Milwaukee Gangs Map

Map and Tour of the Milwaukee Hoods

Take a scroll through this large Midwest city with a map highlighting the Milwaukee hoods on the city’s North Side, East Side, and even the Hispanic area of the South Side. A place where Milwaukee gangs have aligned themselves with the nations out of Chicago, the streets of Milwaukee have become well known since their rise during the 1970s and 1980s.

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The map above highlights the main sections of the hoods and urban areas of Wisconsin’s largest city, to go along with brief history and information about each community.

While every city has neighborhoods, the Milwaukee hoods are mostly claimed and represented by the street, meaning the likes of Center Street, Burleigh, Hampton, Capitol Drive, and so on.

The city also has multiple housing projects, ranging from the downtown area of Hillside, and expanding to the far North Side along Silver Spring in the old Westlawn, to Brown Deer Road and the Meadows.

While there are multiple Milwaukee gangs, like Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, and multiple Chicago Hispanic gangs, the exact location of most have not been identified yet, other than the 4Block, which seems to have had a Gangster Disciples presence. The map is still being updated as some of the hoods and their names and affiliations may be outdated in some areas.

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