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List of Top 15 Nigerian Fashion Brands

Nigerian fashion has become famously known for its alluring and stunning Ankara designs, Kente cloths, and traditional African prints. Today’s Nigerian fashion trends range from men sporting Dashikis to women wearing stylish maxi dresses. Numerous Nigerian fashion brands have set the bar for Nigeria’s fashion culture, which often includes dynamic and eye-catching attire of vibrant and bold colors implemented into unique designs and distinctive patterns.

Over time, Nigerian fashion has gained traction internationally, especially due to the influence of celebrated Nigerian fashion designers like Deola Sagoe, Lanre Da Silva Ajayi, Tokyo James, Moses Ebite, Lisa Folawiyo, Derin Fabikun, Maki Oh, Wanger Ayu, and Ituen Basi. These designers, along with top Nigerian trendsetters and the country’s trendiest influencers and pop stars, have showcased their styles through a reflection that represents the most popular styles and cultures of Nigeria.

As Nollywood and some of the world’s brightest stars in music are located in Nigeria, the West African nation has reached the world’s spotlight. Now, with Nigeria’s entertainment industry leading the way, the country’s fashion industry is following closely with over a dozen Nigerian fashion brands sparking style throughout the country.

Top Nigerian Fashion Brands

Nigerian fashion brands Andrea Iyamah

Andrea Iyamah

Owned by Nigerian fashion designer Dumebi Iyamah, Andrea Iyamah is a brand celebrated for its avant-garde approach to swimwear, ready-to-wear, and custom fashion. Launched in 2011, the brand draws heavy inspiration from various African cultures, art, and the personal style of its founder, blending them into bold and eclectic designs. Andrea Iyamah has successfully carved a niche in the fashion industry with its innovative and distinctively vibrant of styles.

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Founded by Nigerian fashion designer Mai Atafo, Atafo has established itself as a prestigious brand in both the Nigerian and international fashion spheres. Launched in 2007, the brand, initially known as Mai Atafo Inspired, gained prominence for its tailored suits and glamorous evening wear. Over the years, Atafo has dressed numerous celebrities and has become a staple on red carpets across Africa.

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Deola Sagoe fashion brands from Nigeria

Deola Sagoe

Deola Sagoe is a luminary in the African fashion industry, inheriting her flair for fashion from her mother who was also a designer. Sagoe launched her brand in the late 1980s, after returning to Nigeria from her studies in finance and management in the UK and USA. Recognized for her innovative use of African fabrics and handcrafted detailing, Sagoe has a distinctive approach that modernizes traditional African aesthetics. Her work has gained international acclaim, showcased in fashion capitals such as New York, London, and Paris.

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Ejiro Amos Tafiri

Ejiro Amos Tafiri is a distinguished Nigerian fashion designer who has made significant strides in promoting African fashion both locally and internationally. She honed her skills with roles at various fashion houses before launching her own brand in the 2010s. Ejiro Amos Tafiri is renowned for her mastery of drapery, a technique that she skillfully incorporates into her designs to create fluid, feminine pieces that are both elegant and timeless. Her brand is deeply rooted in African culture and traditions, and she often draws inspiration from her Nigerian heritage.

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Iamisigo is a distinctive fashion brand that stands out for its bold and innovative approach to African fashion. Founded by Nigerian-Ghanaian designer Bubu Ogisi in 2009, Iamisigo is deeply invested in exploring the intersection of traditional African techniques and contemporary design. The brand is notorious for its utilizing of unconventional materials and methods to craft its collections. Through its designs, Iamisigo challenges preconceived notions of African fashion and pushes for a reimagined portrayal of the continent’s richness.

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Nigerian fashion brands Ituen Basi  

Ituen Basi

Ituen Basi, another influential figure in African fashion, has made significant contributions through her self-named brand. She is celebrated for her innovative use of Ankara, a traditional West African fabric, which she transforms into wearable art. Basi’s designs stand out for their patterns, vibrant colors, and intricate beadwork, reflecting a joyful celebration of African culture and heritage, Ituen Basi plays a crucial role in promoting African fashion on the global stage.

