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Top 12 Milwaukee Rappers: 2021’s Best Rappers from Milwaukee List

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Top Milwaukee Rappers:

A List of the Top Rappers from Milwaukee

Check out a number of underground and up and coming male and female Milwaukee rappers that represent the Mil Town and have been generating a buzz for the city.  Rappers from Milwaukee have not made a major impact in the music industry as far as nationwide exposure, at least not yet, other than artists like Coo Coo Cal who blew up with the hit single “My Projects”.

Today, in this generation there is a rising rap scene of Milwaukee rappers who are on the verge of making Milwaukee the hottest city in the Midwest.  While some of the local rap styles may sound similar to Detroit or even Chicago, the city adds its own unique flavor into the rap game.  This list below shows the hottest rappers from Milwaukee and gives a good example and an inside look of the true Milwaukee rap scene.

Top Milwaukee Rappers

1. Lakeyah follow on Instagram: @Lakeyah and watch on Youtube: Lakeyah

2. DC The Don Follow on Instagram: @DC The Don and watch on Youtube: DC The Don

3. Mari Mula Mar follow on Instagram: @Mula Mar and watch on Youtube: Mula Mar

4. Solowke follow on Instagram: @Solowke and watch on Youtube: Solowke

5. Chicken P follow on Instagram: @Chicken P and watch on Youtube: Chicken P

6. YBN Kenny follow on Instagram: @YBN_Kenny and watch on Youtube: YBN Kenny 

7. Cap Drive Montana Follow on Instagram: @CapDrive Montana and watch on Youtube: Cap Drive Montana

8. 54 Baby Trey follow on Instagram: @54 Baby Trey and watch on Youtube: 54 Baby Trey

9 Destinee Lynn, follow on Instagram: @Destinee Lynn and watch on Youtube: Destinee Lynn

10. LBM OneWay follow on Instagram: @LBM OneWay and watch on Youtube: LBM OneWay

11. Lil Tre follow on Instagram: @Lil Tre and watch on Youtube: Lil Tre

12. Spidey Mayweather follow on Instagram: @Spidey Mayweather and watch on Youtube: Spidey Mayweather

Honorable Mention Milwaukee Rappers

YPN Dougie Follow on Instagram: @YPN Dougie and watch on Youtube: YPN Dougie

Big Wan, follow on Instagram: @Big Wan and watch on Youtube: Big Wan

3hirtyK, follow on Instagram: @3hirtyK and watch on Youtube: 3hirty K

YPN KES, follow on Instagram: @YPN Kes and watch on Youtube: YPN Kes

Gwapo Chapo follow on Instagram: @Gwapo Chapo and watch on Youtube: Gwapo Chapo

IshDARR, follow on Instagram: @IshDARR and watch videos on Youtube: Ish DARR

Top Milwaukee Rap Youtube Channels

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*Unofficial Order, with the more popular artists that have the larger followers and subscribers, along with releasing the most recent music, being near the top.

*If any artists are missing from the list or should be added email media@kulturevulturez.com