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List of Best Korean R&B Female Singers

While South Korea has almost entirely dominated the music headlines through numerous of K-Pop stars and bands, there is a hidden secret within the country’s borders, a secret of gifted female Korean R&B artists. With Western culture influences, rhythm and blues in South Korea has been on a swift rise, despite being overshadowed by the popularity of K-Pop boy and girl groups that have recently grabbed the world’s attention.

Among the top Korean R&B female singers has been artist HwaSa. Former leader of K-Pop group Mamamoo, HwaSa starred in her role as a key member of one of the top K-Pop bands during their run. Switching gears into a solo career by 2018, HwaSa has now become the most standout talent of female Korean R&B artists. Arguably one of South Korea’s most notable stars and often praised and highlighted by dozens of achievements, HwaSa’s pop stardom has been a major contribution to the growing market of R&B music in South Korea.

While HwaSa often steals the spotlight, her success should not eclipse the lineup of talented female Korean R&B singers. A roster of singers like veteran LeeHi, who often experiments with various sounds, from jazzy rhythm and blues to soulful ballads. Artists like Hyolyn, a veteran star that has been winning fans over with her exuberant style of music. Pioneering women like Jamie, who has been breaking through the barriers of Korean music since her early days as a teenager.

A lineup of gifted singers that ranges from the smooth and chill sounds of Suran to the ballads of one of Korea’s most successful pop artists to date, Yerin Baek. A selection of seasoned female Korean R&B artists like Kwon Jin Ah, Moon Sujin, Hoody and SOLE who have all conquered all realms of the rhythm and blues sound, each adding their own unique ingredients into the Korean R&B music scene.

Alongside the veterans are a slew of newcomers, each showcasing absolutely no limitation on their artistic abilities. Singers like BIBI, SAAY, Seori, and meenoi are among the top rising stars of South Korea. All unique and all offer something separate from each other with creative skills that stand miles apart from other Korean R&B female singers.

With the uptick in popularity of rhythm and blues music and K-Pop becoming a powerhouse in the world’s music scene, R&B music in South Korea has only just begun with a future that seems almost destine of becoming the world’s next sensation in entertainment.

Top 20 Female Korean R&B Artists

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1. HwaSa
Follow on Instagram: @HwaSa, Watch on YouTube: HwaSa, Listen on Spotify: HwaSa

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2. LeeHi
Follow on Instagram: @LeeHi, Watch on YouTube: LeeHi, Listen on Spotify: LeeHi

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Follow on Instagram: @BIBI, Watch on YouTube: BIBI, Listen on Spotify: BIBI

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4. Hyolyn
Follow on Instagram: @Hyolyn, Watch on YouTube: Hyolyn, Listen on Spotify: Hyolyn

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Follow on Instagram: @HEIZE, Watch on YouTube: HEIZE, Listen on Spotify: HEIZE

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6. Jamie
Follow on Instagram: @Jamie, Watch on YouTube: Jamie, Listen on Spotify: Jamie

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7. Yerin Baek
Follow on Instagram: @Yerin Baek, Watch on YouTube: Yerin Baek, Listen on Spotify: Yerin Baek

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Follow on Instagram: @SAAY, Watch on YouTube: SAAY, Listen on Spotify: SAAY

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9. Seori
Follow on Instagram: @Seori, Watch on YouTube: Seori, Listen on Spotify: Seori

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10. Sole
Follow on Instagram: @Sole, Watch on YouTube: Sole, Listen on Spotify: Sole

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11. Suran
Follow on Instagram: @Suran, Watch on YouTube: Suran, Listen on Spotify: Suran

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12. Hoody
Follow on Instagram: @Hoody, Watch on YouTube: Hoody, Listen on Spotify: Hoody

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13. meenoi
Follow on Instagram: @meenoi, Watch on YouTube: meenoi, Listen on Spotify: meenoi

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14. Kwon Jin Ah
Follow on Instagram: @Kwon Jin Ah, Watch on YouTube: Kwon Jin Ah, Listen on Spotify: Kwon Jin Ah

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Follow on Instagram: @HA:TFELT, Watch on YouTube: HA:TFELT, Listen on Spotify: HA:TFELT

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16. DeVita
Follow on Instagram: @DeVita, Watch on YouTube: DeVita, Listen on Spotify: DeVita

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17. Moon Sujin
Follow on Instagram: @Moon Sujin, Watch on YouTube: Moon Sujin, Listen on Spotify: Moon Sujin

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18. Minseo
Follow on Instagram: @Minseo, Watch on YouTube: Minseo, Listen on Spotify: Minseo

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19. Katie
Follow on Instagram: @Katie, Watch on YouTube: Katie, Listen on Spotify: Katie

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20. Miso
Follow on Instagram: @Miso, Watch on YouTube: Miso, Listen on Spotify: Miso

Honorable Mention Korean R&B Female Singers

youra Follow on Instagram: @youra and YouTube: youra

Leebada Follow on Instagram: @Leebada and YouTube: Leebada

jiselle Follow on Instagram: @jiselle and YouTube: jiselle

Summer Soul Follow on Instagram: @Summer Soul and YouTube: Summer Soul

Blue.D Follow on Instagram: @Blue.D and YouTube: Blue.D

LIM KIM Follow on Instagram: @LIM KIM and YouTube: LIM KIM

YESEO Follow on Instagram: @YESEO and YouTube: YESEO

Cherry Coke Follow on Instagram: @Cherry Coke and YouTube: Cherry Coke

OoOo Follow on Instagram: @OoOo and YouTube: OoOo

OuiOui Follow on Instagram: @OuiOui and YouTube: OuiOui

KittiB Follow on Instagram: @KittiB and YouTube: KittiB

Rosy Follow on Instagram: @Rosy and YouTube: Rosy

DAHEE Follow on Instagram: @DAHEE and YouTube: DAHEE

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