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List of Best Japanese Female R&B Singers

In a country with many cultures and traditions has arrived one of Asia’s top rhythm and blues music scenes, a music scene of gifted Japanese R&B singers. From J-Pop, Japanese pop music, to Japanese hip-hop to Japanese rock music, there are a number of thriving genres throughout Japan. Through the crowded industry of hundreds of musicians has risen the musical cleverness and the one of kind artistic abilities of Japanese female R&B singers.

Some of the first remnants of Japanese R&B singers were the soul, funk, disco, and even pop singers, known as “City Pop,” of Japan during the 1970s and the 1980s. Artists like Mariya Takeuchi, Seiko Matsuda, Anri, Toshiki Kadomatsu, Yumi Matsutoya, Rajie, Taeko Onuki, Hi-Fi Set, Junko Ohasi, Kiyotaka Sugiyama, Hiroshi Sato, Miki Matsubara, Minako Yoshida, or Amii Ozaki were a few of the earliest rhythm and soul artists of Japan. From Japan superstars, legends, and all-time sellers to Japanese artists that reached success within a specific niche of music, Japanese R&B music was born during the 1970s and 1980s.

While the 1970s and the 1980s were filled with talented Japanese soul and funk singers, or at least artists that implemented the soul and funk sound into their music, the 1990s and most importantly the 2000s was the era where Japanese R&B singers began to solidify their stance in the company of other genres and popular artists in Japan.

In Japan, the 2000s helped raise Japanese female R&B singers like Hikaru Utada, Kumi Koda, Crystal Kay, SOULHEAD, Hitomi, Asako Toki, Beni, Sowelu, Heartsdales, Thelma Aoyama, MISIA, Miliyah, Azu, Jamosa, pukkey, Lisa Yamaguchi, Rie Yoshizawa, and Jyongri to the forefront of rhythm and blues.

Now, arriving into the 2020s, Japanese female R&B singers may not have the notoriety or the following and popularity as their male counterparts or artists of other genres, but they are Japan’s most versatile talent. A repertoire of ballads and love songs, modern J-Pop, and the traditional R&B sound, there is no sound or style that women into today’s music of Pop/R&B  cannot master or there is nothing that the talent level of the dozen rising artists cannot accomplish and achieve with their distinctive ways of artistically expressing themselves.

Top 15 Japanese Female R&B Singers

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1. Eill
Follow on Instagram: @Eill, Watch on YouTube: Eill, and Listen on Spotify: Eill

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2. Iri
Follow on Instagram: @Iri, Watch on YouTube: Iri, and Listen on Spotify: Iri

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3. chiaki sato
Follow on Instagram: @chiaki sato, Watch on YouTube: chiaki sato, and Listen on Spotify: chiaki sato

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4. RIRI 
Follow on Instagram: @RIRI, Watch on YouTube: RIRI, and Listen on Spotify: RIRI

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5. kiki vivi lily
Follow on Instagram: @kiki vivi lily, Watch on YouTube: kiki vivi lily, and Listen on Spotify:  kiki vivi lily

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Follow on Instagram: @MIREI, Watch on YouTube: MIREI, and Listen on Spotify: MIREI

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7. ao
Follow on Instagram: @ao, Watch on YouTube: ao, and Listen on Spotify: ao

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8. Liza
Follow on Instagram: @Liza, Watch on YouTube: Liza, and Listen on Spotify: Liza

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9. Jasmine
Follow on Instagram: @Jasmine, Watch on YouTube: Jasmine, and Listen on Spotify: Jasmine

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10. KIRA
Follow on Instagram: @KIRA, Watch on YouTube: KIRA, and Listen on Spotify: KIRA

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11. furui riho
Follow on Instagram: @furui riho, Watch on YouTube: furui riho, and Listen on Spotify: furui riho

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12. L-Baby
Follow on Instagram: @L-Baby, Watch on YouTube: L-Baby, and Listen on Spotify: L-Baby

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Follow on Instagram: @KAHOH, Watch on YouTube: KAHOH, and Listen on Spotify: KAHOH

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14. baby kiy
Follow on Instagram: @baby kiy, Watch on YouTube: baby kiy, and Listen on Spotify: baby kiy

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15. Aisha
Follow on Instagram: @Aisha, Watch on YouTube: Aisha, and Listen on Spotify: Aisha

Honorable Mention Japanese Female R&B Singers:

Aimi Instagram: @Aimi and YouTube: Aimi

MALIYA Instagram: @MALIYA and YouTube: MALIYA

Sincere Instagram: @Sincere and YouTube: Sincere

SARA-J Instagram: @SARA-J and YouTube: SARA-J

Moeki Instagram: @Moeki and YouTube: Moeki

MoMo Instagram: @MoMo and YouTube: MoMo

Sala Instagram: @Sala and YouTube: Sala

misato ono Instagram: @misato ono and YouTube: misato ono

 XinU Instagram: @XinU and YouTube: XinU

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