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Top No Limit Albums of All-Time

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Top No Limit Artists

Best No Limit Albums of All-Time

No Limit, a small company from New Orleans had 1998 on lock as Master P and the large roster of top No Limit artists changed the game with very friendly deal with Priority Records that made Master P one of the richest music executives of all time. No Limit rappers that were produced by the record label would be the likes of Master P, Snoop Dogg, Mystikal, Soulja Slim, C-Murder, and numerous other artists as we breakdown the best No Limit albums of all-time.

Master P – Ghetto D, was the start of an era for No Limit Records being the dominate label, especially during the late 1990s, with the hit single “Make Em Say Uhh” as well fan favorite’s of “Bourbons & Lacs”, “Captain Kirk”, and “I Miss My Homies” on an album that one could play without a skip. This album was also an introduction to the rest of the No Limit’s roster.

Fiend – Street Life, hands down one of the greatest southern albums of all time in what seemed to be a well thought out song making process from club hits like “Talk It How I Bring It” and “Mr Womp Womp” to street classics like “Heart of Ghetto Boy”, “War 4 Reason”, and “I Was Placed Here”.

Master P – Da Last Don, a double disc classic album, which was suppose to be his last album, was a compilation of great songs with various topics from “Black and White” about being a black person in today’s society to street symphony style of “Streets Keep Me Rollin” to deep songs like “Eternity”, as well hit singles like “Hot Boys and Girls”, “Thinkin Bout U” or club bangers like “War Wounds”.

Fiend – There’s One In Every Family, one of the most underrated southern albums of all time, while there was not a hit single but there were classic songs like “Only A Few”, “Take My Pain”, “Big Timer”, “The Streets Aint Safe”, “All I Know” “Who Got The Fire” and others.

Silkk The Shocker – Charge It 2 Da Game, with star studded features from Destiny Childs to Snoop Dogg, before he joined No Limit Records, to 8 Ball, along with other top artists as this is arguably one of the best selling No Limit albums of all-time, while peaking on the music charts.

Mystikal – Unpredictable, released in 1997 with the backing of “The Man Right Chea”, and other hit songs, was an album that was an obviously classic and reached above the standards of your average No Limit Records album.

Mac – Shell Shocked, with songs like “Boss Chick”, “Be All You Can Be”, “Can I Ball”, “Tank Dogs”, “Slow Ya Roll” and many more this album was an instant southern classic.

Soulja Slim – Give It 2 Em Raw, Soulja Slim’s introduction to No Limit was a street classic as he would become the 2Pac of New Orleans with his very raw and relatable music for the streets of the N.O.

Master P – Mr. Ice Cream Man, the first true classic album of No Limit that was released in 1996 and has been nationally known for the songs of “Mr. Ice Cream Man”, “Break Em Off Somethin” featuring UGK, “Bout It Bout It”, and others.

C-Murder – Life or Death, was an introduction to Master P’s little brother with over 20 songs of classic No Limit material with Beats By The Pound production at its best and some of No Limit’s best feature songs.

Tru – Tru 2 Da Game, maybe No Limit’s first true classic album, after Ice Cream Man, had a number of hit songs, just on the first disc as the album was double disc, like “I Always Feel Like”, “Swamp Nigga”, “No Limit Soldiers”, “Fedz”, and more.

Silkk The Shocker – Made Man, a classic album that featured Mya, Jay-Z, and the No Limit soldiers with an advance in production compared to other No Limit albums while becoming one of the company’s best selling CDs.

Soulja Slim – The Streets Made Me, this album seemed more as a Soulja Slim album than a No Limit with numerous street hits as this album certify Soulja Slim as one of the best to ever do it with songs like “Soulja 4 Life”, “Bossman”, “My Jacket”, “Talk Now” and more.

C-Murder – Bossalinie, a well put together album from the Intro and Outro to the skits to the top notch features of Goodie Mob, Daz and Kurupt, and the rest of the No Limit roster to the song production and song concept, some might disagree but this was one of the best No Limit albums.

Mystikal – Ghetto Fabolous, was more than just an average No Limit album, similar to Unpredictable, but with outside features and the classic song of “I Smell Smoke” has to put this down as one of Mystikal’s greatest albums.

Snoop Dogg – Da Game Is To Be Sold, the first of Snoop Dogg’s stint with No Limit was not a disappointment with a mixture of Southern and West Coast flavor with songs like “Slow Down”, “Still A G Thang”, “20 Dollars To My Name”, and “Woof”.

C-Murder – Trapped In Crime, released during a time when No Limit was not as popular, but C-Murder with the hit “Down for my Ns” helped kept No Limit relevant with a classic album that was made to easily listen to from the second song after the intro, “Forever Tru” to the last song “Street Thugs”.

Mac – World War III, released during a time No Limit was losing their momentum but still had a number of classic songs like “Genocide”, “Still Callin Me”, “Cops and Robbers”, “Can You Love Me”, “Bloody” and “Battle Cry”.

Magic – Skys The Limit, from songs like “Did What I Had 2” to “When Drama Came” proved the Magic was one of the best No Limit rappers to ever be part of the tank.

Kane & Abel – Am I My Brother’s Keeper, a very underrated No Limit album with classic songs like “Time After Time”, “Ghetto Day”, “Stress” and others with this being Kane & Abel’s second and last No Limit album.

Ghetto Commission – Wise Guys, the most underrated rap group of all time released this classic album of street melodies and very vivid song concepts that could easily paint a picture of the streets.

Mia X – Mama Drama, arguably the greatest southern female hip hop as she proved how great she was with the classic album and one of No Limit’s best selling albums of all-time.

Tru – Da Crime Family, a follow up to Tru 2 Da Game, this double disc album had a number of good records to go along with the singles of “Tru Homies” and “Hoody Hoo”.

Master P – Only God Could Judge Me, while the actual songs on the album could definitely make the case for a higher ranking, but the album did not have as big of an impact as previously No Limit works, despite it one of Master P’s best albums to some people.

Gambino Family – Ghetto Organized, another underrated No Limit with some of the Tank’s best street songs like “Childhood Years”, “So Much Drama”, “Memories” and “Ghetto Wayz”.

Skull Duggery – These Wicked Streets, songs like “Testimony” and “Im Not A Victim” helps bring the title of the album to light.

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