Top Milwaukee Rappers:

List of Top Rappers from Milwaukee

With Milwaukee rappers arriving on top of the Midwest rap scene, there has been a strong presence of rappers from Milwaukee in today’s era of hip hop. From national artists with nationwide success to the local and regional rappers on a swift rise, Milwaukee has provided hip hop a diverse selection of artists, from male and female rappers to street and alternative hip hop artists. 

While years ago, Milwaukee made a small impact in hip hop with the nationwide exposure of Coo Coo Cal’s “My Projects” of 2001 and later with IshDarr signing with Yo Gotti’s CMG imprint but removed from those times much is unknown about the development of hip hop music in Milwaukee.

Today’s Top Milwaukee Rappers

After years of a dormant and inactive rap and hip-hop scene, Milwaukee rappers like Lakeyah have landed among the top tier stars of the rap game, especially after linking with Quality Control and releasing songs like “Female GOAT,” “Too Much,” and “Mind Your Business.” DC The Don, the alternative rap heavy hitter has not only shown growth as an artist but has displayed a unique level of creativity that often lacks in today’s industry. While men have always been the main players of hip-hop, female rappers like Destinee Lynn kickstarted her career long before it became a trend and is currently continuing her stance in todays hip-hop.

Locally, rappers from Milwaukee have conquered all corners of the local market, but also Milwaukee rappers have gained a presence regionally in places like Chicago, Detroit, Ohio, and Minnesota. This includes rappers like Solowke, a vet of Milwaukee’s rap scene who gained popularity with songs like “I Ain’t Gon Front” and “Outta Sight Outta Mind.” With his foot on the pedal, Chicken P has been nonstop since debuting in 2016 as Lil Chicken. The longevity of Mula Mar has led him to becoming one of the pioneers of the region, popularizing a certain style of rap.

When the hazards of the environment, whether incarceration or violence, cannot keep rappers like Cap Drive Montana, YBN Kenny, or Spidey Mayweather from prevailing, when the rise of new faces to the hip hop scene of rappers from Milwaukee like MarijuanaXO, Mike Mike, and SME Taxfree are furthering the growth Milwaukee hip-hop, or when artists like Looney Babie had one of the hottest songs with one of the hottest artists in the rap game, then one can understand the advance of rap music in Milwaukee.

Top Milwaukee Rappers

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1. Lakeyah follow on Instagram: @Lakeyah and watch on Youtube: Lakeyah

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2. DC The Don Follow on Instagram: @DC The Don and watch on Youtube: DC The Don

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3. Destinee Lynn follow on Instagram: @Destinee Lynn and watch on Youtube: Destinee Lynn

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4. Solowke follow on Instagram: @Solowke and watch on Youtube: Solowke

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5. Chicken P follow on Instagram: @Chicken P and watch on Youtube: Chicken P

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6. Mike Mike follow on Instagram: @Mike Mike and watch on Youtube: Mike Mike

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7. MarijuanaXO follow on Instagram: @MarijuanaXO and watch on Youtube: MarijuanaXO

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8. 54 Baby Trey follow on Instagram: @54 Baby Trey and watch on Youtube: 54 Baby Trey

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9. Mari Mula Mar follow on Instagram: @Mula Mar and watch on Youtube: Mula Mar

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10. Cap Drive Montana Follow on Instagram: @CapDrive Montana and watch on Youtube: Cap Drive Montana

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11. YBN Kenny follow on Instagram: @YBN Kenny and watch on Youtube: YBN Kenny

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12. SME Taxfree follow on Instagram: @SME Taxfree and watch on Youtube: SME Taxfree

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13. Gwapo Chapo follow on Instagram: @Gwapo Chapo and watch on Youtube: Gwapo Chapo

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14. Spidey Mayweather Follow on nstagram: @Spidey Mayweather and watch on Youtube: Spidey Mayweather

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15. jaja p Follow on nstagram: @jaja p and watch on Youtube: jaja p

Honorable Mention Milwaukee Rappers

Looney Baby Instagram: @Looney Baby and Youtube: Looney Baby

LBM OneWay Instagram: @LBM OneWay and Youtube: LBM OneWay

Lil Axion Instagram: @Lil Axion and Youtube: Lil Axion

Big Wan Instagram: @Big Wan and Youtube: Big Wan

YPN Dougie Instagram: @YPN Dougie and Youtube: YPN Dougie

YPN KES Instagram: @YPN Kes and Youtube: YPN Kes

Spanish Rice Instagram: @Spanish Rice and Youtube: Spanish Rice

Jay Cashh Instagram: @Jay Cashh and Youtube: Jay Cashh

Raised Round Bosses Instagram: @Raised Round Bosses and Youtube: Raised Round Bosses

Big Haulin Instagram: @Big Haulin and Youtube: Big Haulin

Top Milwaukee Rap Youtube Channels

Christian Roby


Rich Nerd Productions

Phat Phat Productions

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