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List of Top 10 Zambian Rappers

Known locally and regionally as Zed Hip Hop, Zambian rappers of southern Africa have constructed, a small, but growing rap scene of Zambian hip hop music. With connections and possibly inspiration from the larger market of hip hop in South Africa, Zambian rap music is among Africa’s top rising hip hop scenes.

While in the shadows of larger markets, Zambian rappers like Chef187, Macky2, and Slapdee, alongside two of Africa’s top female MCs, Cleo Ice Queen and Bombshell Grenade, have established themselves within Africa’s hip hop culture. Not only are Zambian hip hop artists contributors of Africa’s growth in global stage of hip hop, but the top Zed Hip Hop artists are also bringing stardom to Zambia’s entertainment scene and exposure to the world.

One of the leading members of the rising southern African hip hop scene, following South Africa and Zimbabwe, Zambian hip hop music has been growing since the 2000s when the likes of Zone Fam, Slapdee, and Ruff Kids were getting their careers off the ground. The 2010s only continued what was started and further the growth of Zed Hip-Hop with rappers like Chef 187, Bombshell Grenade, Macky2, Cleo Ice Queen, and several others beginning to jump on board of the Zambian rap movement.

Now, Zambian rappers and the country’s growing market in hip-hop is still expanding, but is also rising in the background as Afropop, Zambia dancehall (Zed Dancehall), and other more popular forms of African music are at the forefront.

Top 10 Rappers from Zambia

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1. Chef 187 Follow on Instagram: @Chef187 and Watch on YouTube: Chef 187

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2. Macky2 Follow on Instagram: @Macky2 and Watch on YouTube: Macky2

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3. Slapdee Follow on Instagram: @Slapdee and Watch on YouTube: Slapdee

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4. Cleo Ice Queen Follow on Instagram: @Cleo Ice Queen and Watch on YouTube: Cleo Ice Queen

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5. Jay Rox Follow on Instagram: @Jay Rox and Watch on YouTube: Jay Rox

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6. bombshell grenade Follow on Instagram: @bombshell grenade and Watch on YouTube: bombshell grenade

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7. Jae Cash Follow on Instagram: @Jae Cash and Watch on YouTube: Jae Cash

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8. Ruff Kid Follow on Instagram: @Ruff Kid and Watch on YouTube: Ruff Kid

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9. drifta trek Follow on Instagram: @drifta trek and Watch on YouTube: drifta trek

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10. Dizmo Follow on Instagram: @Dizmo and Watch on YouTube: Dizmo

Honorable Mention Zambian Rappers:

Jemax Instagram: @Jemax and YouTube: Jemax

Pilato Instagram: @Pilato and YouTube: Pilato

umusepela chile Instagram: @umusepela chile and YouTube: umusepela chile

KRYTIC Instagram: @KRYTIC and YouTube: KRYTIC



willz mr nyopole Instagram: @willz mr nyopole and YouTube: willz mr nyopole

cee thr33 Instagram: @ cee thr33 and YouTube:  cee thr33

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