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Kingston Jamaica Neighborhoods: Map Kingston Jamaica Ghetto and Upscale Areas

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Kingston Jamaica Neighborhoods

Map Kingston Jamaica Ghetto and Affluent Areas

Jamaica’s largest city, Kingston, or at times referred as St. Andrew by locals, is vibrant and diverse, filled with many unique Kingston, Jamaica neighborhoods. From the bustling area of Half Way Tree to the trendy, affluent, and middle class communities of Uptown in places like Cherry Gardens or Beverly Hills to the Kington Jamaica ghetto of Tivoli Gardens, Waterhouse, and several other areas on the western edge of the city of Kingston.

These very same neighborhoods have produced world class athletes and musicians, like Shelly Ann Fraser Price hailing from Waterhouse or legendary Dancehall artist Shabba Ranks from Seaview Gardens. All communities and neighborhoods have their own unique lifestyles, cultures, and makeups.

Some Kingston, Jamaica neighborhoods are lined up with busy streets, shops, entertainment, and nightlife, while others are exclusive quiet residential neighborhoods filled with large homes and some of the Caribbeans most promising and thriving communities, while others are densely populated, home to lower income and working class families.

Overall, Kingston, Jamaica is diverse and has rich cultural heritage with history, and not only in music and athletics. From the haves to the have nots, from the luxurious lifestyles to the blue collar workers, from places of the everyday citizen to communities of the city’s elite, from Uptown to West Kingston, St. Andrew consists of the same landscapes as most major cities.

Map of Kingston, Jamaica Neighborhoods

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