s and into the early and mid-2000s.  This generation consisted of artists like Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Lauryn Hill, Eve, and few others.  This was probably the most successful era as Lauryn Hill release one of the top selling albums of all-time, Missy Elliot dropped hit after hit, and Lil Kim would eventually become a pioneer for women in hip hop by being the first of her kind that would often be imitated in today’s rap game.  As southern rap has taken over the music industry, southern female hip hop artists like Mia X, Trina, Ghetto Twinz, or Gangsta Boo should also be credited for being the first of their kind.

For a period of time there was hardly no women representation within rap music.  The arrival of Nicki Minaj changed that.  While beginning her path into music during the mid-2000s, not until her 2009 release of Beam Me Up Scotty did her career begin to take off.  First, briefly being linked with Gucci Mane and the 1017 Bricksquad, Nicki Minaj would transform into an international star after signing with Young Money and releasing platinum selling album after platinum selling album.  Regardless of what anyone says, Nicki Minaj truly pioneered the recent surge of female hip hop artists of today’s rap genre.  Following Nicki Minaj there was the arrival of Cardi B who has furthered the growth of hip hop for female rappers by becoming one of the world’s top pop stars.  Once being known for her role on Love and Hip Hop, Cardi B put reality television behind her with the release of two mixtapes, Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 1 and 2, in 2016 and 2017 and later with the release of the three times platinum selling album, Invasion of Privacy.

Now with Nicki Minaj and Cardi B at the very top of the list by pioneering and leading today’s movement of female hip hop artists, there are dozens of female rappers currently in the music industry.  From Megan Thee Stallion to the City Girls to Saweetie to dozens of other female rappers, being a male dominated industry is a thing of the past and the large lineup below will showcase how far women in hip hop have come.

