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South African Hip Hop: 2023’s Top 20 South African Rappers

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South African Rappers

List of the Top South Africa Hip Hop Artists

While the genre of Afrobeat and Afropop dominates the continent of Africa, through all the attention and spotlight that has been placed on one of the world’s fastest growing genres, South African rappers have created one of Africa’s top rap and hip-hop scenes through a growing lineup of rappers from South Africa.

Going back to the 1990s, and possibly into the late 1980s, South African hip hop artists began to emerge and start the construction of South African rap and hip hop music. Groups like Prophets of Da City are some of the first artists who began the development of rap and hip hop in South Africa during the 1990s. The growth of hip hop continued during the late 1990s and 2000s with the likes of Brasse Vannie Kaap, Hip Hop Pantsula, and Pitch Black Afro, along with several others.

Even though today’s South African rappers can be considered as some of Africa’s top rappers, it took years for the development of hip hop music in South Africa, and also in Africa.  Still in its developmental stages, South African hip hop may not be as active or have a large enough presence for relevancy as other countries that have produced international rap stars, but without a doubt South Africa is home to several of Africa’s number one rap artists.

Today’s Top South African Rappers

As constantly stated, the South African rap scene is growing, but there are two faces of hip hop music that have carried the genre for over several years, Nasty C and Cassper Nyovest. Beginning his career during the 2000s, Cassper Nyovest has gradually increased his status among the world’s hip hop community over the years. Since the early 2010s, Nasty C has been a leader in African hip hop music, but he is now becoming recognized as global success in the international community of hip-hop.

Despite Nasty C and Cassper Nyovest being viewed as the top artists of hip hop in South Africa, there are other South African rappers that have also made a major impact.

The late AKA, a veteran with numerous accolades of awards and platinum selling singles and albums that can easily be in the conversation for the top spot in South African hip hop. Kwesta, an artist who dominated South Africa’s hip hop scene during 2016 with the release of DaKAR II. The late and great Riky Rick, who came into instant success following his debut release of 2015’s Family Values. Emtee, who has been nonstop since his “Roll Up” hit. Blxckie, one of Africa’s fastest rising rap stars. The future of South African hip hop seems promising as the number of stars have expanded from its earliest days.

Top 20 South African Rappers

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1. Nasty C 
Follow on Instagram: @Nasty C and watch on Youtube: Nasty C

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2. Cassper Nyovest 
Follow on Instagram: @Cassper Nyovest and watch on Youtube: Cassper Nyovest

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3. Blxckie
Follow on Instagram: @Blxckie and watch on Youtube: Blxckie

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4. AKA 
Follow on Instagram: @AKA and watch on Youtube: AKA

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5. Costa Titch
Follow on Instagram: @Costa Titch and watch on Youtube: Costa Titch

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6. K.O
Follow on Instagram: @K.O and watch on Youtube: K.O

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7. Kwesta
Follow on Instagram: @Kwesta and watch on Youtube: Kwesta

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8. Emtee
Follow on Instagram: @Emtee and watch on Youtube: Emtee

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9. Nadia Nakai 
Follow on Instagram: @Nadia Nakai and watch on Youtube: Nadia Nakai

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10. A-Reece
Follow on Instagram: @A-Reece and watch on Youtube: A-Reece

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11. Shane Eagle
Follow on Instagram: @Shane Eagle and watch on Youtube: Shane Eagle

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12. Priddy Ugly
Follow on Instagram: @Priddy Ugly and watch on Youtube: Priddy Ugly

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13. YoungstaCPT
Follow on Instagram: @YoungstaCPT and watch on Youtube: YoungstaCPT

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14. Okmalumkoolkat
Follow on Instagram: @Okmalumkoolkat and watch on Youtube: Okmalumkoolkat

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15. Tshego 
Follow on Instagram: @Tshego and watch on Youtube: Tshego

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16. Yanga Chief
Follow on Instagram: @Yanga Chief and watch more on Youtube: Yanga Chief

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17. Lucasrap$ 
Follow on Instagram: @Lucasrap$ and watch on Youtube: Lucasrap$

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18. J Molley
Follow on Instagram: @J Molley and watch on Youtube: J Molley

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19. Gigi Lamayne
Follow on Instagram: @Gigi Lamayne and watch on Youtube: Gigi Lamayne

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20. KiD X
Follow on Instagram: @KiD X and watch on Youtube: KiD X

Honorable Mention South African Rappers:

Riky Rick (R.I.P) Instagram: @Riky Rick and Youtube: Riky Rick

Stogie T Instagram: @Stogie T and Youtube: Stogie T

Zakwe Instagram: @Zakwe and Youtube: Zakwe

Rouge Instagram: @Rouge and Youtube: Rouge

Frank Casino Instagram: @Frank Casino and Youtube: Frank Casino

Dee Koala Instagram: @Dee Koala and Youtube: Dee Koala

Blaklez Instagram: @Blaklez and Youtube: Blaklez

Zoocci Coke Dope Instagram: @Zoocci Coke Dope and Youtube: Zoocci Coke Dope

Anatii Instagram: @Anatii and Youtube: Anatii

Una Rams Instagram: @Una Rams and Youtube: Una Rams

Da L.E.S Instagram: @Da L.E.S and Youtube: Da L.E.S

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