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List of Top Zimbabwean Rappers

Known locally and regionally as Zim Hip Hop music, Zimbabwean rappers of southern Africa have constructed, a medium size, but growing rap scene of Zimbabwean hip hop music. With connections and possibly inspiration from the larger market of hip hop in South Africa, Zimbabwean rap music is among Africa’s top rising hip hop scenes.

One of Africa’s most beautiful countries, from the urban landscape of Bulawayo and Harare to the Zimbabwean countryside, Zimbabwe has a lot to offer to the outside world. One thing is the various native and indigenous sounds and instruments, as well the more popular genres of music like Sungura.

While every country of Africa has its own distinct culture of music, Zimbabwe also has a large favoritism towards commercialized and urban music, like Afropop, Dancehall, also known as Zimdancehall, and of course Zim Hip Hop music. Among Zimbabwe’s urban music scene is a slew of Zimbabwean rappers, some view as national stars, while others are up and coming Zim hip hop artists.

These top Zim hip hop artists include the leading lady Kikky Badass with her strong approach and unbreakable rhymes, alongside Zimbabwean rappers like the vibrant and melodic Takura, the sporadic styles of Voltz JT, and Holy Ten who has the ability to connect with fans on any level.

Altogether with the leading Zimbabwean hip hop artists, is a handful other rappers that are not only making an impact within Zimbabwean music, but have also crossed over into other markets, like South Africa, the U.K., and other southern African countries. While Afrobeats has stolen the show, African hip hop music is on a rise, and Zimbabwe is at the forefront.

Top 12 Zimbabwean Rappers

Zimbabwean Rappers Holy Ten

1. Holy Ten

Holy Ten is the truth in the Zimbabwean rap game. He arrived onto the scene during the mid-2010s and changed the game. With hits like “Ucharamba Uchipisa” and “Pressure,” Holy Ten has become the voice for of Zimbabwe with his raw edge that’s as real as it gets. His debut album Risky Life was a massive success, and the following projects like The New Bhundu Boyz and Risky Life II proved that he was here for the long haul.

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Rappers from Zimbabwe Takura

2. Takura

Since stepping on the stage, Takura has showcased his diverse talent of an unique blend of hip-hop and R&B. Making music that has become irresistible, with bangers like “Zvemoyo,” “Haarore,” “Goosebumps,” and “Wandachuza,” Takura has shown he’s not playing games. His projects, Someone Had to Do It and Star Signs have furthered placed a stamp on his spot in the Afro rap scene.

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3. Voltz JT

Voltz JT’s delivery has made him one of the most exciting Zimbabwean rappers in the game. With tracks like “Makuruwani,” “Friends,” and “Shamwari Yangu,” showcasing his versatility, Voltz JT’s impact is undeniable, showing the future of Zim hip hop.

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4. Saintfloew

Saintfloew brings that poetic touch to the Zimbabwean hip-hop scene. His track “Bipolar,” “Mutemo WeMukombi,” “Hera,” and “Chiedza” are poetry over beats. Saintfloew’s ability to go beyond the turn-up into his music makes him stand out in a crowded scene.

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Rappers from Zimbabwe Kae Chaps

5. Kae Chaps

Kae Chaps had the whole country going up with the hit “Juzi.” A style of soulful sounds and storytelling captures Zim hip-hop at its best. With his presence, he has proved that rap is more diverse than ever. With each release, Kae Chaps is earning his stripes.

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6. Ti Gonzi

Ti Gonzi is a titan among rappers from Zimbabwe. Known for his unrivaled flow, tracks like “Zvenyu” have become anthems. With a host of records like “Zvotoita Kuno” and “Emotional Intelligence,” and albums Ma Collabo Ekughetto, Ti Gonzi stands among the heavyweights of Afro hip-hop.

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Zimbabwean Rappers Kikky Badass

7. Kikky Badass

Kikky Badass, the queen of Zim hip-hop, is in a league of her own. With her album Queen of the South, she showed that she is more than just a pretty face. Tracks like “Body Conversations” are a testament to her talent in the often male-dominated world of hip-hop.

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Rappers from Bling4

8. Bling4

Bling4 might not be the name everyone knows yet, but he’s making moves that can’t be ignored. With music like “Zvichitibhohwa,” “Shiri Ngainaiwe,” and “Ndozviripo,” he’s carving a niche for himself in the Zimbabwean music scene, evident in every track.

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9. Bagga

Bagga is the underdog whose music speaks volumes. He’s been grinding for a minute, and his passion and hustle show in his work. Though he might not have the same recognition as some of the other top artists, hit records like , have showcased he is as gifted as the next Zimbabwean rapper.

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10. Michael Magz

Bringing his own vibes to Zimbabwean hip-hop, Michael Magz tracks, which include “Gudhu Plan,” “Trapamakafella,” “Hondo mupfungwa,” and “New Chapter,” are perfect examples of an artist who has found flavor to the game.

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 tanto wavie

11. Tanto Wavie

Tanto Wavie is the wild card of Zim rap, displaying his daring attempt to remove himself into a stand alone artist. From hard-hitting rap to more Afrobeat-inspired tunes, Tanto Wavie keeps putting in the necessary work to rise.

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12. Hanna

Hanna is the fresh face in Zimbabwean hip-hop that’s quickly making her mark. Her skills on the mic are beyond her years, making her one of the top additions Zimbabwean rappers. As she ascends, Hanna is redefining what female rappers can do in the game.

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Honorable Mention Zimbabwean Rappers

R.Peels  YouTube: R.Peels and Instagram: @R.Peels

Scrip Mula YouTube: Scrip Mula and Instagram: @Scrip Mula

Brian Jeck  YouTube: Brian Jeck and Instagram: @Brian Jeck

Crooger YouTube: Crooger and Instagram: @Crooger

Kayflow YouTube: Kayflow and Instagram: @Kayflow

Slyme Foxx YouTube: Slyme Foxx and Instagram: @Slyme Foxx

Slyme Foxx YouTube: Slyme Foxx and Instagram: @Slyme Foxx

Obi Davids YouTube: Obi Davids and Instagram: @Obi Davids

Icey Ekxne YouTube: Icey Ekxne and Instagram: @Icey Ekxne

MaS YouTube: MaS and Instagram: @MaS

Lucretius YouTube: Lucretius and Instagram: @Lucretius

RayKaz YouTube: RayKaz and Instagram: @RayKaz

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