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Ivory Coast Afrobeat: Top 12 Best Ivory Coast Artists

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Ivory Coast Afrobeat

List of Top Cote d’Ivoire Afro music artists

Cote d’Ivoire’s music scene may not be the most popular in West Africa, as it faces stiff competition from Nigeria and Ghana. However, the country has produced a talented group of artists, and boasts a large roster of Ivory Coast Afrobeat musicians.

In the world of Afro music, the Ivory Coast has developed an distinct West African sound, Zouglou music that began during the 1990s in Ivory Coast and now is popular in West Africa. It featured Ivory Coast artists like Dezy Champion, Espoir 2000, Les Leaders, Fitini, Billy Billy, Khunta & Sixko, Chantal Taiba, Les Poussins Chocs, Yode Siro, Les Garagistes, Petit Sako, and several others.

While the most notable stars of Ivory Coast’s music like Mathey, Gadji Celi,  Monique Seka, who led the Zouk music movement, Douk Saga, who helped pioneered coupé décalé, and Meiway, who championed the Zoblazo genre, have brought to life the music scene of the Ivory Coast.

The arrival of Afro music into all corners of the globe has shed light onto numerous of artists. One group of artists include the upbeat, harmonic, and good vibes of Ivory Coast artists. The short list includes some of Africa’s most unmatched talent. The music scene of Ivory Coast has nurtured and promoted some of the most talented French Afro music artists in the industry. From Serge Beynaud and DJ Kerozen to Josey, Ariel Sheney, and Bebi Phillip, the country has produced some exceptional Afro music artists.

Top 12 Ivory Coast Afrobeat Artists

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1. Serge Beynaud
Watch on Youtube: Serge Beynaud and follow on Instagram: @Serge Beynaud

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2. DJ Kerozen 
Watch on Youtube: DJ Kerozen and follow on Instagram: @DJ Kerozen 

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Watch on Youtube: JOSEY and follow on Instagram: @JOSEY

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4. Ariel Sheney
Watch on Youtube: Ariel Sheney and follow on Instagram: @Ariel Sheney

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5. Bebi Philip
Watch on Youtube: Bebi Philip and follow on Instagram: @Bebi Philip

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6. Mix Premier
WAtch on Youtube: Mix Premier and follow on Instagram: @Mix Premier 

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Watch on Youtube: SAFAREL OBIANG and follow on Instagram: @SAFAREL OBIANG

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8. Shado Chris
Watch on Youtube: Shado Chris and follow on Instagram: @Shado Chris

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9. Debordo Leekunfa
Watch on Youtube: Debordo Leekunfa and follow on Instagram: @Debordo Leekunfa 

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10. Floby
Watch on Youtube: Floby and follow on Instagram: @Floby

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11. Jojo le Barbu 
Watch on Youtube: Jojo le Barbu and follow on Instagram: @Jojo le Barbu

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12. Venom Cascadeur
Watch on Youtube: Venom Cascadeur and follow on Instagram: @Venom Cascadeur

Honorable Mention Ivory Coast AFrobeat Artists:

TNT Youtube: TNT Family and Instagram: @TNT_Officiel 

Mike Alabi Youtube: Mike Alabi and Instagram: @Mike Alabi 

Tour 2 Garde Youtube: Tour 2 Garde and Instagram: @Tour 2 Garde

Rocky Gold Youtube: Rocky Gold and Instagram: @Rocky Gold

Molaré Molare Youtube: Molaré Molare  and Instagram: @Molaré Molare

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list email media@kulturevulturez.com

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