Top UK Rappers
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Top UK Rappers

Top UK Rappers

List of the Best England Rappers

Whether you consider them to be UK rappers, England rappers or London rappers, just know that rap artists from the United Kingdom have created one of the world’s top rap music scenes. While mostly consisting of London rappers, this list, in somewhat of an unofficial order, provides a true view of the talent hailing from England and other places within the U.K.

Top 35 UK Rappers

Watch on Youtube: Stormzy, follow on Instagram: @Stormzy, Facebook: Stormzy, Twitter: @Stormzy
Watch on Youtube: Satan Dave, follow on Instagram: @Satan Dave, Facebook: Satan Dave, Twitter: @Satan Dave
Watch on Youtube: Skepta, follow on Instagram: @Skepta, Facebook: Skepta, Twitter: @Skepta
Bugzy Malone
Watch on Youtube: Bugzy Malone, follow on Instagram: @Bugzy Malone, Facebook: Bugzy Malone, Twitter: @Bugzy Malone
Watch on Youtube: Aitch, follow on Instagram: @Aitch, Facebook: Aitch, Twitter: @Aitch
AJ Tracey
Watch on Youtube: AJ Tracey, follow on Instagram: @AJ Tracey, Facebook: AJ Tracey, Twitter: @AJ Tracey
Lady Leshurr
Watch on Youtube: Lady Leshurr, follow on Instagram: @Lady Leshurr, Facebook: Lady Leshurr, Twitter: @Lady Leshurr
Watch on Youtube: Mist, follow on Instagram: @Mist, Facebook: Mist, Twitter: @Mist
Watch on Youtube: MoStack, follow on Instagram: @MoStack, Facebook: MoStack, Twitter: @MoStack
Tinie Tempah
Watch on Youtube: Tinie Tempah, follow on Instagram: @Tinie Tempah, Facebook: Tinie Tempah, Twitter: @Tinie Tempah
Watch on Youtube: J HUS, follow on Instagram: @J HUS, Twitter: @J HUS
Watch on Youtube: slowthai, follow on Instagram: @slowthai, Facebook: slowthai, Twitter: @slowthai
Ms Banks
Watch on Youtube: Ms Banks, follow on Instagram: @Ms Banks, Facebook: Ms Banks
Yxng Bane
Watch on Youtube: Yxng Bane, follow on Instagram: @Yxng Bane, Facebook: Yxng Bane, Twitter: @Yxng Bane
Wretch 32
Watch on Youtube: Wretch 32, follow on Instagram: @Wretch 32, Facebook: Wretch 32, Twitter: @Wretch 32
Paigey Cakey
Watch on Youtube: Paigey Cakey, follow on Instagram: @Paigey Cakey, Facebook: Paigey Cakey, Twitter: @Paigey Cakey
Headie One
Watch on Youtube: Headie One, follow on Instagram: @Headie One, Facebook: Headie One, Twitter: @Headie One
Watch on Youtube: Giggs, follow on Instagram: @Giggs, Facebook: Giggs, Twitter: @Giggs
Little Simz
Watch on Youtube: Little Simz, follow on Instagram: @Little Simz, Facebook: Little Simz, Twitter: @Little Simz
Watch on Youtube: Wiley, follow on Instagram: @Wiley, Facebook: Wiley, Twitter: @Wiley
Loyle Carner
Watch on Youtube: Loyle Carner, follow on Instagram: @Loyle Carner, Facebook: Loyle Carner, Twitter: @Loyle Carner
Hardy Caprio
Watch on Youtube: Hardy Caprio, follow on Instagram: @Hardy Caprio, Facebook: Hardy Caprio, Twitter: @Hardy Caprio
Watch on Youtube: sneakbo, follow on Facebook: sneakbo, Twitter: @sneakbo, Instagram: @sneakbo
Watch on Youtube: Octavian, follow on Facebook: Octavian, Twitter: @Octavian, Instagram: @Octavian
One Acen
Watch on Youtube: One Acen, follow on Facebook: One Acen, Twitter: @One Acen, Instagram: @One Acen
Nadia Rose
Watch on Youtube: Nadia Rose, follow on Facebook: Nadia Rose, Twitter: @Nadia Rose, Instagram: @Nadia Rose
Watch on Youtube: JAY1, follow on Facebook: JAY1, Twitter: @JAY1, Instagram: @JAY1
Watch on Youtube: JayKae, follow on Facebook: JayKae, Twitter: @JayKae, Instagram: @JayKae
Alicaì Harley
Watch on Youtube: Alicaì Harley, follow on Instagram: @Alicaì Harley
P Money
Watch on Youtube: P Money, follow on Twitter: @P Money, Instagram: @P Money
Pa Salieu
Watch on Youtube: Pa Salieu, follow on Instagram: @Pa Salieu, Facebook: Pa Salieu, Twitter: @Pa Salieu
Kojey Radical
Watch on Youtube: Kojey Radical, follow on Facebook: Kojey Radical, Twitter: @Kojey Radical, Instagram: @Kojey Radical
Tiggs Da Author 
Watch on Youtube: Tiggs Da Author, follow on Facebook: Tiggs Da Author, Twitter: @Tiggs Da Author, Instagram: @Tiggs Da Author
Watch on Youtube: Br3nya, follow on Instagram: @Br3nya, Twitter: @Br3nya
Watch on Youtube: LORD APEX, follow on Facebook: LORD APEX, Twitter: @LORD APEX, Instagram: @LORD APEX

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