Top Ghana Artists
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Top Ghana Artists

Top 25 Ghana Music Artists

With Ghana Music and Ghana AfroBeat artists constantly growing in a continent where many know the least about, other than the typical stereotypes and assumptions, many do not know how well developed the continent of Africa is, and a true example is through the local entertainment industry.   Whether it is television and movies or music, the continent of Africa has many stars and beautiful celebrities that have become nationally and internationally known for their work.

A country with almost 30 million people, it is easy to see the growing value in the local entertainment and music scene.  While many of the  Ghana artists come from Accra, while others have claim other parts of the great African country of Ghana. With much to offer in places like Accra and other communities, the music scene truly shows what the country of Ghana has to offer.

In Africa, there are two main genres that can be categorized as Rap or Hip Hop and R&B, as well a form of Dancehall and Reggae, but in many references these categories are consider as AfroBeats, which is more of an Hip Hop and Reggae combination, and AfroPop, which is consider as a R&B and Pop music and Dancehall combination.

Surprisingly, or not, the music scene in Africa is very well developed with great artistry, performance, and videography. While further research must be sought to see some of the pioneers of  Ghana’s, and the entire continent of Africa, music scene, but in present day Africa, whether it is Afropop or R&B, Ghana Afrobeats artists or  dancehall or rap, there is rising scene that will soon be brought into the light of the world’s music industry.

Below is a list of the top Ghana Afropop stars, Ghana Afrobeats stars, Ghana rappers and R&B artists if any artist are missing email [email protected]

Top 25 Ghana Music Artists

1. Sarkodie
Youtube: OfficialSarkodie
Instagram: @Sarkodie
Facebook: Sarkodie 
Twitter: @Sarkodie

16. Kwaw Kese
Youtube: Kwaw Kese 
Instagram: @Kwaw Kese
Facebook: Kwaw Kese
Twitter: @Kwaw Kese 

2. Shatta Wale
Youtube: Shatta Wale
Instagram: @shattawalenima
Facebook: Shatta Wale 
Twitter: @shattawalegh

17. Pappy Kojo
Youtube: Pappy Kojo
Instagram: @Pappy Kojo
Facebook: Pappy Kojo
Twitter: @Pappy Kojo

3. Stonebwoy
Youtube: Stonebwoy
Instagram: @Stonebwoy
Facebook: Stonebwoy
Twitter: @Stonebwoy

18. Kwesi Arthur
Youtube: Kwesi Arthur
Instagram: @Kwesi Arthur
Twitter: @Kwesi Arthur

4. MzVee
Youtube: MzVee
Instagram: @MzVeegh
Facebook: MzVee
Twitter: @MzVeegh

19. Efya
Youtube: Efya
Instagram: @efya_nokturnal
Facebook: Efya
Twitter: @efya_nokturnal

5. Wendy Shay
Youtube: Wendy Shay
Instagram: @Wendy Shay
Facebook: Wendy Shay

20. Samini 
Youtube: Samini 
Instagram: @samini_dagaati 
Facebook: Samini
Twitter: @samini_dagaati

6. Kofi Mole
Youtube: Kofi Mole 
Instagram: @Kofi Mole
Twitter: @Kofi Mole 

21. Patapaa
Youtube: Patapaa
Instagram: @Patapaa
Facebook: Patapaa

7. Darkovibes
Youtube: Darkovibes
Instagram: @Darkovibes
Facebook: Darkovibes 
Twitter: @Darkovibes

22. M.anifest
Youtube: M.anifest
Instagram: @M.anifest
Facebook: M.anifest 
Twitter: @M.anifest 

8. Kofi Kinaata
Youtube: Kofi Kinaata
Instagram: @Kofi Kinaata
Facebook: Kofi Kinaata
Twitter: @Kofi Kinaata

23. Fameye
Youtube: Fameye
Instgram: @Fameye_music
Facebook: Fameye 

9. Bisa Kdei
Youtube: Bisa Kdei 
Instagram: @Bisa Kdei
Facebook: Bisa Kdei
Twitter: @Bisa Kdei

24. Eno Barony
Youtube: Eno Barony
Instagram: @Eno Barony
Facebook: Eno Barony
Twitter: @Eno Barony

10. King Promise
Youtube: Legacy Life Entertainment
Instagram: @King Promise
Facebook: King Promise
Twitter: @King Promise

25. Joey B
Youtube: Joey B
Instagram: @1RealJoeyB
Facebook: Joey B
Twitter: @1RealJoeyB 

11. Medikal
Youtube: Medikal
Instagram: @amgmedikal
Facebook: Medikal 
Twitter: @amgmedikal 

Fancy Gadam
Youtube: Fancy Gadam
Instagram: @Fancy Gadam
Facebook: Fancy Gadam

12. Becca
Youtube: Becca
Instagram: @Becca
Facebook: Becca

Youtube: Maccasio
Instagram: @Maccasio1
Facebook: Maccasio 
Twitter: @Maccasio 

13. KiDi
Youtube: KiDi 
Instagram: @KidiMusic
Facebook: KiDi 

14. Sista Afia
Youtube: Sista Afia
Instagram: @Sista Afia
Facebook: Sista Afia
Twitter: @Sista Afia

15. Kuami Eugene
Youtube: Kuami Eugene 
Instagram: @Kuami Eugene
Facebook: Kuami Eugene 
Twitter: @Kuami Eugene

Top Ghana AfroPop and Ghana AfroBeats Youtube Channels:

2MG Music Official 
Lynx Entertainment 

If any Ghana music artist are missing email [email protected]


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