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List of the Top Rappers from Ghana

While Afrobeat and Afropop may be what the world thinks of music within Africa, there is a hidden music scene of Ghanaian rappers.  This very music scene of rappers from Ghana has become home to elite hip hop artists of Africa.

While hip hop culture in America did not take long to make its way into the U.K. and Europe, hip hop in Europe did the exact same by making its way into Africa, helping countries like Ghana establish a hip hop market and a local rap scene.

With the introduction of hip hop in Ghana came about a form of music, or a subgenre of hip hop, called Hiplife. Hiplife was Ghana’s local twist on rap and hip hop music that began during the mid and late 1990s. Featuring a handful of Ghanaian rappers, the movement was led by Reggie Rockstone and Zapp Mallet, while including artists like KK Fosu, Obrafour, Lord Kenya, Okyeame Kwame, and several others.

Ghana currently boasts one of Africa’s most extensive lineups of rappers. Ghanaian rappers have made a name for themselves not only in their home country but also throughout the global hip-hop community. D-Black, a leading Ghana rapper, and a few other entrepreneurs have played an instrumental role in this achievement. They have shifted their attention from music to business, resulting in the emergence of independent record labels, studios, and production companies.

Ghana has become home to one of Africa’s largest and most notable hip-hop scenes, thanks to the country’s talented rappers. The likes of Sarkodie, Medikal, Kwesi Arthur, and Fameye have led the charge, with numerous other artists bringing the Hiplife and Ghana hip-hop movement to audiences across the world, including as far as the UK and the US.

Ghanaian hip hop has a diverse range of sounds, with some tracks emulating American beats and production, while others incorporate traditional African sounds of Afro music. Overall, the country’s rap scene is considered to be the best in Africa, as evidenced by the impressive lineup of Ghanaian rappers.

Top 15 Ghanaian Rappers

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1. Sarkodie
Watch on Youtube: Sarkodie and follow on Instagram: @Sarkodie

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2. Medikal
Watch more on Youtube: Medikal and follow on Instagram: @Medikal

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3. Kwesi Arthur
Watch on Youtube: Kwesi Arthur and follow on Instagram: @Kwesi Arthur

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4. Fameye
Watch on Youtube: Fameye and follow on Instgram: @Fameye

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5. Yaw Tog
Watch more on Youtube: Yaw Tog and follow on Instagram: @Yaw Tog

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6. Joey B
Watch on Youtube: Joey B and follow on Instagram: @Joey B

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7. M.anifest
Watch on Youtube: M.anifest and follow on Instagram: @M.anifest

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8. Strongman
Watch on Youtube: Strongman and follow on Instagram: @Strongman

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9. Kofi Mole
Watch on Youtube: Kofi Mole and follow on Instagram: @Kofi Mole

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10. Eno Barony
Watch on Youtube: Eno Barony and follow on Instagram: @Eno Barony

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11. Pappy Kojo
Watch on Youtube: Pappy Kojo and follow on Instagram: @Pappy Kojo

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13. Kwaw Kese
Watch on Youtube: Kwaw Kese and follow on Instagram: @Kwaw Kese

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14. D-Black
Watch more on Youtube: D-Black  and follow on Instagram: @D-Black

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15. Amerado
Watch on Youtube: Amerado and follow on Instagram: @Amerado

Honorable Mention Ghanaian Rappers:

Jay Bahd Youtube: Jay Bahd and Instagram: @Jay Bahd

E.L Youtube: E.L  and Instagram: @E.L

Flowking Stone Youtube: Flowking Stone and Instagram: @Flowking Stone

Tulenkey Youtube: Tulenkey and Instagram: @Tulenkey

Kweku Darlington Youtube: Kweku Darlington and Instagram: @Kweku Darlington

Kawabanga Youtube: Kawabanga and Instagram: @Kawabanga

TeePhlow Youtube: TeePhlow  and Instagram: @TeePhlow

– Article Wan Youtube: Article Wan  and Instagram: @Article Wan

Maccasio Youtube: Maccasio and Instagram: @Maccasio

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