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Ugandan AfroBeats: Top 25 Best Ugandan Pop Music Artists List

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Ugandan Afrobeats & AfroPop

Top 25 List of Ugandan Pop Music Artists

To the outside world the list of Ugandan pop music artists is not well recognized as the East African country is more known for producing academics and scholars than international pop stars, but the top Ugandan artists are among Africa’s top afrobeat and afropop singers and performers within the continent’s growing entertainment industry.

Within one of the world’s most naturally beautiful countries resides an extensive list of Ugandan music artists.  Well-developed and continuing to prosper as we speak, Ugandan pop music is easily one of the top 5 music scenes of Africa, regardless if the genre is considered to be Ugandan afrobeats or afropop music.

In previous years, popular music in Ugandan was centered around artists like Juliana Kanyomozi, Iryn Namubiru, Cindy Sanyu, Jackie Chandiru, Bobi Wine, and a few others. Over the last few years, the country’s music scene of top Ugandan afrobeat and afropop artists has substantially grown since the 2000s.

While the global rise of Afropop music, popular music in Africa, has taken international markets by storm, there are other genres in the East African country. Uganda’s most earliest form music was kadongo kamu, which dates back to the 1960s. Another notable genre is kindandali, which has similarities to afrobeat music. Since there were earlier forms of music, then there must be Ugandan legends who made history and pioneered music in the country. These artists would include the likes of Elly Wamala, Fred Masagazi, Jimmy Katumba, or Philly Lutaaya, all who reign from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Viewing the top Ugandan afrobeats and afropop artists gives an inside look into the culture and lifestyles of Ugandans.  Despite being one of the smaller African countries, with a large rural population compared to the small urban population that only consists of the capital city of Kampala, top Ugandan music artists have somehow developed a thriving music scene with a large influx of national stars, and soon to be international stars.

A list of over 25 Ugandan pop music artists displays the talent and gifts of numerous artists, while also showcasing another side Uganda and the continent of Africa.  A unique country that already has much to offer now has one of Uganda’s biggest contributors, a growing music scene filled dozens of artists.

Top 25 List of Ugandan Music ARtists

1. Eddy Kenzo watch on Youtube: Eddy Kenzo  and follow on Instagram: @Eddy Kenzo 

2. Spice Diana watch on Youtube: Spice Diana  and follow on Instagram: @Spice Diana

3. WINNIE NWAGI watch on Youtube: WINNIE NWAGI and follow on Instagram: @WINNIE NWAGI 

4. Sheebah Karungi watch on Youtube: Sheebah Karungi  and follow on Instagram: @Sheebah Karungi 

5. Jose Chameleone watch on Youtube: Jose Chameleone and follow on Instagram: @Jose Chameleone

6. Lydia Jazmine watch on Youtube: Lydia Jazmine  and follow on Instagram: @Lydia Jazmine

7. Rema Namakula watch on Youtube: Rema Namakula  and follow on Instagram: @Rema Namakula

8. Ykee Benda watch on Youtube: Ykee Benda and follow on Instagram: @Ykee Benda

9. Pallaso watch on Youtube: Pallaso  and follow on Instagram: @Pallaso

10. Nina Roz watch on Youtube: Nina Roz and follow on Instagram: @NinaRoz

11. Vinka watch on Youtube: Vinka and follow on Instagram: @Vinka

12. Fik Fameica watch on Youtube: Fik Fameica and follow on Instagram: @Fik Fameica

13. Daddy Andre watch on Youtube: Daddy Andre and follow on Instagram: @Daddy Andre

14. B2C Entertainment watch on Youtube: B2C Entertainment and follow on Instagram: @B2C Entertainment

15. Cindy Sanyu watch on Youtube: Cindy Sanyu and follow on Instagram: @Cindy Sanyu

16. Bebe Cool watch on Youtube: Bebe Cool and follow on Instagram: @Bebe Cool 

17. John Blaq watch on Youtube: John Blaq  and follow on Instagram: @John Blaq

18. Irene Ntale watch on Youtube: Irene Ntale and follow on Instagram: @Irene Ntale

19. Karole Kasita watch on Youtube: Karole Kasita and follow on Instagram: @Karole Kasita

20. Chozen Blood watch on Youtube: Chozen Blood and follow on Instagram: @Chozen Blood

21. A Pass watch on Youtube: A Pass and follow on Instagram: @A Pass 

22. Feffe Bussi watch on Youtube: Feffe Bussi and follow on Instagram: @Feffe Bussi

23. Iryn Namubiru watch on Youtube: Iryn Namubiru  and follow on Instagram: @Iryn Namubiru

24. Prince Omar watch on Youtube: Prince Omar  and follow on Instagram: @Prince Omar 

25. Grenade watch  on Youtube: Grenade and follow on Instagram: @Grenade

Honorable Mention Ugandan Afrobeats & AfroPop:

Pia Pounds Youtube: Pia Pounds  |  Instagram: @Pia Pounds

VIP Jemo Youtube: Vip Jemo  |  Instagram: @VIPJemo

David Lutalo Youtube: David Lutalo  |  Instagram: @David Lutalo

Gravity Omutujju Youtube: Gravity Omutujju  |  Instagram: @Gravity Omutujju

Vivian Tendo Youtube: Vivian Tendo  |  Instagram: @Vivian Tendo

 Recho Rey Youtube: Recho Rey  |  Instagram: @RechoRey

Allan Toniks Youtube: Allan Toniks  |  Instagram: @Allan Toniks

Kapa Cat Youtube: Kapa Cat  |  Instagram: @Kapa Cat

 Yiya Mozey Youtube: Yiya Mozey  |  Instagram: @Yiya Mozey

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