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The Top Clothing Lines from South Africa

South Africa’s fashion industry has a long and diverse history that reflects the country’s cultural heritage. South African fashion brands and trends have evolved over the years, with various styles and influences blending together. The fashion industry of South Africa is a reflection of the country’s diversity, with numerous local and international fashion brands catering to a diverse range of consumers.

In the 1950s and 1960s, South African fashion trends were heavily influenced by Western styles. This was due to the country’s colonial past and outside influences. However, with the rise of the anti-apartheid movement in the 1970s and 1980s, the fashion industry started to embrace native African styles.

This led to the emergence of a new wave of South African fashion designers who drew inspiration from their cultural heritage. Among the most prominent designers from South Africa are David Tlale, Gert-Johan Coetzee, Clive Rundle, Marianne Fassler, Laduma Ngxokolo, Gavin Rajah, Abigail Betz, and several others. These designers have played a crucial role in elevating South African fashion to the world stage, and their distinctive fashion styles and designs have earned them widespread recognition.


Top 7 South African Fashion Brands

South African Fashion Brands  TrustWorths


TrustWorths is a brand with a rich history that dates back over a century, having been established in 1895. Initially founded to provide quality men’s clothing, TrustWorths has grown and diversified over the years. Its enduring legacy brings the people stylish and affordable clothing options. TrustWorths has become synonymous with South African fashion, maintaining a strong presence in the retail sector with numerous stores across the country.

Shop at Website: Trustworths and Instagram: @TrutstWorths


Maxhosa has gradually become a globally recognized fashion brand, celebrated for its distinctive clothing that beautifully integrates traditional Xhosa beadwork patterns with modern design. Founded by Laduma Ngxokolo in 2010 as part of his thesis project for his studies, Maxhosa has rapidly grown to become an iconic label, epitomizing African luxury and sophistication. Ngxokolo’s inspiration came from his desire to create innovative knitwear that would appeal to Xhosa initiates, embodying cultural pride while pushing the boundaries of traditional dress.

Shop at Website: Maxhosa and Instagram: @Maxhosa

Thebe Magugu

Thebe Magugu was founded in 2016, and the brand swiftly rose to the top of the fashion industry for its innovative designs that are deeply rooted South African cultural references. In 2019, Thebe Magugu gained international acclaim by winning the prestigious LVMH Prize, becoming the first African designer to do so. This accolade catapulted the brand into the global fashion spotlight, underscoring Magugu’s talent for fashion designs that resonates both locally and internationally.

Shop at Website: Thebe Magugu and Instagram: @Thebe Magugu


LEGIT is a fashion-forward South African brand that caters predominantly to the young, trendy woman. Known for its affordable, on-trend clothing and accessories, LEGIT has become a go-to destination for fashion-savvy shoppers looking to keep their wardrobes updated without breaking the bank. Since its inception, LEGIT has focused on empowering women through fashion, offering a wide range of styles that celebrate femininity in all its forms.

Shop at Website: LEGIT and Instagram: @LEGIT

South African Fashion Brands Sissy Boy

Sissy Boy

Established as a South African fashion brand in the early 1980s, Sissy Boy has become synonymous with denim, offering a diverse array of jeans that emphasize fit, quality, and style. However, the brand’s offerings extend well beyond denim, including everything from footwear to eyewear, all designed to empower women and celebrate their confidence and individuality. Sissy Boy epitomizes the spirit of the modern woman, combining sex appeal with a keen fashion sense to create pieces that are both trendy and timeless.

Shop at Website: Sissy Boy and Instagram: @Sissy Boy

Rich Mnisi

Rich Mnisi has quickly risen to prominence since its establishment in 2014. Founded by the designer of the same name, Rich Mnisi, the brand is known for its bold, innovative designs that explore themes of identity, culture, and diversity, integrating African heritage with global trends. The brand’s collections have been showcased on international platforms, celebrating African narratives while pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion.

Shop at Website: Rich Mnisi and Instagram: @Rich Mnisi


Foschini is a well-established South African fashion retailer catering to women who value style, quality, and affordability. With a history dating back decades, it has evolved into a multi-brand store, offering a wide range of products including clothing, accessories, and beauty products. Foschini is known for its diverse assortment of merchandise that spans various in-house and external brands, ensuring there is something for every shopper.

Shop at Facebook: Foschini and Instagram: @Foschini

Honorable Mention South African Fashion Brands

Shop at Website: Redbat and Instagram: @Redbat

Tsotetsi KL
Shop at Facebook: Tsotetsi KL and Instagram: @Tsotetsi KL

Shop at Website: SELFI and Instagram: @SELFI

Zarth Designs
Shop at Facebook: Zarth Designs and Instagram: @Zarth Designs

Stitch & Steel
Shop on Instagram: @Stitch & Steel

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