Top Venezuelan Rappers

List of the top Venezuelan hip hop artists

Located down in South America is a country that has produced some of Latin America’s most talented hip hop stars as Venezuelan rappers and Venezuelan hip hop artists are among the leading artists of the world’s Spanish hip hop scene, expanding from Spain to Central America to the Caribbean to South America.

Over the years much has been said about Venezuela through the headlines, but one thing that has gone unnoticed is the talented and gifted artists that have originated within the country. Despite being more known for producing some of the globe’s best baseball players, many musicians, especially Venezuelan rap artists, have flown under the radar.

Dating back to the 1990s and 2000s, top Venezuelan rappers have been the great Canserbero, Guerilla Seca, Rekeson, 3 Dueńos , MC Ardilla, Familia Subterranea, Killer Insane, and a few others that have created and built the original foundation for Venezuelan hip hop and rap music.

Now, entering Venezualan rap’s present day, the country’s lineup has not only some of South America’s but also Latin America’s biggest names in the rap game. Artists that easily standout and separate themselves from the crowd. When you have a hip hop scene of prominent Venezuelan rappers like Big Soto, Neurto Shorty, Apache, or Akapellah, among others, who are all equally gifted and have created their own lanes and fanbase throughout Latin America, and Spanish hip hop’s most dominant female artists of Mestiza, Gabylonia,and Neblinna, then you can see why Venezuelan hip hop is among the ranks of rap music in Latin America.

Top 15 Venezuelan Rappers

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1. Big Soto follow on Instagram: @Big Soto and watch on Youtube: Big Soto

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2. Neurto Shorty follow on Instagram: @Neurto Shorty and watch on Youtube: Neurto Shorty

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4. Akapellah follow on Instagram: @Akapellah and watch on Youtube: Akapellah

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5. Apache follow on Instagram: @Apache and watch on Youtube: Apache

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6. ADSO (Rap/Urbano) follow on Instagram: @ADSO and watch on Youtube: ADSO

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7. Mestiza follow on Instagram: @Mestiza and watch on Youtube: Mestiza

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8. McKlopedia follow on Instagram: @McKlopedia and watch on Youtube: McKlopedia

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9. Lil Supa follow on Instagram: @Lil Supa and watch on Youtube: Lil Supa

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10. Trainer follow on Instagram: @Trainer and watch on Youtube: Trainer

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11. Gabylonia follow on Instagram: @Gabylonia and watch on Youtube: Gabylonia

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12. Reis Bélico follow on Instagram: @Reis Bélico and watch on Youtube: Reis Bélico

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13. Scrop follow on Instagram: @Scrop and watch on Youtube: Scrop

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14. lancer lirical follow on Instagram: @lancer lirical and watch on Youtube: lancer lirical

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15. Gona Follow on Instagram: @Gona and watch on Youtube: Gona

Honorable Mention Venezuelan Rappers:

Neblinna Instagram: @Neblinna and Youtube: Neblinna

gregory Palencia Instagram: @gregory Palencia and Youtube: gregory Palencia

Reke Instagram: @Reke and Youtube: Reke

Robert Tiamo Instagram: @Robert Tiamo and Youtube: Robert Tiamo

Willie DeVille Instagram: @Willie DeVille and Youtube: Willie DeVille


Los WaraOs Instagram: @Los WaraOs and Youtube: Los WaraOs

Prieto Gang Instagram: @Prieto Gang and Youtube: Prieto Gang

Chuchú Bermudas Instagram: @Chuchú Bermudas and Youtube: Chuchú Bermudas

Nasty Killah Instagram: @Nasty Killah and Youtube: Nasty Killah

Gegga Instagram: @Gegga and Youtube: Gegga

Vetzalone Instagram: @Veztalone and Youtube: Veztalone

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

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