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List of the top Female neo soul Singers

Following the two eras of the 1990s and 2000s, female neo soul artists have often found themselves in the shadows of R&B and rap and hip hop music. Despite having lesser popularity, the soulful sounds of female neo soul singers from the United States to the United Kingdom have showcased some of the world’s best music.
Singing from the heart and from the soul, music that can have anyone enjoying the sound of love, pain, and joy, distinguishing between neo soul artists and mainstream rhythm and blues and pop artists displays are large gap between real authentic talent and creativity and the massive amounts of marketing dollars that are put into today’s mainstream artists.

The genre began its truest form during the 1980s with the likes of Sade, who was one of the U.K.’s top singers of the 1980s. But the artists of the 1990s are viewed as the originators of R&B’s soulful sound, male and female neo soul singers like Erykah Badu, Maxwell, Lauryn Hill, D’Angelo, among others. The popular sound continued into the 2000s included with artists like John Legend, Jill Scott, Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, KEM, Indie Arie, Musiq Soulchild, Anthony Hamilton, and various others.

Now, as we enter the 2020s, music has grown to new levels with female neo soul singers at the forefront of the global rise of R&B music. Witness the versatility of the likes of Jorja Smith, Yebba, Amber Mark, or Joy Crookes, artists with catalogs of various sounds, ranging from rhythm and blues and soul to pop and soul. Witness the peaceful sounds of artists like Raveena and Cleo Sol, soulful singers like Lianne La Havas and Mereba, the unique artistry and creativity of female neo soul artists like Celeste and Nao, or modern jazz and blues, neo jazz, with artists like Arlo Parks.

While overshadowed by the mainstream media’s heavy promotion of R&B, rap, and pop music, the best music is without doubt the large lineup of the 2020s’ most soulful singers. Timeless music, uplifting music, music of embracement and shelter for times of discomfort or confusion, the world’s top female neo soul singers provide more than just melodies over an instrumental.

Top 20 Neo Soul Female Artists

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1. Jorja Smith
Follow on Instagram: @Jorja Smith and watch on Youtube: Jorja Smith

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2. Yebba
Follow on Instagram: @Yebba and watch on Youtube: Yebba

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3. Lianne La Havas 
Follow on Instagram: @Lianne La Havas and watch on Youtube: Lianne La Havas

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4. Arlo Parks
Follow on Instagram: @Arlo Parks and watch on Youtube: Arlo Parks

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5. Celeste 
Follow on Instagram: @Celeste and watch on Youtube: Celeste

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6. NAO
Follow on Instagram: @NAO and watch on Youtube: NAO

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7. Joy Crookes 
Follow on Instagram: @Joy Crookes and watch on Youtube: Joy Crookes

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8. Raveena 
Follow on Instagram: @Raveena and watch on Youtube: Raveena

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9. Amber Mark
Follow on Instagram: @Amber Mark and watch on Youtube: Amber Mark

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10. Mereba
Follow on Instagram: @Mereba and watch on Youtube: Mereba

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11. Cleo Sol 
Follow on Instagram: @Cleo Sol and watch more on Youtube: Cleo Sol

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12. Greentea Peng
Follow on Instagram: @Greentea Peng and watch on Youtube: Greentea Peng

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13. Arlissa
Follow on Instagram: @Arlissa and watch on Youtube: Arlissa

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14. Olivia Dean
Follow on Instagram: @Olivia Dean and watch on Youtube: Olivia Dean

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15. alex isley
Follow on Instagram: @alex isley and watch on Youtube: alex isley

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16. Hope Tala
Follow on Instagram: @Hope Tala and watch on Youtube: Hope Tala

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17. Lion Babe
Follow on Instagram: @LionBabe and watch on Youtube: Lion Babe

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18. Pip Millett 
Follow on Instagram: @Pip Millett and watch on Youtube: Pip Millett

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19. Ravyn Lenae
Follow on Instagram: @Ravyn Lenae and watch on Youtube: Ravyn Lenae

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20. Kirby
Follow on Instagram: @Kirby and watch on Youtube: Kirby

Honorable Mention Female neo soul artists:

Asiahn Instagram: @Asiahn and Youtube: Asiahn

Madison Ryann Ward Instagram: @Madison Ryann Ward and Youtube: Madison Ryann Ward

Olivia Dean Instagram: @Olivia Dean and Youtube: Olivia Dean

Biig Piig Instagram: @Biig Piig and Youtube: Biig Piig

Eloise Instagram: @Eloise and Youtube: Eloise

Kelsey Lou Instagram: @Kelsey Lou and Youtube: Kelsey Lou

fana hues Instagram: @fana hues and Youtube: fana hues

– Rimon Instagram: @Rimon and Youtube: Rimon

Niia Instagram: @Niia and Youtube: Niia

lady wray Instagram: @lady wray and Youtube: lady wray

Poppy Ajudha Instagram: @Poppy Ajudha and Youtube: Poppy Ajudha

– Ambré  Instagram: @Ambré  and Youtube: Ambré

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