Top 50 Female Rappers

1. Cardi B (New York City)
follow on Instagram: @Cardi B and watch more on Youtube: Cardi B

2. Nicki Minaj (New York City)
follow on Instagram: @Nicki Minaj and watch more on Youtube: Nicki Minaj

3. Megan Thee Stallion (Houston, TX)
follow on Instagram: @TheeStallion and watch on YouTube: Megan The Stallion

4. Saweetie (Bay Area)
follow on Instagram: @Saweetie and watch on YouTube: Official Saweetie

5. City Girls (Miami, FL)
follow on Instagram: @Yung Miami and @JT and watch on Youtube: City Girls

6. latto (Atlanta, GA)
follow on Instagram: @latto and watch on YouTube: latto

7. Snow Tha Product (Bay Area)
follow on Instagram: @Snow Tha Product and watch on YouTube: Snow Tha Product

8. Coi Leray (New Jersey)
follow on Instagram: @Coi Leray and watch on Youtube: Coi Leray

9. Flo Milli (Alabama)
follow on Instagram: @Flo Milli and watch on YouTube: Flo Milli

10. BIA
follow on Instagram: @BIA and watch on Youtube: BIA

11. Rubi Rose
follow on Instagram: @Rubi Rose and watch on YouTube: Rubi Rose

12. Lakeyah (Milwaukee, WI)
follow on Instagram: @Lakeyah and watch on Youtube: Lakeyah

13. Dream Doll (New York City)
follow on Instagram: @DreamDoll and watch on Youtube: Dream Doll

14. Renni Rucci (Carolina)
follow on Instagram: @Renni Rucci and watch on Youtube: Renni Rucci

15. Asian Doll (Dallas, TX)
follow on Instagram: @Asian Doll and watch on YouTube: Asian Doll

16. Kash Doll (Detroit, MI)
follow on Instagram: @Kash Doll and watch on YouTube: Kash Doll

17. Princess Nokia (New York)
follow on Instagram: @Princess Nokia and watch on Youtube: Princess Nokia

18. Rico Nasty (DMV)
follow on Instagram: @Rico Nasty and watch on Youtube: Rico Nasty

19. ppcocaine
follow on Instagram: @ppcocaine and watch on YouTube: ppcocaine

20. LightSkinKeisha (Atlanta, GA)
follow on Instagram: @LightSkinKeisha and watch on Youtube: LightSkinKeisha

21. Erica Banks (Texas)
follow on Instagram: @Erica Banks and watch on Youtube: Erica Banks

22. Tierra Whack (Philly)
follow on Instagram: @TierraWhack and watch on Youtube: Tierra Whack

23. Tokyo Jetz (JAcksonville)
follow on Instagram: @Tokyo Jetz and watch on Youtube: Tokyo Jetz

24. Tay Money (Texas)
follow on Instagram: @Tay Money and watch on Youtube: Tay Money

25. BKTHERULA (Atlanta, GA)
follow on Instagram: @BKTHERULA and watch on Youtube: BKTHERULA

26. Jucee Froot (Memphis,TN)
follow on Instagram: @Jucee Froot and watch on Youtube: Jucee Froot

27. Chanel West Coast 
follow on Instagram: @Chanel West Coast and watch on Youtube: Chanel West Coast

28. Enchanting 
follow on Instagram: @Enchanting and watch on Youtube: Enchanting

29. Inas X 
follow on Instagram: @Inas X and watch on Youtube: Inas X

30. Molly Brazy (Detroit, MI)
follow on Instagram: @Molly Brazy and watch on Youtube: Molly Brazy

31. Queen Key (Chicago)
follow on Instagram: @Queen Key and watch on Youtube: Queen Key

32. Kali 
follow on Instagram: @Kali and watch on Youtube: Kali

33. Rapsody
follow on Instagram: @Rapsody and watch on Youtube: Rapsody

34. Dreezy (Chicago, IL)
follow on Instagram: @Dreezy and watch on Youtube: Dreezy

35. Dess Dior
follow on Instagram: @Dess Dior and watch on Youtube: Dess Dior

36. Famous Ocean x KungFu
follow on Instagram: @Famous Ocean x KungFu and watch on Youtube: Famous Ocean x KungFu

37. Kaash Paige  
follow on Instagram: @Kaash Paige and watch on Youtube: Kaash Paige

38. Maliibu Miitch
follow on Instagram: @Maliibu Miitch and watch on Youtube: Maliibu Miitch

39. Ken The Man
follow on Instagram: @Ken The Man and watch on Youtube: Ken The Man

40. Monaleo
follow on Instagram: @Monaleo and watch on Youtube: Monaleo

41. Stunna Girl (Sacramento)
follow on Instagram: @Stunna Girl and watch on Youtube: Stunna Girl

42. Keyu (New York City)
follow on Instagram: @Keyu and watch on Youtube: Keyu

43. $hyfromdatre (Carolina)
follow on Instagram: @$hyfromdatre and watch on Youtube: $hyfromdatre

44. Deetranada (Baltimore)
follow on Instagram: @Deetranada and watch on Youtube: Deetranada

45. Armani Caesar (Buffalo, NY)
follow on Instagram: @Armani Caesar and watch on Youtube: Armani Caesar

46. Blaatina (Atlanta, GA)
follow on Instagram: @Blaatina and watch on Youtube: Blaatina

47. Famous.Twinss
follow on Instagram: @Famous.Twinss and watch on Youtube: Famous.Twinss

48. S3ensi Molly (Dallas, TX)
follow on Instagram: @S3ensi Molly and watch on Youtube: S3ensi Molly

49. Cuban Doll  (Texas)
follow on Instagram: @Cuban Doll  and watch on Youtube: Cuban Doll

50. Young Devyn
follow on Instagram: @Young Devyn and watch on Youtube: Young Devyn

Honorable Mention Female Rappers:

Bella follow on Instagram: @Bella and on Youtube: Bella

Lil Debbie follow on Instagram: @Lil Debbie and on Youtube: Lil Debbie

Young Lyric follow on Instagram: @Young Lyric and on Youtube: Young Lyric

Rocky Badd follow on Instagram: @Rocky Badd and on Youtube: Rocky Badd

Yung Baby Tate follow on Instagram: @Yung Baby Tate and on Youtube: Yung Baby Tate

Charm La’Donna follow on Instagram: @Charm La’Donna and on Youtube: Charm La’Donna

Big Jade follow on Instagram: @Big Jade and on Youtube: Big Jade

Vel The Wonder follow on Instagram: @Vel The Wonder and on Youtube: Vel The Wonder

Kayykilo follow on Instagram: @Kayykilo and on Youtube: Kayykilo

Ty Bri follow on Instagram: @Ty Bri and on Youtube: Ty Bri

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have the largest followers and subscribers, most listeners and views, and released the most recent music are near the top.