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Top 20 Detroit Rappers: 2022’s Best Rappers from Detroit List

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Top Detroit Rappers

List of the 20 Best Rappers from Detroit

A city with one of the country’s most unique cultures that has often been copied and imitated by many, especially since the days of Big Meech and the BMF, now has dozens of Detroit rappers that are taking over the rap game and bringing the Detroit lifestyle and culture through rap music to the masses.

With numerous Detroit hip hop pioneers, like Blade Icewood, Street Lord Juan and the Street Lordz, Slum Village, Chedda Boyz, Trick Trick, Proof of D12, Big Herk, Esham, and too many more to name, it has already been proven that Detroit rappers consist of having the much needed talent to not only hold their own, but to higher reach levels of the music industry.

With top producers like Helluva, Antt Beatz, or Mac Back on da Track who produce that exclusive Detroit sound of up-tempo and fast-paced beats with heavy bass, or with artists like Big Sean, Eminem, Dej Loaf, and Tee Grizzley who at their peak were at the very top of the rap game, it is only right for the the city of Detroit to be at the very top of today’s hip hop scene.

For those who never had the chance to experience or even witness Detroit’s culture viewing the top rappers from Detroit and the local rap scene is the next best thing than visiting the city.  From the buffs and the fashion, to the flashiness and the flamboyant personas, to the mind state of hustlers and go getters, Detroit rappers make sure to display their culture and their culture only through their music, videos, and performances.

As mentioned, for the longest Detroit’s rap scene had gone unnoticed with only Eminem being the headline of the city, but eventually that changed. Big Sean, who debuted during the early 2010s through Kanye West’s GOOD Music, emerged into becoming one of the biggest rap artists of the decade. Young Jeezy’s cosign of the Doughboyz Cashout, a group that featured several West Side artists like Payroll Giovanni, Big Quis, and others, brought further attention to the city. The 2014 hit song “Try Me” shed more light into the city through Dej Loaf, while Tee Grizzley’s 2016 hit “First Day Out” truly kickstarted Detroit’s nationwide stance in the rap game. Now the city of Detroit is on top of the rap game.

Top 20 Detroit Rappers

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1.  Big Sean, follow on Instagram: @Big Sean and watch on Youtube: Big Sean

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2. Tee Grizzley, follow on Instagram: @Tee Grizzley and watch on Youtube: Tee Grizzley 

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3. 42 Dugg, follow on Instagram: @42 Dugg and watch on Youtube: 42 Dugg

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4. Babyface Ray, follow on Instagram: @Babyface Ray and watch on Youtube: Babyface Ray

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5. Kash Doll, follow on Instagram: @KashDoll and watch on Youtube: Kash Doll

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6. Icewear Vezzo, follow on Instagram: @Icewear Vezzo and watch on Youtube: Icewear Vezzo

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7. Sada Baby, follow on Instagram: @Sada Baby and watch on Youtube: Sada Baby

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8. Peezy, follow on Instagram: @Peezy and watch on Youtube: Peezy

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9. Payroll Giovanni, follow on Instagram: @Payroll Giovanni  and watch on Youtube: Payroll Giovanni

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10. Baby Smoove, follow on Instagram: @BabySmoove and watch on Youtube: Baby Smoove

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11. Bandgang Lonnie, follow on Instagram: @BG Lonnie and watch on Youtube:Bandgang Lonnie

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12. Cash Kidd, follow on Instagram: @Cash Kidd and watch on Youtube: Cash Kidd

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13. FMB DZ, follow on Instagram: @FMB DZ and watch on Youtube: FMB DZ

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14. G.T. , follow on Instagram: @G.T.  and watch on Youtube: G.T.

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15. BabyTron, follow on Instagram: @BabyTron and watch on Youtube: BabyTron

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16. Drego, follow on Instagram: @Drego and watch on Youtube: Drego

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17. RMC Mike, follow on Instagram: @RMC Mike and watch on Youtube: RMC Mike

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18. Allstar JR, follow on Instagram: @allstar jr  and watch on Youtube: AllStar JR

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19. Dame Dot, follow on Instagram: @Dame Dot and watch on Youtube: DameDot

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20. Boldy James, follow on Instagram: @Boldy James and watch on Youtube: Boldy James

Honorable Mention Rappers from Detroit:

Molly Brazy Instagram: @Molly Brazy and Youtube: Molly Brazy

VEEZE Instagram: @VEEZE and Youtube: VEEZE

Dam Jon Boi Instagram: @DamJonBoi and Youtube: DamJonBoi

Baby Money Instagram: @Baby Money and Youtube: Baby Money

Jaiswan Instagram: @Jaiswan and Youtube: Jaiswan

Snap Dogg Instagram: @SnapDogg  and Youtube: Snap Dogg

shredgang mone Instagram: @shredgang mone and Youtube: shredgang mone

Big Quis Instagram: @Big Quis and Youtube: Big Quis

Krispylife Kidd Instagram: @Krispylife Kidd and Youtube: Krispylife Kidd

Top Detroit Rap YouTube channels:

4Sho Magazine    |    Jerry Production

Seven Mile P    |    KFree313

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

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