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Top 15 Venezuelan Rappers: Best Venezuelan hip hop artists List

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Top Venezuelan Rappers

List of the top Venezuelan hip hop artists

With Venezuelan rappers and Venezuelan hip hop artists being located in, or coming from, a country that has been in the headlines for the wrong the reasons, the bright side is that Venezuelan music shows another side of the country through their true heritage and culture and providing an example that there is more to this South American country.

While there have been famous singers and musicians from the country of Venezuela, like the late Venezuelan rap artist of Canserbero, Venezuela has been more known to produce famous Latin actors and actresses, beautiful models, and some of world’s top baseball players. Despite countries like the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, or even Colombia leading Latin America’s music scene, Venezuela still has strong roster of talented artists of the reggaeton, pop, and rap genres.

The list below will further breakdown that the music scene of Venezuela with the showcase of Venezuelan hip hop artists and Venezuelan rappers. With the insight into the country’s music the viewer will get a chance to some of Latin America’s top stars, despite many Venezuelan artists living abroad in the United States, Colombia, or other Latin American countries.

Top 15 Venezuelan Rappers

1. Neurto Shorty, follow on Instagram: @Neurto Shorty and watch on Youtube: Neurto Shorty

2. Big Soto, follow on Instagram: @Big Soto and watch on Youtube: Big Soto

3. Mestiza, follow on Instagram: @Mestiza and watch on Youtube: Mestiza

4. Akapellah, follow on Instagram: @Akapellah and watch on Youtube: Akapellah

5. Apache, follow on Instagram: @Apache and watch on Youtube: Apache

6. Scrop, follow on Instagram: @Scrop and watch on Youtube: Scrop

7. Trainer, follow on Instagram: @Trainer and watch on Youtube: Trainer

8. Gabylonia, follow on Instagram: @Gabylonia and watch on Youtube: Gabylonia

9. McKlopedia, follow on Instagram: @McKlopedia and watch on Youtube: McKlopedia

10. Reis Bélico, follow on Instagram: @Reis Bélico and watch on Youtube: Reis Bélico

11. Gona, follow on Instagram: @Gona and watch on Youtube: Gona

12. Neblinna, follow on Instagram: @Neblinna and watch on Youtube: Neblinna

13. NK PROFETA, follow on Instagram: @NK PROFETA and watch on Youtube: NK PROFETA

14. Robert Tiamo, follow on Instagram: @Robert Tiamo and watch on Youtube: Robert Tiamo

15. Prieto Gang, follow on Instagram: @Prieto Gang and watch on Youtube: Prieto Gang

Honorable Mention Venezuelan Rappers:

La Zaga Instagram: @La Zaga  |  Youtube: La Zaga

Los WaraOs Instagram: @Los WaraOs  |   Youtube: Los WaraOs

Nasty Killah Instagram: @Nasty Killah  |  Youtube: Nasty Killah

Chuchú Bermudas Instagram: @Chuchú Bermudas  |  Youtube: Chuchú Bermudas

Pandesousa Instagram: @Pandesousa  |  Youtube: Pandesousa

Vetzalone Instagram: @Veztalone  |  Youtube: Veztalone

CPRO Instagram: @CPRO  |  Youtube: CPRO

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.