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Top 12 Zimbabwean Rappers: 2023’s Best Best Zim Hip Hop Artists

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Zim Hip Hop

List of Top Zimbabwean Rappers

Known locally and regionally as Zim Hip Hop music, Zimbabwean rappers of southern Africa have constructed, a medium size, but growing rap scene of Zimbabwean hip hop music. With connections and possibly inspiration from the larger market of hip hop in South Africa, Zimbabwean rap music is among Africa’s top rising hip hop scenes.

One of Africa’s most beautiful countries, from the urban landscape of Bulawayo and Harare to the Zimbabwean countryside, Zimbabwe has a lot to offer to the outside world. One thing is the various native and indigenous sounds and instruments, as well the more popular genres of music like Sungura.

While every country of Africa has its own distinct culture of music, Zimbabwe also has a large favoritism towards commercialized and urban music, like Afropop, Dancehall, also known as Zimdancehall, and of course Zim Hip Hop music. Among Zimbabwe’s urban music scene is a slew of Zimbabwean rappers, some view as national stars, while others are up and coming Zim hip hop artists.

These top Zim hip hop artists include the leading lady Kikky Badass with her strong approach and unbreakable rhymes, alongside Zimbabwean rappers like the vibrant and melodic Takura, the sporadic styles of Voltz JT, and Holy Ten who has the ability to connect with fans on any level.

Altogether with the leading Zimbabwean hip hop artists, is a handful other rappers that are not only making an impact within Zimbabwean music, but have also crossed over into other markets, like South Africa, the U.K., and other southern African countries. While Afrobeats has stolen the show, African hip hop music is on a rise, and Zimbabwe is at the forefront.

Top 12 Zimbabwean Rappers

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1. Holy Ten Watch on YouTube: Holy Ten and Follow on Instagram: @Holy Ten

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2. Takura Watch on YouTube: Takura and Follow on Instagram: @Takura

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3. Kikky Badass Watch on YouTube: Kikky Badass and Follow on Instagram: @Kikky Badass

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4. Voltz JT Watch on YouTube: Voltz JT and Follow on Instagram: @Voltz JT

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5. kae chaps Watch on YouTube: kae chaps and Follow on Instagram: @kae chaps

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6. ti gonzi Watch on YouTube: ti gonzi and Follow on Instagram: @ti gonzi

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7. Saintfloew Watch on YouTube: Saintfloew and Follow on Instagram: @Saintfloew

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8. tanto waive Watch on YouTube: tanto waive and Follow on Instagram: @tanto waive

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9. R.Peels  Watch on YouTube: R.Peels and Follow on Instagram: @R.Peels

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10. brian jeck  Watch on YouTube: brian jeck and Follow on Instagram: @brian jeck

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11. Hanna Watch on YouTube: Hanna and Follow on Instagram: @Hanna

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12. Crooger Watch on YouTube: Crooger and Follow on Instagram: @Crooger

Honorable Mention Zimbabwean Rappers

Hanna YouTube: Hanna and Instagram: @Hanna

Scrip Mula YouTube: Scrip Mula and Instagram: @Scrip Mula

obi davids YouTube: obi davids and Instagram: @obi davids

Bling4 YouTube: bling4 and Instagram: @bling4

Mile YouTube: Mile and Instagram: @Mile

icey ekxne YouTube: icey ekxne and Instagram: @icey ekxne

MaS YouTube: MaS and Instagram: @MaS

Lucretius YouTube: Lucretius and Instagram: @Lucretius

RayKaz YouTube: RayKaz and Instagram: @RayKaz

MVPANI  YouTube: MVPANI and Instagram: @MVPANI 

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