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List of the Best Cameroon Rappers

With Afrobeats and Afropop music becoming a global sensation, rising to the top of music in almost all regions of the world, Cameroon rap music has slowly begun to reach the surface through the emergence of Cameroon rappers into the world’s hip hop community.

The expansion of hip hop out of the streets of New York into various communities of Europe would eventually expand hip hop’s global presence into the central African country of Cameroon. A major player in the introduction and growth of hip hop in Cameroon was the influence from French rappers.

With a long history of ties and connection to France, the influences from the French hip hop scene eventually made its way into Cameroon. Whether it was rappers from Cameroon starting and building their careers in France and migrating back to their native country or various outlets exposing French hip hop to the locals of Cameroon.

In a country of homegrown genres like Makossa and Bikutsi, which were extremely popular throughout the 20th Century, 2000s has saw a rise various styles of music in Cameroon, one being hip hop and rap music. While the first appearances of Cameroon rappers were during the 1990s, the 2000s is the more accurate timeline of Cameroon rap music truly solidifying itself.

From the pioneers and earlier Cameroon rap stars like Pit Baccardi and  Tenor, which was followed by a rise of a new generation of Cameroon rappers, led by top artists like Stanley Enow and Mink’s, Cameroon’s hip hop presence has been growing into one of the leading genres of Cameroon.

Top 10 Cameroon Rappers

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1. Tenor Follow on Instagram: @Tenor and Watch on YouTube: Tenor

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2. Stanley Enow Follow on Instagram: @Stanley Enow and Watch on YouTube: Stanley Enow

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3. Maahlox Le Vibeur Follow on Instagram: @Maahlox Le Vibeur and Watch on YouTube: Maahlox Le Vibeur

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4. Mink’s Follow on Instagram: @Mink’s and Watch on YouTube: Mink’s

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5. Jovi LeMonstre Follow on Instagram: @Jovi LeMonstre and Watch on YouTube: Jovi LeMonstre

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6. Sifoor Follow on Instagram: @Sifoor and Watch on YouTube: Sifoor

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7. Mic Monsta Follow on Instagram: @Mic Monsta and Watch on YouTube: Mic Monsta

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8. Cleo Grae Follow on Instagram: @Cleo Grae and Watch on YouTube: Cleo Grae

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9. Ngoma Follow on Instagram: @Ngoma and Watch on YouTube: Ngoma

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10. Tim Kayzer Follow on Instagram: @Tim Kayzer and Watch on YouTube: Tim Kayzer

Honorable Mention Cameroon Rappers

Torch City Follow on Instagram and YouTube

Mihney Follow on Instagram and YouTube

Sojip Follow on Instagram and YouTube

lill humble Follow on Instagram and YouTube

Maxtor Follow on Instagram and YouTube

Krys Kofi Follow on Instagram and YouTube

Seta Beatz Follow on Instagram and YouTube

Killamel  Follow on Instagram and YouTube

Dashor Follow on Instagram and YouTube

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