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Top 25 O.G. and New White Rappers of 2022

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Top White Rappers of 2021

List of the Top New White Rappers of 2021

Traditionally, white rappers were nonexistence in rap music with the genre being mostly within the black community, despite for the longest the white community being the largest consumers of hip-hop music.  With a very large consumer base it was just a matter of time until the consumer became the producer. 

Some of the first white rappers were the likes of the Beastie Boys, MC Serch, Vanilla Ice, Insane Clown Posse, and a few more with the most popular being Eminem.  Eminem rose to the top of rap game during the late 1990s and has continued throughout the 2000s as the Detroit legend is arguably one of the greatest rappers of all-time.

Currently, hip hop has transformed to having multiple genres and an even much larger fan base and market than in previous years.  At the height of this era, new white rappers have produced some of hip hop’s biggest hits in the music industry. 

As rock n roll and pop music have become less popular, rap has become the world’s number one genre of music. With hip hop’s popularity the lineup of rap artists has tremendously grown, and this includes white rappers. The list below of the top 25 new white rappers depicts the true diversity and the true growth of hip-hop music.

Top 25 White Rappers

1. Eminem

Most would agree that Eminem has solidified himself as one of the greatest rap artists of all-time. One of the first rappers from the Midwest to reach international success, Eminem debut in 1999 with The Slim Shady LP after years of grinding and building a buzz. Since the 1999 release, Eminem, with the backing of Dr. Dre, has released close to ten classic albums, all well received by fans.

follow on Instagram: @Eminem and watch on Youtube: Eminem

2. Post Malone (Pop/Rap)

After his arrival into the industry with the hit song “White Iverson” in 2015, Post Malone would eventually become one of the world’s top pop stars. With a long list of achievements, Post Malone has played a major role in the change of today’s hip hop as many have been moving away from the traditional style of rap and going towards a more melodic and pop sound.

follow on Instagram: @PostMalone and watch on Youtube: Post Malone

3. G Eazy

The Bay Area rapper’s long rise into hip hop has led him to accumulate close to 10 billion views and streams. With over 10 years in, G-Eazy has a slew of hits that include songs like “Me, Myself & I”, “Him & I”, “No Limit”, and “I Mean It,” all while appearing as a featured artist on some of rap’s biggest hits.

follow on Instagram: @G Eazy and watch on Youtube: G Eazy

4. Machine Gun Kelly (Rock/Rap)

Following the years of Bone Thugs N Harmony there had been no reputation in hip hop for the city of Cleveland until Machine Gun Kelly announced his presence with 2011’s “Wild Boy.” Years of growth as a musician has led to a transition for Machine Gun Kelly, from being considered as one of the nation’s top rap stars to being considered as one of the nation’s top rock stars.

follow on Instagram: @MachineGunKelly and watch on Youtube: Machine Gun Kelly

5. Russ

An Italian American rapper whose style is a combination of melodies and bars, stayed patiently persistent over the course of his career. After years of unheard releases, 2015’s There’s Really a Wolf took Russ’ career to new levels with the hit songs of “What They Want” and “Losin Control.” Since the 2015 release, Russ has transformed into becoming a true icon in and outside of music.

follow on Instagram: @Russ and watch on Youtube: Russ

6. The Kid Laroi

The Kid Laroi has come a long way, and not just meaning that he is originally from Australia but has become one of the world’s top rising rap artists from beginning with very little notoriety. With similarities to some of the current generation’s top rap artists, the Kid LAroi’s recent rise in the rap world has him on the trajectory of becoming one of this generation’s all-time greats.

follow on Instagram: @The Kid Laroi and watch on Youtube: The Kid Laroi

7. NF

Arguably one of hip hop’s most talented and creative artist, the mysterious NF has slowly became a rap legend. With little promotion and hardly any social media presence, NF proves that talent outweighs the millions spent promoting talentless artists. Since debuting in 2014, NF has stayed consistent and developed a core fanbase.

follow on Instagram: @NFRealMusic and watch on Youtube: NFrealmusic

8. Jack Harlow

Not only the biggest rap star in Kentucky, but right now one of the hottest rappers in the country as Jack Harlow has won the heart of millions of fans.  No one can deny the talent of Jack Harlow with his creative wordplay, but viewing his early days in hip hop around 2017 with the nerdy look compared to his more recent time in hip hop he has managed to truly become an icon in the rap game.

follow on Instagram: @Jack Harlow and watch on Youtube: Jack Harlow

9. Logic

On a level above most lyricists, since Logic’s debut album, 2014’s Under Pressure, all of his projects have peaked to top 5 on the US charts and reached global success. Easily a standout artist, Logic has always been one of hip hop’s most gifted rappers.

follow on Instagram: @Logic and watch on Youtube: Logic

10. $uicideboy$

Coming straight out of New Orleans, the $uicideboy$ are a modern-day version of Three 6 Mafia, but with their own twist. A style of horrorcore rap and a rap’s version heavy metal rock and roll, the $uicideboy$’s dark theme has helped them create a niche category in hip hop that is solely for them with no competition in sight.

follow on Instagram: @$uicideboy$ and watch on Youtube: $uicideboy$

11. Lil Xan

One of the leaders of the whole emo rap movement, Lil Xan has been around for some time now. With multiple genres of hip hop, Lil Xan has become one of the leaders of rap’s top niche category.

