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Top 20 Tanzanian Rappers: 2022’s Best Rappers from Tanzania List

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Tanzanian rappers

Top Rappers from Tanzania

In the heart of East Africa resides a music scene of Tanzanian rappers that have created one of Africa’s top hip hop and rap music scenes. While Afrobeat and Afropop music, or in Tanzania known as Bongo Flava music, is no question Africa’s more popular two genre’s, America’s equivalent of Rhythm and Blues, but African hip hop has been on the rise since the late 1990s.

While to outsiders, top Tanzanian hip hop artists are a hidden gem embedded in East Africa that has only begun to surface and expose itself to the world, especially with the growing popularity of rap and hip-hop music. Towards the late 1990s the era of hip hop music in Tanzania began developed. Some of the earliest Tanzanian rappers that were well recognized locally were Mr. Ebbo, Ngwair, X Plastaz, Gangwe Mobb, Kwanza Unit, Daz Baba, Juma Nature, Mr. II, Tmk Wanaume, Cool James, and some others that were not name.

Despite artists like Diamond Platinumz, Harmonize, Rayvanny and numerous other Afrobeat and Afropop artists overshadowing Tanzanian hip hop, rappers from Tanzania have created their own lane and have even gain fans and listeners outside of Tanzania, from other countries in East Africa to even linking with the hip hop scene and market in London of the U.K.

From Tanzanian rappers rapping in Swahili to artists performing in English, the local rap scene shows the worldwide growth of hip hop music, as well how far entertainment in Africa has come along.  While showcasing another side of Africa, witness the talent of Tanzanian hip hop.

Top 20 Tanzanian Rappers

1. Young Killer Msodoki
Follow on Instagram: @Young Killer Msodoki and watch on Youtube: Young Killer Msodoki

2. Rosa Ree
Follow on Instagram: @Rosa Ree and watch on Youtube: Rosa Ree

3. Country Wizzy
Follow on Instagram: @Country Wizzy and watch on Youtube: Country Wizzy

4. Professor Jay
Follow on Instagram: @Professor Jay and watch on Youtube: Professor Jay

Follow on Instagram: @WEUSI and watch on Youtube: WEUSI

6. Young Lunya
Follow on Instagram: @Young Lunya and watch on Youtube: Young Lunya

7. Rapcha
Follow on Instagram: @Rapcha and watch on Youtube: Rapcha

8. Mabantu 
Follow on Instagram: @Mabantu and watch on Youtube: Mabantu

9. Chin Bees 
Follow on Instagram: @Chin Bees and watch on Youtube: Chin Bees

10. Nacha
Follow on Instagram: @Nacha and watch on Youtube: Nacha

11. Baddest 47
Follow on Instagram: @Baddest 47 and watch on Youtube: Baddest 47

12. Conboi Cannabino 
Follow on Instagram: @Conboi Cannabino and watch on Youtube: Conboi Cannabino

13. MwanaFA
Follow on Instagram: @MwanaFA and watch on Youtube: MwanaFA

14. Fid Q 
Follow on Instagram: @Fid Q and watch on Youtube: Fid Q

15. Roma Mkatoliki
Follow on Instagram: @Roma Mkatoliki and watch on Youtube: Roma Mkatoliki

16. Joh Makini
Follow on Instagram: @Joh Makini and watch on Youtube: Joh Makini

17. Moni Centrozone
Follow on Instagram: @Moni Centrozone and watch on Youtube: Moni Centrozone

18. Nyandu Tozzy
Follow on Instagram: @Nyandu Tozzy and watch on Youtube: Nyandu Tozzy

19. ChidiBeenz
Follow on Instagram: @ChidiBeenz and watch on Youtube: ChidiBeenz

20. Nikki Mbishi
Follow on Instagram: @Nikki Mbishi and watch on Youtube: Nikki Mbishi

Honorable Mention Tanzanian Rappers:

Brian Simba Instagram: @Brian Simba | Youtube: Brian Simba

Salmin Swaggz Instagram: @Salmin Swaggz | Youtube: Salmin Swaggz

Dizasta Vina Instagram: @Dizasta Vina | Youtube: Dizasta Vina

Stereo Singasinga Instagram: @Stereo Singasinga | Youtube: Stereo Singasinga

Wakazi Instagram: @Wakazi | Youtube: Wakazi

Boshoo Instagram: @Boshoo | Youtube: Boshoo

Lil Dwin Instagram: @Lil Dwin | Youtube: Lil Dwin

OMG Tanzania Instagram: @OMG Tanzania | Youtube: OMG Tanzania

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have the largest followers and subscribers, most listeners and views, and released the most recent music, are near the top.