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South African R&B Music: 2022’s Top 20 South African R&B Artists

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South African R&B

List of the Best South African R&B Artists

To the outside world, the genre of Afrobeat and Afropop in western and even eastern Africa has held the crown, but the music scene located in southern Africa, a music scene of South African R&B artists, has created some of Africa’s best music. A variety of talent and a music scene that is solely distinctive to South Africa, the country nicknamed Mzansi has always produced world class talent, artists like Brenda Fassie, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, PJ Powers, Simphiwe Dana, Zahara and many more.

Throughout the years numerous genres in South Africa have thrived. Genres like Afropop, Jazz, Rock, with artists like Dave Matthews Band and Karen Zoid, Reggae, with artists like Lucky Dube, and various forms of dance and house music, often known as Amapiano, led today by artists like Master KG and Sho Madjozi and in the past by Mandoza and Lira.  Not to leave out native genres solely distinct to specific regions of southern Africa, but South Africa’s music is a world of its own. 

While there are no true standout South African R&B artists, there is a lineup of equally talented singers and performers that are slowly emerging as an undiscovered treasure for R&B lovers. With no leading artist to steal the spotlight, the following lineup of South African R&B artists showcases the country’s top 20 artists. A R&B scene of diverse artists within multiple genres, including R&B, artists that have long established themselves within South African music, and a number of rising African and global stars. View some of the most beautiful voices of Africa and some of the region’s most creative artists.

Top 20 South African R&B Artists

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1. Sjava Follow on Instagram: @Sjava and watch on Youtube: Sjava

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2. Blaq Diamond Follow on Instagram: @Blaq Diamond and watch on Youtube: Blaq Diamond

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3. Elaine Follow on Instagram: @Elaine and watch on Youtube: Elaine

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4. Mlindo the Vocalist Follow on Instagram: @Mlindo the Vocalist and watch on Youtube: Mlindo the Vocalist

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5. Shekhinah Follow on Instagram: @Shekhinah and watch on Youtube: Shekhinah

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6. Simmy Follow on Instagram: @Simmy and watch on Youtube: Simmy

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7. Ami Faku Follow on Instagram: @Ami Faku and watch on Youtube: Ami Faku

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8. Nomfundo Moh Follow on Instagram: @Nomfundo Moh and watch on Youtube: Nomfundo Moh

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9. Zonke Follow on Instagram: @Zonke and watch on Youtube: Zonke

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10. Tellaman Follow on Instagram: @Tellaman and watch on Youtube: Tellaman

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11. Amanda Black Follow on Instagram: @Amanda Black and watch on Youtube: Amanda Black

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12. TRESOR Follow on Instagram: @TRESOR and watch on Youtube: TRESOR

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13. Rowlene Follow on Instagram: @Rowlene and watch on Youtube: Rowlene

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14. Langa Mavuso Follow on Instagram: @Langa Mavuso and watch on Youtube: Langa Mavuso

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15. Sishii Follow on Instagram: @Sishii and watch on Youtube: Sishii

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16. Nobuhle Follow on Instagram: @Nobuhle and watch on Youtube: Nobuhle

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17. Azana Follow on Instagram: @Azana and watch on Youtube: Azana

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18. the big hash Follow on Instagram: @the big hash and watch on Youtube: the big hash

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19. Kaien Cruz Follow on Instagram: @Kaien Cruz and watch on Youtube: Kaien Cruz

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20. una rams Follow on Instagram: @una rams and watch on Youtube: una rams

Honorable Mention South African R&B Artists:

manana Instagram: @manana and Youtube: manana

Filah Lah Lah Instagram: @Filah Lah Lah and Youtube: Filah Lah Lah

KLY Instagram: @KLY and Youtube: KLY

Lordkez Instagram: @Lordkez and Youtube: Lordkez

Mpho Sebina Instagram: @Mpho Sebina and Youtube: Mpho Sebina

Hunter Rose Instagram: @Hunter Rose and Youtube: Hunter Rose

money badoo Instagram: @money badoo and Youtube: money badoo

Nanette Instagram: @Nanette and Youtube: Nanette

joda Kgosi Instagram: @joda Kgosi and Youtube: joda Kgosi

ricky tyler Instagram: @ricky tyler and Youtube: ricky tyler

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*No Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

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