follow on Instagram: @Lil Xan and watch on Youtube: Lil Xan

12. Yelawolf

Not only a legend in hip hop, but Yelawolf has become one of the most impactful rappers of our time. Grinding for years has led him to have a hardcore following, his own brand and label of Slumerican, and being one the most respected amongst his peers.

follow on Instagram: @Yelawolf and watch on Youtube: Yelawolf

13. Jelly Roll

A Tennessee legend, the country rap star debuted through collaborating with Hypnotize Minds artist Lil Wyte. Since beginning during the early 2010s, Jelly Roll has transformed to becoming a much more seasoned artist that has transitioned outside of just having a limited fanbase.

follow on Instagram: @Jelly Roll and watch on Youtube: Jelly Roll

14. Tom MacDonald

Coming from Canada, Tom MacDonald is what the world currently needs. Speaking truth to power, Tom MacDonald has grown a strong following through his slick wordplay of exposing how things really are and not the lies and fantasies that most rap artists display in their music.

follow on Instagram: @Tom MacDonald and watch on Youtube: Tom MacDonald

15. Merkules

Another Canadian rap legend, Merkules has put in years of work and has recorded with some of the rap game’s top rappers. The combination of hard work and talent has landed Merkules in a league of his own.

follow on Instagram: @Merkules and watch on Youtube: Merkules

16. Bhad Bhabie

Known for the famous slogan “Cash Me Outside”, regardless of if you respect Bhad Bhabie as an artist she transformed her going viral moment into an actual rap career, in which has become very lucrative for the young artist.

follow on Instagram: @BhadBhabie and watch on Youtube: Bhad Bhabie

17. Arizona Zervas

Known for the hit song “ROXANNE,” which reached global success, Arizona Zervas has proven that he is not just some one hit wonder. Hailing from Maryland, Arizona Zervas has a number of hits under his belt.

follow on Instagram: @Arizona Zervas and watch on Youtube: Arizona Zervas

18. Riff Raff

One thing is for certain that you will be entertained by Riff Raff, regardless as rap fan if you like his music or not. The Texas native made his world debut years ago on MTV’s reality show From G’s to Gents. Though he did not when the contest, it was immediately understood who stole the show.. Ever since appearance on MTV, Riff Raff has been making major moves in the rap game.

follow on Instagram: @Riff Raff and watch on Youtube: Riff Raff

19. Yung Pinch

The Huntington Beach native Yung Pinch may be under rap fans’ radar, but with a catalog that includes songs like “Look Like”, “Rock With Us”, or “When I Was Young” Yung Pinch has gradually made his way into consideration as one of the top West Coast rap artists.

follow on Instagram: @Yung Pinch and watch on Youtube: Yung Pinch

20. Chanel West Coast

While mostly known for co-hosting MTV’s Ridiculousness, Chanel West Coast’s rap career has somewhat been in the shadows of her television career. Despite being overlooked, Chanel West Coast has a solid catalog of music and a decent resume of accomplishments.

follow on Instagram: @ChanelWestCoast and watch on Youtube: Chanel West Coast

21. Chris Webby

A true veteran and a true hip hop artist, being involved in rap music is not just a trend for Chris Webby. With a career dating back to the late 2000s, Chris Webby may not be the most notarized rap star, but he has showcased that he is the most passionate and the most hardworking.

follow on Instagram: @ChrisWebby and watch on Youtube: Chris Webby

22. Tay Money

A newcomer to the rap game, the North Texas native has become another representation for women in hip hop. With hit songs like “Trappers Delight”, “Bussin”, and “Brat”, Tay Money is only on the rise with much more expected from her career as an artist.

follow on Instagram: @Tay Money and watch on Youtube: Tay Money

23. Matt Ox

Holding his own in Philly should give insight into the artist by the name of Matt Ox. The young artist shook the rap world when he debuted in 2017 with the hit song “Overwhelming,” ever since Matt Ox has stayed consistent building a solid career.

follow on Instagram: @Matt Ox and watch on Youtube: Matt Ox

24. Caskey

Hailing from Central Florida’s Orange County, Caskey has moved beyond the point of trying to prove himself in the rap game. Well respected by peers and has reached multiple levels within the music industry, Caskey is one of hip hop’s most underrated artists.

follow on Instagram: @Caskey and watch on Youtube: Caskey

25. Mike.

One of New England’s top rap artists, and probably one of the most legendary citizens to ever come from Rhode Island, Mike Stud began his path into music as a Duke University baseball player. With over ten years under his belt, Mike Stud has come a long way from his debut song “College Humor”, released in 2010.

follow on Instagram: @Mike Stud and watch on Youtube: Mike Stud

Honorable Mention Artists:

Cal Scruby, follow on Instagram: @Cal Scruby and watch on Youtube: Cal Scruby

SK8, follow on Instagram: @SK8 and watch on Youtube: SK8

Gutta100, follow on Instagram: @Gutta 100 and watch more on Youtube: Gutta100

Lil Debbie, follow on Instagram: @Lil Debbie and watch on Youtube: Lil Debbie

MaxThaDemon, follow on Instagram: @MaxThaDemon and watch on Youtube: MaxThaDemon

Daddex, follow on Instagram: @Daddex and watch on Youtube: Daddex

SonReal, follow on Instagram: @SonReal and watch on Youtube: SonReal

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*If any artists are missing from the list or should be added email media@kulturevulturez.com