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List of the Top Detroit R&B Artists

The city that brought the world the iconic era of Motown, has since moved away from its history of R&B and Soul music with one of Hip-Hop’s top rap scenes. Despite the popularity of rap music in the city, numerous Detroit R&B artists have established themselves in the music industry.

There was a moment of Detroit R&B singers through the 1980s and 2000s, like Aaliyah, BeBe & CeCe Winans, Dwele, Love Dollhouse, Mike Jay, K’Jon, and few others, following the days of Motown legends, which included The Temptations, Diana Ross and The Supremes, The Miracles, and Stevie Wonder. Now, singer Queen Naija is at the top of R&B, and Detroit has more than just a few emerging artists that are on a rise.

Top 7 Detroit R&B Singers

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1. Queen Naija

Queen Naija, a talented individual who was initially known for her success as a rising star on YouTube, has now established herself as a top R&B artist in the music industry. Even though she continues to release vlogs on YouTube, it was only in 2018 when her music career began to soar after the launch of her EP titled Queen Naija.

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2. Quinn XCII

Officially beginning his career in 2014, Quinn XCII gained his first big break with the hit single “Another Day in Paradise”, released during 2015. A blend of genres, Quinn XCII is a steady dose of Pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop, among other genres. In all, Quinn XCII’s brand of music has easily traveled across nation, crossing through various demographics and fanbases.

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3. Ar’mon & Trey

While more than just a R&B duo, the two social media influencers and YouTubers have been displaying their many talents. From covering various songs on YouTube to releasing their first official song, “Breakdown,” which was an instant hit, Ar’mon & Trey have come ways to reaching hundreds of thousands of fans. While the brothers may not be household names, but with their lineup of hits, “Breakdown”, “Drown”, “Forever”, and “Right Back” with NBA YoungBoy, Ar’mon & Trey have a gained strong presence in R&B.

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4. Jayla Darden

Not only a talented singer with a beautiful voice, but Jayla Darden has showcased a range of musical abilities, including singing, songwriting, producing, and engineering.  Starting off as YouTuber producing and making beats, while also releasing music under her original trademark series Ideas, a series of music from song “Idea 378” to EP Ideas Vol.2, Jayla Darden has continued her journey in music with songs like “Demonstration,” “Onto Something,” “Exhausted My Option”, and more.

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5. Diamond White

Multitalented singer and actress, Diamond White is a gift to the world. She began her in music and entertainment early on, beginning as a contestant on X-Factor, and eventually having small acting and voiceover roles. Over the last few years, she has been independently releasing music, climbing the ranks of R&B.

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6. Neisha Neisha 

Known for the smash hit “I’ma Go Crazy”, rapper and singer Neisha Neisha has become a proper representation of Michigan and for strong women all over the world. Though from the small town of Ypsilanti, right outside of Detroit, Neisha Neisha had become one of most respected and admired Detroit R&B singers of today’s generation.

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7. Brielle Lesley

Detroit’s favorite, Brielle Lesley has been part of the city’s music scene since her 2015 release of “Karma”. Intertwined into the city’s hip-hop world, while also opening for numerous music legends, Brielle Lesley is Detroit’s one of a kind.

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Honorable Detroit R&B Artists

LaBritney Instagram: @LaBritney and YouTube: LaBritney

Kennie Instagram: @Kennie and YouTube: Kennie

RE Lxuise Instagram: @RE Lxuise and YouTube: RE Lxuise

con killion Instagram: @Con Killion and YouTube: Con Killion

N’Shai Iman Instagram: @N’Shai Iman and YouTube: N’Shai Iman

Paytra Instagram: @Paytra and YouTube: Paytra

Aaria Instagram: @Aaria and YouTube: Aaria

Jus Donny Instagram: @Jus Donny and YouTube: Jus Donny

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