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Top French R&B Singers

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Top French R&B Singers

List of the Best French R&B Artists

French R&B music is not as popular as the United Kingdom or the United States, but French R&B singers are just as talented.  With the language of French not widely being used as English, French R&B artists may have a harder time getting the world to listen and view their music but French R&B singers should not be underestimated as the below list will prove otherwise, but only if you can understand French or you love music so much it does not matter the language they are singing in.  A diverse sounds of traditional American R&B, dancehall, and neo soul that all represent French R&B music.

Top 20 French R&B Singers

Instagram: @Dadju 
Youtube: Dadju 
Twitter: @Dadju 
Facebook: Dadju 

Aya Nakamura
Instagram: @Aya Nakamura 
Youtube: Aya Nakamura 
Twitter: @Aya Nakamura
Facebook: Aya Nakamura 

Soprano (Pop / R&B)
Instagram: @Soprano 
Youtube: Soprano 
Twitter: @Soprano 
Facebook: Soprano 

Marwa Loud    
Instagram: @Marwa Loud 
Youtube: Marwa Loud 
Twitter: @Marwa Loud 
Facebook: Marwa Loud 

M. Pokora (pop / R&B)
Instagram: @M. Pokora 
Youtube: M. Pokora 
Twitter: @M. Pokora 
Facebook: M. Pokora 

Instagram: @Eva Queen 
Youtube: Eva Queen 

Instagram: @Souf 
Youtube: Souf 
Twitter: @Souf 
Facebook: Souf 

Instagram: @Wejdene
Youtube: Wejdene
Twitter: @Wejdene

Instagram: @Singuila 
Youtube: Singuila 
Twitter: @Singuila 
Facebook: Singuila 

Imen Es 
Instagram: @Imen Es 
Youtube: Imen Es 
Facebook: Imen Es 

Instagram: @Tayc
Youtube: Tayc
Twitter: @Tayc

Lynda Sherazade
Instagram: @Lynda Sherazade 
Youtube: Lynda Sherazade 
Twitter: @Lynda Sherazade 

Instagram: @Shy’m 
Youtube: Shy’m 
Twitter: @Shy’m 
Facebook: Shy’m 

Instagram: @Isleym
Youtube: Isleym
Twitter: @Isleym
Facebook: Isleym

Instagram: @Yseult
Youtube: Yseult
Twitter: @Yseult

Instagram: Nesly
Youtube: Nesly
Facebook: Nesly
Twitter: Nesly

Instagram: @Lylah
Youtube: Lylah
Twitter: @Lylah
Facebook: Lylah

Charly Bell
Instagram: @Charly Bell 
Youtube: Charly Bell
Twitter: @Charly Bell
Facebook: Charly Bell

Fanny J 
Instagram: @FannyJ
Youtube: Fanny J
Facebook: Fanny J

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*If any artists are missing from the list or should be added email media@kulturevulturez.com

*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.