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The Los Angeles fashion scene among the urban community of blacks and Latinos in Los Angeles is a vibrant blend of cultural heritage and modern Los Angeles lifestyles. This community has a significant influence on the overall fashion landscape in the city, often setting trends that are adopted by the mainstream.

From streetwear to high fashion, their style is a unique mix of comfort, functionality, and bold aesthetics. Their fashion choices often reflect their cultural identities and social realities, bringing a distinct flavor to the Los Angeles fashion world. This has also led to an increase in black and Latino designers making their mark in the industry, further enriching the diversity of LA’s fashion scene.

Los Angeles Fashion and Lifestyle Trends

los angeles fashion

Dickie Suit

The Dickie suit has been a staple of the Los Angeles fashion scene for the urban and street culture for decades. Once associated with blue-collar jobs, this clothing item has transcended its original utility and embraced a trendy, urban appeal among the Los Angeles lifestyle.

It’s not uncommon to see Los Angeles’ trendsetters donning Dickie suits at various type of gatherings and get togethers, making it an interesting blend and very versatile type of fashion. As the city continues to be its own in style, the inclusion of the Dickie Suit in mainstream fashion culture is a testament to Los Angeles’ unique ability to transform and reinvent trends.

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Baseball Caps

In Los Angeles, a distinctive trend among the streets of Los Angeles is the use of baseball hats as a form of identity and community pride. These hats, often representing various local affiliations and tribes, are more than just fashion accessories.

They serve as a subtle emblem of their neighborhood affiliation, representing the diversity and unique culture of each district within the city. This practice underscores the deep sense of community within these neighborhoods, reinforcing bonds and solidarity among its members.

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Chola Fashion

The Los Angeles lifestyle within the Cholas is deeply rooted in Mexican culture. The culture is a vibrant and expressive style often adopted by Mexican women. It emerged from the streets of East Los Angeles among Mexican-American gangs and has since evolved into a bold statement of identity and resistance.

This Los Angeles fashion style is characterized by dark lipstick, heavy eyeliner, flannel shirts, baggy pants, and bandana accessories. The style challenges societal norms, offering a unique blend of traditional Mexican aesthetics with urban influences. Despite its controversial origins, Chola fashion has permeated mainstream culture and continues to influence global fashion trends.

Nike Cortez / Chuck Taylor

In the city of Los Angeles, footwear fashion is considered a statement on the streets. Converse Chuck Taylor and Nike Cortez shoes are among the most popular choices preferred by the natives.

The iconic Converse Chuck Taylor, with its classic design and comfortable fit, has become an LA wardrobe staple for many years. On the other hand, Nike Cortez, with its striking design and comfort, appeals to the sporty and stylish crowd of the city. Both brands have successfully established themselves as symbols of LA’s diverse and dynamic fashion scene.

los angeles fashion

Cholo Fashion

Cholo fashion, originated from Mexican men, is a unique Los Angeles lifestyle that carries a strong cultural significance. This style is deeply rooted in the Mexican American community and is often associated with the tough street culture of the barrios where it first emerged.

Traditional Cholo Los Angeles fashion includes elements such as oversized flannel shirts, baggy pants, and bandanas, often paired with sunglasses and a shaved head. This iconic style has transcended its origins to influence mainstream fashion trends globally. Despite its association with gang culture, Cholo fashion stands as a testament to the resilience and strength of the Mexican American community.


Hoodie fashion has become a significant part of the wardrobes the urban fashion scene, especially in cooler weather. It is widely embraced for its versatility and comfort during the cool and chilly times in Los Angeles.

Many opt-in for customized designs that reflect personal style or community identity. This fashion piece transcends seasons, making it a year-round staple, but depending on the weather. From casual to sporty and even high-end designer hoodies, this fashion trend continues to evolve.

los angeles fashion

Loc Sunglasses

Loc sunglasses gained quite popularity during the 1980s and 1990s in the city’s gang culture, and has continued today. Popularized by Cholos and Chicanos, but also worn by people within the black community of Los Angeles, they are primarily known for their stylish looks that cater to a wide range of consumers, or Los Angeles natives.


Multiple gold chains, large shaped earrings, multiple rings, are just some of the jewelry worn by males in the streets of Los Angeles. Their choices often reflect a rich cultural heritage and strong individuality.

These pieces of jewelry have become prominent in the Los Angeles fashion scene, influencing trends and styles beyond the community. The jewelry not only serves as an accessory but as a powerful tool of self-expression and cultural pride among African American males in Los Angeles.

Khaki and Jean Shorts

In Los Angeles, a city known for its diverse cultural landscape and fashion-forward inhabitants, a popular trend has emerged among women. These women have been increasingly seen embracing the casual chic appeal of khaki and jean shorts.

This versatile wardrobe staple of Los Angeles fashion provides comfort, functionality, and a sense of style that effortlessly blends with the laid-back yet trendy atmosphere of the city.

Sundress and Maxi Dress

Outside of the street culture in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, sundress and maxi dress fashion is an integral part of women’s style. These dresses, known for their comfort and versatility, are a testament to the relaxed yet chic aesthetic that defines LA fashion.

