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List of the Top Indonesian R&B Artists and Singers

One of Southeast Asia’s leaders in music has developed a music scene of talented Indonesian R&B singers and Indonesian pop artists. With a country as large and has as many communities as Indonesia, since Indonesia is consisted with hundreds of islands, but the bulk of the population is located on 5-6 main islands, the likening towards a specific style of music often varies.

There are your folk and native genres like Krongcong and Dangdut, which starred artists like Dewi Persik and Inul Daratista and pioneered by singers like Rhoma Irama. There is a strong popularity of jazz, rock music, and of course rap and hip-hop music.  Another faction of the local music scene are pop groups, which have featured likes of Super Girlies, 7icons, CJR, and Cherrybelle. Among Indonesian R&B artists, rhythm and blues bands, like Hivi!, Ten2Five, Ecoutez, RAN, and GAC – Gamaliél Audrey Cantik, are also major contributors to Indonesian music.

Through past generations and eras, Indonesian pop stars have included the likes of Krisdayanti, Reza (Artamevia), Anggun, Melly Goeslaw, Vina Panduwinata, Titi DJ, Nazril Irham, Audy Item or the late Nike Ardilla. As we enter this era, Indonesian R&B singers and pop artists have taken their talents to new levels that are well beyond anyone’s imagination.

Top 25 Indonesian R&B Singers

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1. Raisa

Since Raisa’s debut in 2011 with the smooth laid-back track of “Serba Salah,” her talents have led to the discovery of much success. A slew of hits since her arrival, Raisa has won dozens of awards, gained millions of fans, and obtained close to a billion views and streams through all of the major platforms.

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2. Bunga Citra Lestari

While sharing time between acting and singing, Bunga Citra Lestari has been behind some of Indonesia’s biggest hits with numerous songs reaching to the top of the charts. With a catalog of hits that date back to the mid-2000s, BCL has stayed consistent over the course years, with only a brief period of inactivity during the start of the 2010s.

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A legend who began as a child star that has now arguably became one of Southeast Asia’s biggest international stars, AGNEZ MO has truly transformed rhythm and blues in Indonesia as she will always be viewed as one of the top Indonesian R&B singers, especially after linking with artists like Chris Brown, T.I., French Montana, and other top international producers and artists.

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4. Rossa

Rossa is another legendary Indonesian pop artist with decades of work in the music industry. A seasoned artist with achievements that have surpassed most artists, leaving Rossa to be Indonesia’s most all-time accomplished artist. The ability to stay relevant over multiple generations and have strong presence in today’s era just showcases why she will go down as one of the all-time greats.

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5. maudy ayunda

A woman on a mission with major accomplishments beyond music that include pursuing education at some of the world’s top universities and being one of the most notable activists in Indonesia, Maudy Ayunda balances a life of determination with a very successful career in music.

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6. Pamungkas

Known for one of Indonesia’s biggest hits to date, “To The Bone,” Pamungkas is easily one of the best singers coming out of Southeast Asia. With music that has no limitations and a reach that can span worldwide, while crossing over into multiple demographics, Pamungkas has become a rarity for Indoneisa’s music scene.

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7. Tiara Andini

After making her rounds through various singing competitions, like The Voice and Idol, Tiara Andini quickly rose to prominence and emerged as one of Indonesia’s top rising stars. While officially debuting in 2020, Tiara Andini has produced hits like “Maafkan Aku,” “Bahaya,” and others, all while winning numerous awards.

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8. Marion Jola 

Since Marion Jola has arrived professionally as a music artist during 2018, her unique style has easily separated herself from the crowded music industry of Indonesia, becoming one of the top chart-topping and award-winning Indonesian pop artists.

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9. Afgan

Afgansyah Reza, or Afgan for short, has long proven himself as one of the top male artists in Indonesia with over 100 award nominations for his work ethic of 6 classic albums in over ten years and top songs like “Ku Dengannya Kau Dengan Dia” and “Jodoh Pasti Bertemu.”

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10. Mahalini

With hits like “Sisa Rasa,” “Melawan Restu,” and “Aku Yang Salah,” Mahalini has long proven that she is more than just singer and a contestant on Idol (Indonesian Idol), but she is an artist with creative skills and a gift that has led to the creation of Indonesia’s most loved songs.

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11. Tulus

A combination of rhythm and blues, pop music, and blues and jazz, Tulus is one of Indonesia’s favorites. Being one of the leading artists who implement the blues and jazz sound into their repertoire, Tulus has an extensive list of accomplishments, from over 100 award nominations, numerous songs and projects reaching the top of the charts, and gaining a large nationwide fanbase.

