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Gangs in the Philippines

Gangs in the Philippines have been operating in the country for decades. Some of these gangs include the Akyat-Bahay Gang, Black Alley Mafia, Bahala Na Gang, Budol-Budol Gang, Dugo-Dugo Gang, and a number of others.

Although gangs were known for engaging in theft, also known as akyat-bahay, extortion, and violence, their primary focus appeared to be narcotics trafficking, or at least stated by the local authorities. The Philippines Drug War witnessed a significant decline in Filipino gangs due to operations such as Oplan Tokhang and the relentless efforts of law enforcement. With widespread arrests and numerous gang members mercilessly killed on the streets by police and military personnel, the influence of gangs in the Philippines dwindled considerably.

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Oplan Tokhang and The Philippines Drug War

Oplan Tokhang, which stands for “Oplan Tuktok-Hangyo” in Filipino, is a controversial anti-drug campaign launched by the Philippine government in 2016. Under Oplan Tokhang, law enforcement agents, typically the Philippine National Police (PNP), visited homes of suspected drug users and dealers to force them to surrender.

However, the campaign has been criticized for its alleged excessive use of force, extrajudicial killings, and human rights violations. Numerous cases have been reported where suspects were killed during Tokhang operations, often under suspicious circumstances. These cases have drawn local and international criticism, with human rights groups and some international bodies questioning the legality and morality of Oplan Tokhang.

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Filipino Gangs of Today

Filipino gangs primarily engage in low-level criminal activities such as theft, crimes against women and other citizens, and various forms of petty violence and property crimes. Efforts to combat illegal drug trade have persisted, leading to numerous arrests in specific areas. The Philippines also grapples with the problem of overcrowded prisons, where many inmates remain imprisoned without being formally convicted. Additionally, the country’s correctional facilities have seen a significant number of deaths in recent times.

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The influential gangs in the Philippines are considered as organized crime syndicates. They engage in activities such as smuggling, extorting businesses, carrying out assassinations, and even manipulating politics by exerting influence over local officials.

These organized crime groups, whether they are of Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Filipino origin, operate in a manner similar to well-known organizations like the Triads (such as United Bamboo), the Yakuza or Filipino gangs like Kuratong Baleleng. Additionally, there is also a presence of Jihadist and terrorist groups and rebel militias such as New People’s Army, Civilian Volunteer Organization and Lost Command.

Street Filipino Gangs

The Philippines has a significant number of street gang members, including the batang hamog or street children and prison gangs. Although these Filipino gangs do not wield much influence on a larger scale, particularly with President Duterte’s crackdown on drugs, they still have a considerable presence both inside and outside of jail.

Dating back to the 1970s and 1980s, Filipino gangs have held territory on the West Coast, primarily in California. This has included the 6th Street area of San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood, the Crazys, Satanas, Temple Street in and around KoreanTown of Los Angeles, ABC Bloods outside of Los Angeles, or the presence of Bahala Na Gang in several cities.

Since the early 1900s, Filipino gangs have been active in the city. One of the most notorious has been Sigue Sigue Sputnik, who began around the 1960s in the Tondo neighborhood of Manila. Possibly the most influential has been the Bahala Na Gang. Beginning during the 1940s in the Sampaloc area, BNG influence eventually expanded into the Filipino communities of the United States.

Although there exist True Brown Style (TBS13), Waray Waray gangs, Sputnik rivals of Sigue Sigue Commandos, and many more, the prison gangs are equally extensive. These include Batang City Jail gang, Batang Cebu, and numerous others.

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