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List of Top Cote d’Ivoire Afro Music Artists

Cote d’Ivoire’s music scene may not be the most popular in West Africa, as it faces stiff competition from Nigeria and Ghana. However, the country has produced a talented group of artists, and boasts a large roster of Ivory Coast Afrobeat musicians.

In the world of Afro music, the Ivory Coast has developed an distinct West African sound, Zouglou music that began during the 1990s in Ivory Coast and now is popular in West Africa. It featured Ivory Coast artists like Dezy Champion, Espoir 2000, Les Leaders, Fitini, Billy Billy, Khunta & Sixko, Chantal Taiba, Les Poussins Chocs, Yode Siro, Les Garagistes, Petit Sako, and several others.

While the most notable stars of Ivory Coast’s music like Mathey, Gadji Celi,  Monique Seka, who led the Zouk music movement, Douk Saga, who helped pioneered coupé décalé, and Meiway, who championed the Zoblazo genre, have brought to life the music scene of the Ivory Coast.

The arrival of Afro music into all corners of the globe has shed light onto numerous of artists. One group of artists include the upbeat, harmonic, and good vibes of Ivory Coast artists. The short list includes some of Africa’s most unmatched talent. The music scene of Ivory Coast has nurtured and promoted some of the most talented French Afro music artists in the industry. From Serge Beynaud and DJ Kerozen to Josey, Ariel Sheney, and Bebi Phillip, the country has produced some exceptional Afro music artists.

Top 12 Ivory Coast Afrobeat Artists

Ivory Coast Music Serge Beynaud

1. Serge Beynaud

Serge Beynaud is a prominent figure in the African music scene, particularly known for his contribution to the Coupé-Décalé genre. Beynaud’s musical career took a significant upswing with the release of his debut album, Seul Dieu, in 2011. As an artist, choreographer, and music producer, his talents are multi-faceted. Some of his most popular tracks include “Kabableke,” “C’est Dose,” “Mawa Naya,” “Remanbele,” and “Okeninkpin,” and he continues to be a powerhouse in West Africa.

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DJ Kerozen 

2. DJ Kerozen 

DJ Kerozen, also known as Kerozen Boulevard DJ,  has become a sensation in the Francophone music world. With a career that launched in the 2010s, he quickly rose to fame, capturing the heart of French music lovers from around the world. DJ Kerozen’s song “Le Temps,” released in 2018, became an anthem as his celebrity grew widely. His impact on the Ivorian musical landscape is significant, especially as music like “Ca Depend De Toi,” “Tu Seras Eleve,” “Mon Heure a sonné” and “La Victoire” have left an indelible mark.

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Ivory Coast Music Josey

3. Josey 

One of West Africa’s greatest talents, Josey is a remarkable singer who debuted into the music scene in the mid-2010s. Her song “Diplome” solidified her position in the industry and since then, she has been an unstoppable force. The fusion of African rhythms with contemporary sounds in her music, shown through tracks like “Espoir,” “Zambeleman,” “Mise au point,” “Vendeur d’illustion,” and “Je Te Kala Pas,” has solidified her position.

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Ivory Coast Music Ariel Sheney

4. Ariel Sheney

Bursting onto the Coupé-Décalé scene, Ariel Sheney is another luminary artist. His career, marked by a signature blend of high-energy beats, began to shine brightly with the release of hits like “Sympa” and “Amina.” Sheney’s style and his showmanship has led him to become a fan favorite among Afro music fans across Africa and beyond. In all, Ariel Sheney is fast defining the soundtrack to Ivorian culture.

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Bebi Philip

5. Bebi Philip

Bebi Philip is a multi-talented in the Ivorian music scene. Often referred to as “Bebi Philip aka Mr. BBP”, he has played a significant role in shaping the modern sound of Coupé-Décalé. His musical journey began in the early 2000s, and over the years, he has established himself as a force in African music with hits like “Balaumba” and “Liberez.” His musical production skills have also been sought after by other artists, making him one of the most notable contributors to the genre.

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6. Mix Premier

Mix Premier stands as a vibrant artist in the Ivorian and Coupé-Décalé music scene. His career took off in the late 2000s, and he soon became notable for his unique mix of rap and traditional Ivorian sounds. While Mix Premier may not have as many international awards as some of his peers, hits like “Mal à la tête,” “Oracle,” “Amor Complique,” and “Never Failed” have become party staples and show the compelling nature of his music.

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Safarel Obiang

7. Safarel Obiang

Safarel Obiang is an Ivory Coast Afrobeat sensation, best known for his contributions to the popular Coupé-Décalé genre. His musical career took off in the early 2010s, and he has since become a household name in the Ivorian music scene. Obiang has released hit songs like “Tchou Tchou,” “Woyo Woyo,” and “Ils Sont Ou,” which have inspired dance challenges and much more throughout the media and entertainment world.

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Shado Chris

8. Shado Chris

Shado Chris has exceled being an Ivorian artist among the Ivory Coast Afrobeat music scene, showcasing his versatility in Francophone music. Since stepping into the limelight, Shado Chris has made notable contributions with his blending of global and local sounds. He made a particular impact with singles like “Kitadi,” “Cabri Mort,” “Pehi Sair,” and “Menbalescouilles.”

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Ivory Coast Music Debordo Leekunfa

9. Debordo Leekunfa

Debordo Leekunfa is a charismatic figure in the Coupé-Décalé movement. His career, marked by high-energy rhythms and performances, has seen him release several popular tracks, including the hit “Aperitif Yamoukidi,” “Do Do Do,” “Robot Macador,” and “Pikimin,” which secured his reputation as a dance-floor master and has constantly kept him in the forefront of Ivorian music.

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10. Floby

Floby is a talented artist who has made significant waves in the West African music scene. His style marries modern Afropop with traditional Ivorian music, creating a sound that stands as his alone. Floby’s songs, such as “Tu Me Connais,” “Gama Gama to Go,” “La femme de mon boss,” and “Weedo,” showcases his why he has become an important cultural ambassador for French West African music.

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Ivory Coast Venom Cascadeur

12. Olivier

Venom Cascadeur, now known as Olivier, steps into the spotlight with a musical style that blends traditional Coupé-Décalé with contemporary African influences. As a singer and producer, Venom’s creative approach has led him to deliver hit songs like “N’oublie Jamais.” With his skillset, he has established himsel as an influential artist within Ivory Coast’s music industry, led by tracks like “Laisse Moi Vivre” and “L’Argent.”

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