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11. Lyodra

Another contestant on Indonesia’s top singing competitions, Lyodra has since moved on from being a participant in singing contests and has begun a path into a successful career in music. Known for her recent hits, “Pesan Terakhir” and “Mengapa Kita,”  while Lyodra is getting her career started, recent success should have listeners expecting much more from her in the future.

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12. Stephanie Poetri

With only a small sample size of music, Stephanie Poetri is a true star making. After debuting in 2019 with her song “Appreciate,” she has continued that success with songs like “Do You Love Me,” “I Love You 3000,” “Selfish,” and her latest “Picture Myself.” Being the daughter of Indonesian pop music legend Titi DJ, Stephanie Poetri has the genes and the makeup of a star, and with her recent works we could expect her to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

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13. Ziva Magnolya

The young former Indonesian Idol contestant has since transformed to one of Indonesia’s top rising stars.  Known for the hit single “Tak Sanggup Melupa,” there is still much more to come from Ziva Magnolya as the young artist is just getting off the ground in the beginning stages of her career.

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14. Ardhito Pramono

As mentioned in the introduction, jazz is one of the top genres of music in Indonesia, and Ardhito Pramono is one of the leaders by implementing the sound of smooth jazz with a mixture of rhythm and blues into his collection.

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A soulful singer with music that knows no boundaries. Not necessarily R&B and not necessarily what someone would consider as pop music, but ANDMESH stands in a lane of his own with one of the best voices in Southeast Asia. A similar background to many artists, people first met ANDMESH through top Indonesian singing competitions. Now he has created some of the most popular songs in Indonesia.

Follow on Instagram: @ANDMESH and watch on Youtube: ANDMESH

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16. Mahen

The man behind the hit “Pura Pura Lupa,” as well songs like “Luka Yang Kuridu” and “Seamin Tak Seiman,” all on the classic album Sebuah Cerita, Mahen has already found success being one of the newest artists to Indonesia’s music scene. One of the top rising Indonesian R&B artists and pop singers, Mahen is on the right path with a trajectory towards greatness.

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17. Yura Yunita 

A mixture of a collection of ballads and the lovely sounds of jazz and blues, Yura Yunita is a special talent.  Making her professional debut in 2014, Yura Yunita’s soulful and folktale approach to music has led to large following of long-standing fans as her instant success since Yura’s debut has continued throughout the course of her career.

Follow on Instagram: @Yura Yunita and watch on Youtube: Yura Yunita

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18. Devano

Son of legendary dangdut singer Iis Dahlia, Devano was born to perform, and has since fulfilled his earthly obligations by becoming one of the most creative Indonesian pop and R&B artists. While not the largest body of work, but more is expected from one of Indonesia’s fastest rising up and coming artists.

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19. JAZ 

An artist that has it all,  from a personality to one of the best voices, everything to be a star, Jaz is one of the best Indonesian R&B singers that can easily capture any rhythm and blues fan. Known for hit songs like “Kasmaran,” “Teman Bahagia,” and “Bagaimana Bisa,” Jaz is just getting started.

Follow on Instagram: @JAZ and watch on Youtube: JAZ

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20. Ghea Indrawari

While making her first public appearances on Indonesian singing competitions, the Youtuber slash pop singer displays one of Indonesia’s most beautiful voices, while being one of the most versatile artists with a collection of pop and even rhythm and blues songs.

Follow on Instagram: @Ghea Indrawari and watch on Youtube: Ghea Indrawari    

Honorable Indonesian R&B Artists & Pop Singers

Sheryl Sheinafia Instagram: @Sheryl Sheinafia  |  Youtube: Sheryl Sheinafia

dipha barus Instagram: @dipha barus  |  Youtube: dipha barus

Arsy Widianto Instagram: @Arsy Widianto  |  Youtube: Arsy Widianto

Kunto Aji Instagram: @Kunto Aji  |  Youtube: Kunto Aji

Rahmania Astrini Instagram: @Rahmania Astrini  |  Youtube: Rahmania Astrini

Rendy Pandugo Instagram: @Rendy Pandugo  |  Youtube: Rendy Pandugo

Ahmad Abdul (ABDA) Instagram: @Ahmad Abdul  |  Youtube: Ahmad Abdul

Maizura Instagram: @Maizura  |  Youtube: Maizura

Teddy Adhitya Instagram: @Teddy Adhitya  |  Youtube: Teddy Adhitya

Rinni Wulandari Instagram: @Rinni Wulandari  |  Youtube: Rinni Wulandari

Gloria Jessica Instagram: @Gloria Jessica  |  Youtube: Gloria Jessica

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