Top Cote d’Ivoire Artists

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Ivory Coast Musicians

List of the Top Cote d Ivoire music artists

Not nearly West Africa’s most popular music scene, as there is much competition with Nigeria and Ghana, but Cote d Ivoire music artists have established themselves into creating a talented group of artists with a large roster of Ivory Coast musicians.

The Ivory Coast, or the official French version Cote d’Ivoire, is a unique country that has been historically famous for being the world leading producer of cocoa, home to one of Africa’s most promising cities of Abidjan, and the country’s beauty that often attracts tourists from across the globe.

With a large percentage of a fast expanding population being young and mainly based in the country’s urban areas, along with the popularity of the country’s popular music scene forever growing, it is not hard for Ivory Coast musicians to flourish and build their own platforms amongst a fan favorite crowd of Cote d Ivoire music artists.

As the world is finally getting to see another version of Africa with the African genre of Afrobeat or Afropop expanding across the globe, the Ivory Coast has much to contribute to the growing trend, from Josey to Kaaris to Ariel Sheney to over a dozen other top Ivory Coast musicians and singers.

Top 20 Ivory Coast Musicians

1. Kaaris
Watch more on Youtube: Kaaris and follow on Instagram: @Kaaris

2. Ariel Sheney
Watch more on Youtube: Ariel Sheney and follow on Instagram: @Ariel Sheney

3. Bebi Philip
Watch more on Youtube: Bebi Philip and follow on Instagram: @Bebi Philip

4. DJ Kerozen 
Watch more on Youtube: DJ Kerozen and follow on Instagram: @DJ Kerozen 

Watch more on Youtube: JOSEY and follow on Instagram: @JOSEY 

6. Serge Beynaud
Watch more on Youtube: Serge Beynaud and follow on Instagram: @Serge Beynaud 

7. Suspect 95 
Watch more on Youtube: Suspect 95 and follow on Instagram: @Suspect 95 

8. Mix Premier
WAtch more on Youtube: Mix Premier and follow on Instagram: @Mix Premier 

Watch more on Youtube: SAFAREL OBIANG and follow on Instagram: @SAFAREL OBIANG 

10. Shado Chris
Watch more on Youtube: Shado Chris and follow on Instagram: @Shado Chris 

11. TNT
Watch more on Youtube: TNT Family and follow on Instagram: @TNT_Officiel 

12. Mike Alabi
Watch more on Youtube: Mike Alabi and follow on Instagram: @Mike Alabi 

13. Claire Bahi
Watch more on Youtube: Claire Bahi and follow on Instagram: @Claire Bahi

14. Debordo Leekunfa
Watch more on Youtube: Debordo Leekunfa and follow on Instagram: @Debordo Leekunfa 

15. Venom Cascadeur
Watch more on Youtube: Venom Cascadeur and follow on Instagram: @Venom Cascadeur 

16. Tour 2 Garde
Watch more on Youtube: Tour 2 Garde and follow on Instagram: @Tour 2 Garde

17. Floby
Watch more on Youtube: Floby and follow on Instagram: @Floby

18. Rocky Gold 
Watch more on Youtube: Rocky Gold and follow on Instagram: @Rocky Gold

19. Molaré Molare
Watch more on Youtube: Molaré Molare  and follow on Instagram: @Molaré Molare  

20. Jojo le Barbu 
Watch more on Youtube: Jojo le Barbu and follow on Instagram: @Jojo le Barbu 

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