The sundress, with its lightweight fabric and airy design, is perfect for daytime outings and beach trips, reflecting the city’s sunny climate. The maxi dress, on the other hand, offers a more elegant option, ideal for evening events or more formal occasions. The fluidity and elongated silhouette of the maxi dress make it a popular choice among LA women seeking a blend of sophistication and comfort.

los angeles fashion

Long Socks

The trend of wearing long length socks among black and Latino males has been popular for quite some time in Los Angeles. This fashion statement, initially propelled by athletes for its practical benefits, has now permeated mainstream street and urban culture.

Men across the city are pairing these longer socks with shorts, sports gear, highlighting their personal style. The trend can be seen amongst various age groups, from teenagers to mature adults, exhibiting its universal appeal of this Los Angeles lifestyle trend. It’s a testament to Los Angeles’ dynamic fashion scene that effortlessly blends functionality with style.

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Pendleton Flannels and Plaid Shirt

The plaid shirt fashion was a significant style trend among African American and Hispanic males in Los Angeles during the 1980s and 1990s. It was a street style characterized by large, oversized plaid shirts, often worn either unbuttoned, buttoned at the top, or completely buttoned.

This Los Angeles fashion trend was more than just a preference, but it was a symbol of cultural identity. The plaid shirt trend was often associated with the streets and at center of the rise of gangster rap and gangster culture. As of today, this fashion statement remains an iconic representation of that era’s youth culture.

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Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings have been an important accessory to women’s fashion in Los Angeles for many years. These accessories are more than just a fashion statement; they are a symbol of cultural identity and personal expression.

The tradition of wearing hoop earrings has been passed down through generations, representing a connection to their roots. From small, subtle hoops to large, ornate ones, the style varies as much as the women who wear them.

Leisure / Sportswear

Leisurewear, which includes sweatpants and basketball shorts are popular casual attire in Los Angeles. Favored for their comfort and ease of movement, have become not just a staple for daily Los Angeles lifestyle, but also at times a must wear for the average sunny day in the city of Los Angeles.

They reflect an intersection of sports, leisure, and style that is characteristic of the diverse and dynamic community in LA. This trend has even influenced the broader fashion industry, with designers incorporating elements of this laid-back, athletic aesthetic into their collections.

los angeles fashion

Fitted T-Shirts

In Los Angeles, the trend of women wearing small short sleeve fitted t-shirts is quite prominent. This style of casual wear perfectly complements the city’s warm climate and laid-back atmosphere.

These fitted t-shirts emphasize both comfort and style, making them a staple in the daily fashion choices of many LA women. From strolling down the beach to navigating the city’s vibrant streets, these t-shirts serve as a versatile piece of clothing that easily blends with the dynamic Los Angeles lifestyle.

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In Los Angeles, lowriders have evolved from being just vehicles to cultural symbols. These customized cars, with their body lowered closer to the road, represent an artistic expression of the city’s diverse and vibrant communities.

The visual spectacle of lowriders cruising down the iconic streets of Los Angeles is not just a display of creativity, but also a testament to the rich cultures of the city. Their designs and unique modifications embody a distinct urban feel, making lowriders an important part of the Los Angeles lifestyle.

Jheri Curl

The Jheri Curl hairstyle, a prominent trend in the 1980s and 1990s, holds a significant place in Los Angeles’ cultural history. It was popularized by African American celebrities and was emblematic of the city’s vibrant hip-hop culture.

This distinctive style involved the use of chemicals to create glossy, loosely curled hair, symbolizing a departure from traditional Afro hairstyles. Despite its decline in popularity, the Jheri Curl remains a noteworthy part of the history of Los Angeles lifestyle, reflecting the city’s stylistic trends.

Hair Nets

The fashion style of wearing hair nets among Hispanic men in Los Angeles was a popular trend during the 1980s and 1990s. This trend, rooted in cultural traditions and historical context, serves as not only a practical hairstyle management tool but also an expression of identity.

It was embraced by individuals across different age groups, and often seen in various social gatherings and community events. While the hair net trend might seem unconventional to some, it became an integral part of the style landscape in the Hispanic community within the traditions of the Los Angeles lifestyle.

Biscuits and Croker Sacks

During the 1970s and possibly into the 1980s, a distinctive trend emerged among African American males in Los Angeles was the slip-on shoes known as Biscuits, and for the Mexican community it was the Croaker Sacks. These styles were noted for simple designs and exceptional quality, becoming a staple in the fashion scene of this cultural group.

Pachuco Hats

Pachuco hats, also known as zoot suit hats, have a deeply rooted cultural significance among the Mexican community in Los Angeles. These broad-brimmed hats are a distinctive element of the Pachuco style that emerged during the early 20th century, symbolizing a strong sense of identity and defiance against mainstream culture.

The hats were initially often paired with zoot suits, a style of suit that also carries historical and cultural significance within the Hispanic community. Despite modern trends, these Pachuco hats continue to be an iconic representation of cultural identity and resilience among the Hispanics of Los Angeles.

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