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South African House Music: 2023’s Top 20 Amapiano Artists and DJs

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South African House Music

List of Top Amapiano Artists and DJs

In the world of Afropop and as the international EDM and house music scene is prospering like never before, South African house music, led by a large lineup of Amapiano artists, stands in a league of its own, separating itself from other African markets of Afro music and other dance and electronic music scenes worldwide.

Amapiano, a relatively new genre whose name derived from the Zulu word piano, originally emerged from the diverse South African music scene of innovative sounds in a fusion of various styles, including international trends in music and local South African rhythms, like Kwaito. The original South African house music of the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s was Kwaito music, which starred artists and performers like Lebo Mathosa, Tkzee, Trompies, Arthur Mafokate, Mandoza, Mdu Masilela, Thebe, DJ Cleo, and numerous others. Outside of Kwaito music, other notable South African house influencers were the likes of Black Coffee, Oskido, DJ Zinhle, DJ Kent, Heavy-K, Mono T, and Euphonik, among others.

The origins of Amapiano can be traced to communities of Pretoria and Johannesburg, where young producers and musicians began experimenting with different sounds during some time around the 2010s. This experimental approach resulted in a unique and captivating sound characterized by its one of kind tempo, melodies, and intricate percussions. Amapiano’s popularity rapidly grew within South Africa as local DJs incorporated it into their sets, and it soon started to spread across southern Africa.

Currently there is a rise of new genre of South African house and dance music, called Gqom. An innovative style that is characterized by its minimalistic, raw, and hypnotic beats that draw inspiration from traditional African rhythms, house music, and techno. The word “gqom” itself is derived from the Zulu language and translates to “hit” or “drum,” began to emerge during the 2010s, now slowly became a South African phenomenon.

Despite the legacy of Kwaito music and the recent rise of Gqom, Amapiano still reigns king, being one of southern Africa’s leading genres. Amapiano’s popularity has led South Africa to produce some of the world’s greatest DJs and producers. This includes DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small, Major League DJz, Uncle Waffles, DBN Gogo, Prince Kaybee, and several others. Outside of DJs and producers, Amapiano brings many rappers, singers, and performers to the forefront. Artists like Focalistic, Kamo Mphela, Young Stunna, Musa Keys, Pabi Cooper, Mellow & Sleazy, and many more Amapiano artists leading the genre far outside of the music scene of South Africa.

As of today, Amapiano has become an essential component of South Africa’s rich musical tapestry, with its songs frequently featuring in the country’s charts, radio stations, and nightclubs.

Top 20 Amapiano Artists and DJs

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1. DJ Maphoris
Follow on Instagram: @DJ Maphorisa and watch on YouTube: DJ Maphorisa

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2. Kabza De Small
Follow on Instagram: @Kabza De Small and watch on YouTube: Kabza De Small

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3. Focalistic
Follow on Instagram: @Focalistic and watch on YouTube: Focalistic

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4. Major League DJz
Follow on Instagram: @Major League DJz and watch on YouTube: Major League DJz

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5. Uncle Waffles
Follow on Instagram: @Uncle Waffles and watch on YouTube: Uncle Waffles

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6. Kamo Mphela
Follow on Instagram: @Kamo Mphela and watch on YouTube: Kamo Mphela

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7. DBN Gogo
Follow on Instagram: @DBN Gogo and watch on YouTube: DBN Gogo

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8. Young Stunna
Follow on Instagram: @Young Stunna and watch on YouTube: Young Stunna

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9. Musa Keys
Follow on Instagram: @Musa Keys and watch on YouTube: Musa Keys

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10. Pabi Cooper
Follow on Instagram: @Pabi Cooper and watch on YouTube: Pabi Cooper

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11. Prince Kaybee
Follow on Instagram: @Prince Kaybee and watch on YouTube: Prince Kaybee

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12. Mellow & Sleazy
Follow on Instagram: @Mellow & Sleazy and watch on YouTube: Mellow & Sleazy

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13. Daliwonga
Follow on Instagram: @Daliwonga and watch on YouTube: Daliwonga

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14. Felo Le Tee
Follow on Instagram: @Felo Le Tee and watch on YouTube: Felo Le Tee

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15. Busta 929
Follow on Instagram: @Busta 929 and watch on YouTube: Busta 929

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16. Makhadzi
Follow on Instagram: @Makhadzi and watch on YouTube: Makhadzi

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17. Tyler ICU
Follow on Instagram: @Tyler ICU and watch on YouTube: Tyler ICU

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18. Sha Sha
Follow on Instagram: @Sha Sha and watch on YouTube: Sha Sha

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19. Reece Madlisa
Follow on Instagram: @Reece Madlisa and watch on YouTube: Reece Madlisa

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20. King Monada
Follow on Instagram: @King Monada and watch on YouTube: King Monada

Honorable Mention Amapiano Artists:

De Mthuda Instagram: @De Mthuda and YouTube: De Mthuda

Soa Mattrix Instagram: @Soa Mattrix and YouTube: Soa Mattrix

Myztro Instagram: @Myztro and YouTube: Myztro

Shaunmusiq Instagram: @Shaunmusiq and YouTube: Shaunmusiq

Vigro Deep Instagram: @Vigro Deep and YouTube: Vigro Deep

Lady Zamar Instagram: @Lady Zamar and YouTube: Lady Zamar

Ch’cco Instagram: @Ch’cco and YouTube: Ch’cco

Dladla Mshunqisi Instagram: @Dladla Mshunqisi and YouTube: Dladla Mshunqisi

DJ Karri Instagram: @DJ Karri and YouTube: DJ Karri

Gaba Cannal Instagram: @Gaba Cannal and YouTube: Gaba Cannal

Cyfred Instagram: @Cyfred and YouTube: Cyfred

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