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Cameroon Music

Top Cameroon AfroBeat and Cameroon Afro Pop Artists

With Cameroon music, basically Cameroon AfroBeat artists, constantly growing in a continent where many know the least about there has been a growing popularity of the local entertainment industry in Cameroon.   In a country with close to 25 million people, Cameroon has much to offer in places like Yaounde, Douala and other communities, but the music scene of Cameroon Afrobeat and Cameroon Afro Pop truly introduces the world to another side of the West African country.  In a continent where entertainment is becoming a staple, the below list of the top Cameroon Afrobeat and Afro Pop artists shows the true treasure of the Cameroon music scene.

Cameroon AfroBeat Top 25 Artists

1. Daphne watch on Youtube: Daphne  and follow on Instagram: @Daphne

2. Singuila watch on Youtube: Singuila  and follow on Instagram: @Singuila 

3. Tenor (Rapper/AfroBeat) watch on Youtube: Tenor Officiel  and follow on Instagram: @TenorOfficiel 

4. Blanche Bailly watch on Youtube: Blanche Bailly and follow on Instagram: @Blanche Bailly 

5. Locko watch on Youtube: YEMA TV and follow on Instagram: @Locko 

6. MIMIE watch on Youtube: MIMIE and follow on Instagram: @MIMIE 

7. Mr. Leo watch on Youtube: Mr. Leo and follow on Instagram: @Mr. Leo 

8. Numerica watch on Youtube: Numerica  and follow on Instagram: @Numerica 

9. Stanley Enow watch on Youtube: Stanley Enow  and follow on Instagram: @Stanley Enow 

10. Mani Bella watch on Youtube: Mani Bella and follow on Instagram: @Mani Bella 

11. Ko-c watch on Youtube: Ko-c Official  and follow on Instagram: @Ko-c Official 

12. Nabila watch on Youtube: Nabila REGN and follow on Instagram: @Nabila_ROD

13. Magasco watch on Youtube: Magasco  and follow on Instagram: @Magasco 

14. Reniss watch on Youtube: Reniss and follow on Instagram: @Reniss

15. Charlotte Dipanda watch on Youtube: Charlotte Dipanda  and follow on Instagram: @Charlotte Dipanda 

16. Shado Chris watch on Youtube: Shado Chris and follow on Instagram: @ShadoChris

17. Lady Ponce watch on Youtube: Lady Ponce and follow on Instagram: @Lady Ponce 

18. Shan’l watch on Youtube: Shan’l  and follow on Instagram: @shan_l_officiel 

19. Salatiel watch on Youtube: Salatiel and follow on Instagram: @Salatiel 

20. Tzy Panchak watch on Youtube: Tzy Panchak  and follow on Instagram: @Tzy Panchak 

21. Kameni, follow on Instagram: @Kameni and watch on Youtube: Kameni

22. Coco Argentée, follow on Facebook: Coco Argentée and watch on Youtube: Coco Argentée

23. Blaise B, follow on Facebook: Blaise B and watch on Youtube: Blaise B

24. MAAHLOX, follow on Instagram: @MAAHLOX and watch on Youtube: MAAHLOX

25. Franko, follow on Instagram: @Franko and watch on Youtube: Franko

Honorable Mention of Cameroon Afro Pop, Cameroon AfroBeat Artists:

Jovi LeMonstre, follow on Instagram: Jovi LeMonstre and watch on Youtube: Jovi LeMonstre
Vernyuy Tina, follow on Instagram: @Vernyuy Tina and watch on Youtube: Vernyuy Tina
Mic Monsta, follow on Instagram: @Mic Monsta and watch on Youtube: Mic Monsta
Wax Dey, follow on Instagram: @Wax Dey and watch on Youtube: Wax Dey
AWU, follow on Instagram: @AWU and watch on Youtube: AWU
Gasha, follow on Instagram: @Gasha and watch on Youtube: Gasha
Bryan Frico, follow on Instagram: @Bryan Frico and watch on Youtube: Bryan Frico
Big G Baba, follow on Instagram: @Big G Baba and watch on Youtube: Big G Baba
Eyango, follow on Instagram: @Eyango and watch on Youtube: Eyango
Cleo Grae, follow on Instagram: @Cleo Grae and watch on Youtube: Cleo Grae
Fhish, watch on Youtube: Fhish

  Stevens ME Youtube Channel  |  EMPIRECOMPANY Youtube Channel

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*If any artists are missing from the list or should be added to the list, email

*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.