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fashion brands from Nigeria Lisa Folawiyo

Lisa Folawiyo

Lisa Folawiyo is one of the top Nigerian fashion brands, gaining international recognition for its innovative approach to traditional African prints. Founded in 2005 by its namesake, Lisa Folawiyo, the brand specializes in custom prints and the luxurious embellishment of fabrics, transforming them into wearable art. Folawiyo utilizes Ankara, a traditional West African fabric, infusing it with modern tailoring techniques to create unique and captivating pieces.

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Founded by Kanyinsola Onalaja, Onalaja is a premiere Nigerian fashion brand that beautifully marries the world’s best craftsmanship with African traditions. Since its inception, Onalaja has become known for its designs and fusion of textures. The brand’s collections often reflect a narrative that draws inspiration from art, culture, and the personal experiences of its founder.

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Nigerian fashion brands Orange Culture

Orange Culture

Orange Culture is a fresh and innovative brand that was created by designer Adebayo Oke-Lawal in 2011. The brand challenges traditional gender norms and stereotypes within fashion, offering a bold and unique blend of African cultures with contemporary streetwear. Orange Culture is more than just a clothing line; it represents a movement towards inclusivity, diversity, and the breaking down of barriers in fashion.

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Tiffany Amber

Tiffany Amber is one of the top revered Nigerian fashion brands in Africa, founded in 1998 by Nigerian designer Folake Akindele-Coker. The brand stands as a pioneer in globalizing African fashion, beautifully merging the traditional with the contemporary. Folake masterfully translates rich African styles into modern, elegant designs that have caught the eye of the African fashion community. Tiffany Amber has often been celebrated and secured its place in history as the first African fashion label to showcase twice at the prestigious New York Fashion Week.

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Wanni Fuga

Wanni Fuga is a Nigerian fashion brand founded by Toluwani Wabara in 2014. Wanni Fuga takes pride in creating stylish, ready-to-wear pieces for the modern woman that blend traditional African elements with global fashion trends. The brand has quickly become a favorite among fashion lovers and individuals looking for attire that can make a statement. Wanni Fuga’s approach to fashion is centered around the empowerment of women through clothing that brings confidence and elegance.

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Zephans & Co

Zephans & Co is recognized as an accessible yet stylish brand that captures the essence of modern African fashion. Founded by Nigerian designer Zephans Ogbolu, the company has flourished by offering ready-to-wear pieces that appeal to women seeking a blend of contemporary style with African-inspired elements. The brand prides itself on creating versatile, fashionable apparel that can transition seamlessly from day to night.

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Fashion Nigeria Zere Fashion

Zere Fashion

Zere Fashion House emerges as a beacon of innovation and luxury within the Nigerian fashion industry. Founded by Zere Umoh, the brand is celebrated for transcending traditional fashion norms to offer a mix of bold designs with a touch of traditional elegance. Zere Fashion House is distinguished by its craftsmanship and exquisite fabric selection, which together create a line of apparel that appeals to the discerning fashion enthusiast.

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Ziva Lagos

Ziva Lagos is an emerging fashion brand that has quickly gained recognition in the vibrant Nigerian fashion scene since its inception in 2016. Founded by Tania Omotayo, Ziva Lagos focuses on providing ready-to-wear pieces that cater to the African woman with a perfect mixture of international trends with local fashion traditions. The brand has not only captured the attention of the local market but also begun to garner attention abroad, showcasing the global appeal of African fashion.

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Honorable Mention Nigerian Fashion Brands

– Sisiano
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– Derin Fabikun
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– DT Clothing Factory
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– Cotton Loops
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– Tzar
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– Akpos Okudu
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– Aries Couture
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– Private Label
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