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Map and Tour of Detroit Gangs

Detroit is the embodiment of “If you can make it here, then you can make it anywhere.” The streets of the Detroit hoods have fostered numerous entrepreneurs, businessmen, and streetwise hustlers, and not just the stereotypical member of Detroit gangs.

The Detroit hoods saw an influx of hustlers in the 1970s, transitioning from the Italian Mob, also known as the Detroit Partnership, that had been in power since Prohibition. Blaze Marzette was one of the first legends of the underworld, while Frank Nitti and Murder Row and Young Boys Incorporated helped lead the transition. During the 1980s, the crack era led to an increase in street crews, such as Big Ed’s, D. Holloway’s, Maserati Rick’s, and the Pony Down, Powell Brothers, and Chambers Brothers.

Big Meech and Southwest T would become the most known, bringing the BMF brand from the West Side of Detroit to nationwide. Murder for hire was also a notable hustle with groups like the Brown Brothers and Best Friends during the 1980s and individuals like C. Jones, who has been linked to over 50 homicides, and C. Campbell, was one of the first hitmen in Detroit, working as early as the 1950s.

Detroit’s history was originally shaped by the migration of black southerners in the early 1900s, seeking employment opportunities and a better life. Racism, prejudice and discrimination were rampant in the city, culminating in the 1967 Detroit Riots, a week-long uprising that destroyed hundreds of businesses.

As a result, many white families left the city for Oakland County, leading to 8 Mile Road becoming the racial dividing line between Detroit and its suburbs. The population loss in Detroit has contributed to its ultimate decline. Despite recent attempts to revitalize downtown Detroit, many of its neighborhoods have yet to see any rebuilding, leading to further population drops.

With the streets divided between the East Side and West Side, among other sections like Southwest, there is a much history in the streets of Detroit. The map below showcases many of all of the Detroit hoods, the Detroit gangs, and as well history.

Map of Detroit Gangs & Hoods

*The above map was not created by, but constructed by the CrimeInTheD Reddit page.

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