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Top 25 Turkish Rappers: 2022’s Best Turkish Hip Hop Artists List

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Turkish Rappers:

List of the Top Turkish Hip Hop Artists

Surprising or not, the country of Turkey as produced one of the world’s greatest rap scenes of Turkish rappers and Turkish hip hop artists. To get a glimpse into the world of not only a Turkish rap artist, but the country of Turkey in general, hip hop music in Turkey represents the Turkish traditions and cultures with its own unique sound and style.

The arrival of hip hop into Turkey can be contributed to a number of factors.  One can say, the original arrival of Turkish rap can be credited to Turkish citizens immigrating into western Europe, primarily Germany, which has the largest Turkish population in Europe, as well the United States. 

While abroad, younger Turks became fascinated with hip hop as the genre was already well established and gaining in popularity in the countries that they relocated to. The globalization of rap music has also helped further expand Turkish hip hop and the atmosphere of the current Turkish rap scene.  The current hip hop scene is surely holding some of the world’s greatest rap stars, despite the language barrier.

With dozens of Turkish hip hop artists, a list ranging between 20 and 30 top Turkish rappers, the local music scene is something to check out as artists embrace hip hop culture from America, and somewhat Europe, and combined it with their own cultures and lifestyles.

When you see the growth and versatility in artists like Ezhel, the creativity and lyrical skills unmatched of Norm Ender, the rise of Ben Fero after only a few years in the game, the legend in Gazapizm who displayed years of consistency, the OG of many talents of Sagopa Kajmer, a star in Murda who reached international success, the veteran Anil Piyanci whose talent and persistence has gave years of relevancy, and the list continues of Turkish rap artists of one of the world’s greatest hip hop scenes.

Top 25 Turkish Rappers

1. Ezhel
Watch on Youtube: Ezhel and follow on Instagram: @Ezhel 

2. Ben Fero
Watch on Youtube: Ben Fero and follow on Instagram: Ben Fero

3. Norm Ender
Watch on Youtube: Norm Ender and follow on Instagram: @Norm Ender

4. Gazapizm
Watch on Youtube: Gazapizm and follow on Instagram: @Gazapizm

5. Sagopa Kajmer
Watch on Youtube: Sagopa Kajmer and follow on Instagram: @Sagopa Kajmer 

6. Murda
Watch on Youtube: Murda and follow on Instagram: @Murda

7. Patron
Watch on Youtube: Patron and follow on Instagram: @Patron

8. Ceza
Watch on Youtube: CEZA and follow on Instagram: @Ceza

9. Saniser
Watch more on Youtube: Saniser and follow on Instagram: @Saniser

10. Anil Piyanci
Watch on Youtube: Anil Piyanci and follow on Instagram: @Anil Piyanci

11. Şehinşah
Watch on Youtube: Şehinşah and follow on Instagram: @Şehinşah

12. Contra
Watch on Youtube: Contra and follow on Instagram: @Contra

13. Velvet
Watch on Youtube: Velvet and follow on Instagram: @Velvet

14. Massaka
Watch on Youtube: Massaka and follow on Instagram: @Massaka

15. Ceg
Watch on Youtube: Ceg and follow on Instagram: @Ceg

16. Ati242
Watch on Youtube: Ati242 and follow on Instagram: @Ati242

17. Hidra
Watch on Youtube: Hidra and follow on Instagram: @Hidra

18. Rota
Watch on Youtube: Rota and follow on Instagram: @Rota

19. Ozbi Music
Watch on Youtube: Ozbi Music and follow on Instagram: @Ozbi Music

20. Khontkar
Watch on Youtube: Khontkar and follow on Instagram: @Khontkar 

21. Eypio
Watch on Youtube: Eypio and follow on Instagram: @Eypio

22. Tepki
Watch on Youtube: Tepki and follow on Instagram: @Tepki

23. Aspova
Watch on Youtube: Aspova and follow on Instagram: @Aspova

24. Diyar Pala
Watch on Youtube: Diyar Pala and follow on Instagram: @Diyar Pala

25. Zen-G
Watch on Youtube: Zen-G and follow on Instagram: @Zen-G

Honorable Mention Turkish Rappers:

Allame Youtube: Allame  |  Instagram: @Allame

Elanur Youtube: Elanur  |  Instagram: @Elanur

Killa Hakan Youtube: Killa Hakan  |  Instagram: @Killa Hakan 

Xir Youtube: Xir  |  Instagram: @Xir

Tankurt Manas Youtube: Tankurt Manas  |  Instagram: @Tankurt Manas

Rozz Kalliope Youtube: Rozz Kalliope  |  Instagram: @Rozz Kalliope 

 Sokrat St Youtube: Sokrat St  |  Instagram: @Sokrat St

Sansar Salvo Youtube: Sansar Salvo  |  Instagram: @Sansar Salvo

Defkhan Youtube: Defkhan  |  Instagram: @Defkhan

Yase Youtube: Yase  |  Instagram: @Yase

 Stabil Youtube: Stabil  |  Instagram: @Stabil 

Keisan Youtube: Keisan  |  Instagram: @Keisan

Top Turkish Rap Youtube Channels

Basemode Records

RedKeys Music


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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list email media@kulturevulturez.com