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Top Rappers from Tanzania

Nestled in the heart of East Africa lies a vibrant music scene, home to Tanzanian rappers who have cultivated one of the continent’s most prominent hip hop and rap music scenes. While Afrobeat and Afropop, referred to as Bongo Flava in Tanzania, unquestionably dominate Africa’s musical landscape like America’s R&B equivalent, African hip hop has been steadily gaining momentum since the late 1990s.

The hip hop scene in Tanzania has long been a hidden treasure within East Africa, gradually emerging and making its mark on the global stage as rap and hip-hop music gain popularity. The late 1990s marked the beginning of the development of Tanzanian hip hop, with several local artists gaining recognition. Mr. Ebbo, Ngwair, X Plastaz, Gangwe Mobb, Kwanza Unit, Daz Baba, Juma Nature, Mr. II, Tmk Wanaume Cool James were among some of the earliest pioneers of Tanzanian rappers who made significant contributions.

Although Tanzanian hip hop may be overshadowed by artists such as Diamond Platinumz, Harmonize, and Rayvanny in the Afrobeat and Afropop genres, Tanzanian rappers, like Chidi Beenz, Professor Jay, Godzilla, Nikki Mbishi, Darassa, TMK Wanaume, and several others during the 2000s, have managed to carve out their own unique space. They have gained a dedicated fan base not only within Tanzania but also across East Africa and even established connections with the hip hop scene in London, UK. Despite facing competition from other popular artists, Tanzanian rappers have successfully garnered attention and listenership beyond their home country’s borders.

Today’s Top Tanzanian Rappers

Leading the pack of Tanzanian rappers are the celebrated artists such as Roma Mkatoliki, Joh Makini, and Young Killer Msodoki. These talented individuals have elevated Tanzania’s Bongo Flava by infusing it with elements of Hip-Hop, resulting in the creation of Bongo Hip Hop.

From experienced veterans like MwanaFA and Fid Q who continue to dominate the scene, to female MCs like Rosa Ree who bring a unique perspective to Tanzanian hip hop. The country also witnesses an abundance of skill through artists like Country Wizzy. Furthermore, the torch is being passed on to the next generation of Tanzanian musicians including Young Lunya, Moni Centrozone, Rapcha, Baddest 47, and Mabantu. These young talents possess extraordinary abilities that have never been seen before in their homeland.

The rap scene in Tanzania showcases the global expansion of hip hop music and highlights the progress of entertainment in Africa. Whether rapping in Swahili or English, artists from this region demonstrate their talent and contribute to the dynamic growth of Bongo Hip-Hop. Through this genre, we witness another facet of African culture while embracing the diverse talents that have emerged from Tanzania’s vibrant hip hop community.

Top 15 Tanzanian Rappers

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1. Roma Mkatoliki
Follow on Instagram: @Roma Mkatoliki and watch on Youtube: Roma Mkatoliki

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2. Young Killer Msodoki
Follow on Instagram: @Young Killer Msodoki and watch on Youtube: Young Killer Msodoki

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3. Rosa Ree
Follow on Instagram: @Rosa Ree and watch on Youtube: Rosa Ree

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4. Joh Makini
Follow on Instagram: @Joh Makini and watch on Youtube: Joh Makini

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5. Country Wizzy
Follow on Instagram: @Country Wizzy and watch on Youtube: Country Wizzy

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6. MwanaFA
Follow on Instagram: @MwanaFA and watch on Youtube: MwanaFA

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7. Young Lunya
Follow on Instagram: @Young Lunya and watch on Youtube: Young Lunya

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8. Rapcha
Follow on Instagram: @Rapcha and watch on Youtube: Rapcha

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9. Baddest 47
Follow on Instagram: @Baddest 47 and watch on Youtube: Baddest 47

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10. Moni Centrozone
Follow on Instagram: @Moni Centrozone and watch on Youtube: Moni Centrozone

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11. Fid Q 
Follow on Instagram: @Fid Q and watch on Youtube: Fid Q

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12. Mabantu 
Follow on Instagram: @Mabantu and watch on Youtube: Mabantu

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13. Nacha
Follow on Instagram: @Nacha and watch on Youtube: Nacha

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14. Nyandu Tozzy
Follow on Instagram: @Nyandu Tozzy and watch on Youtube: Nyandu Tozzy

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15. Chin Bees 
Follow on Instagram: @Chin Bees and watch on Youtube: Chin Bees

Honorable Mention Tanzanian Rappers:

Nikki Mbishi Instagram: @Nikki Mbishi | Youtube: Nikki Mbishi

Dizasta Vina Instagram: @Dizasta Vina | Youtube: Dizasta Vina

Salmin Swaggz Instagram: @Salmin Swaggz | Youtube: Salmin Swaggz

Conboi Cannabino Instagram: @Conboi Cannabino | Youtube: Conboi Cannabino

Stereo Singasinga Instagram: @Stereo Singasinga | Youtube: Stereo Singasinga

WEUSI Instagram: @WEUSI | Youtube: WEUSI

Brian Simba Instagram: @Brian Simba | Youtube: Brian Simba

Boshoo Instagram: @Boshoo | Youtube: Boshoo

Lil Dwin Instagram: @Lil Dwin | Youtube: Lil Dwin

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