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Peru Urbana Music: Top 15 Best Peruvian Reggaeton and Trap Artists List

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Peruvian Urbana Music

List of the Top Peruvian Reggaeton and Peruvian Trap Artists

A small market compared to other music scenes of Latin America; Peru popular music is a mixture of various forms of modern-day Peruvian pop music that includes salsa and cumbia, and your typical Latin pop music, but with this list we will breakdown urban music in Peru (Peru musica urbana), preferably Peruvian reggaeton and Peruvian trap music, along with artists that have implemented the sound into their collection of music.

Peru has always had a long history of music and one of Latin America’s most unique cultures. Historically, Peru has consisted of various sounds, dances, and unique instruments that have been solely distinct to the country of Peru.

One thing that makes music in Peru special that each region of the country has its own distinctive sound or likening towards a specific genre of music. From the urban cities along the western portion of Peru that include places like Lima, to the indigenous communities of the Andes and the Amazon, alongside a sizeable population of Afro-Peruvians, all have their own specific forms and styles of music.

Throughout the timeline of Peru’s popular music, legendary and pioneering artists that have popularized Peruvian music have been artists like Yma Sumac, Eva Ayllón, Lucha Reyes, Susana Baca, Chabuca Granda, Anna Carina, Gian Marco, Pamela Rodríguez, and numerous more of various eras and generations.

Fast forwarding into present day Peru, most of the country’s top artists are pop, cumbia and salsa singers, artists like Anna Carina, Deyvis Orosco, Maricarmen Marin, Daniela Darcourt, Yahaira Plasencia, Alvaro Rod, Amy Gutiérrez, and several others.

While Peru reggaeton and Peruvian trap music may not have the notoriety as other genres within Peru, or as reggaeton and trap scenes in other Latin American countries, but there is still a nice size roster of talented Peruvian reggaeton artists that have gained stardom, fame, and respect for their artistry throughout Latin America.

The below roster consists of some of Latin America’s most underrated and most talented with top Peruvian pop singers, artists like Leslie Shaw, Micheille Soifer and Mayra Goñi, top Peruvian rappers, like Faraón Love Shady, Fer Angell, Zafiro, and Phantom Joyce, some of the country’s top salsa artists, like Nesty, and finally true Peruvian trap music artists and Peruvian reggaeton artists.

Top 15 Peru Urban Music Artists

1. Leslie Shaw (Pop Artist)
Follow on Instagram: @Leslie Shaw and watch on Youtube: Leslie Shaw

2. Faraón Love Shady (Rap Artist)
Follow on Instagram: @Faraón Love Shady and watch on Youtube: Faraón Love Shady

3. Malucci
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4. Emil
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5. Mayra Goñi (Pop Artist)
Follow on Instagram: @Mayra Goni and watch on Youtube: Mayra Goñi

6. Austin Palao
Follow on Instagram: @Austin Palao and watch on Youtube: Austin Palao

7. Nesty (Salsa/Pop Artist)
Follow on Instagram: @Nesty and watch on Youtube: Nesty

8. Fer Angell (Rap Artist)  
Follow on Instagram: @Fer Angell and watch on Youtube: Fer Angell

9. micheille soifer (Pop Artist)
Follow on Instagram: @micheille soifer and watch on Youtube: micheille soifer

10. Salah 
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11. Mario Hart
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12. Nicole Favre
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13. Zafiro Rap (Rap Artist)
Follow on Instagram: @Zafiro Rap and watch on Youtube: Zafiro Rap

14. Phantom Joyce
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