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Top Turkish Rappers

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Top Turkish Rappers:

List of the Best Turkey Hip Hop Artists

Listening to some of Turkey’s top music artists, not necessarily Turkey Hip Hop, like the legendary Turkish singers of Ajda Pekkan and others, one can see how deep embedded the tradition of their country is in their music. But, there is also another side of Turkey’s music scene, a side of Turkish rappers who have contributed to the rise of Turkey’s popularity within the music industry.

Top 25 Turkey Hip Hop Artists

1. Ezhel
Youtube: Ezhel 
Instagram: @Ezhel 

2. Ben Fero
Youtube: Ben Fero 
Instagram: Ben Fero 

3. Murda
Youtube: Murda
Instagram: @Murda

4. Anil Piyanci
Youtube: Anil Piyanci 
Instagram: @Anil Piyanci 

5. Norm Ender
Youtube: Norm Ender 
Instagram: @Norm Ender 

6. Sagopa Kajmer
Youtube: Sagopa Kajmer 
Instagram: @Sagopa Kajmer 

7. Ceza
Youtube: CEZA Official 
Instagram: @Cezagram

8. Saniser
Youtube: Saniser 
Instagram: @Saniser 

9. Ceg
Youtube: Ceg 
Instagram: @Ceg 

10. Khontkar
Youtube: Khontkar 
Instagram: @Khontkar 

11. Killa Hakan
Instagram: @Killa Hakan 
Youtube: Killa Hakan 

12. Allame
Youtube: Allame 
Instagram: @Allame 

13. Ati242
Youtube: Ati242 
Instagram: @Ati242 

14. Server Uraz
Youtube: Server Uraz 
Instagram: @Server Uraz 

15. Ayben
Youtube: Ayben 
Instagram: @Ayben 

16. Aspova
Youtube: Aspova 
Instagram: @Aspova 

17. Sokrat St
Youtube: Sokrat St 
Instagram: @Sokrat St 

18. Rozz Kalliope
Youtube: Rozz Kalliope 
Instagram: @Rozz Kalliope 

19. Defkhan
Youtube: Defkhan 
Instagram: @Defkhan 

20. Keisan
Youtube: Keisan 
Instagram: @Keisan

21. Kamufle
Youtube: Kamufle 
Instagram: @Kamufle 

22. Yase
Youtube: Yase
Instagram: @Yase

23. Aga B
Youtube: Aga B 
Instagram: @Aga B 

24. Eypio
Youtube: Eypio Official 
Instagram: @Eypio 

25. Maho G
Youtube: Maho G 
Instagram: @Maho G 

For More Top Turkish Rappers Check Out the Basemode Records Youtube Channel 

For More Top Turkey Rap Aritsts check out Epidemik Youtube Channel

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*If any artists are missing from the list or should be added to the list, email

*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.