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Top 15 St. Louis Rappers: 2022’s Best Rappers from The Lou

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Top St Louis Rappers

When most people think about the city of St Louis, or St Louis rappers in general, most always think of Nelly, along with Murphy Lee and the St Lunatics and Chingy, but the city has had much more talent that has been hidden from the public eye.

While many may know the national talent, the city has had a number of local hits and artists, like rappers from St Louis that included Sylk Smoove, Da Hol 9, Taylor Made, County Brown, Pretty Willie, Out of Order, Raw Reese, Vic Damone, Spaide Ripper and Ruka Puff, or top St Louis rap songs like “My Life Is Like a Whirlwind”, “Mobb Out”, “Nina Pop”, “Nikki”, or “Catch 22”.

St. Louis has always been a fast paced city, which has always fit the music that has been created.  Many of the locals may remember the days of the nightclubs on the East Side, like Club Casino and Club Mono, may reminisce about high school and teenage years at the local skate rinks like the Palace or teen clubs like Limelight, or think about the Sundays at Fairground and O’fallon parks, or downtown at the riverfront.  These examples can somewhat make sense of the past rap scene of St. Louis.

As mentioned, the city has always produced St Louis rappers that made club music and many only had one hit record, like J Kwon’s “Tipsy”, Huey’s “Pop, Lock & Drop It”, or Jibbs “Chain Hang Low.” Today, the city has a new era of artists that are showcasing and representing another side of St. Louis.  Below is a list of the top St Louis rappers of present day that are representing a more personal side of St Louis rather than making music for the clubs.

Top 15 Rappers from St Louis

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1. Smino follow on Instagram: @Smino and watch on Youtube: Smino

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2. 30 Deep Grimey follow on Instagram: @30 Deep Grimey and watch on Youtube: 30 Deep Grimey

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3. Big Boss vette follow on Instagram: @Big Boss vette and watch on Youtube: Big Boss vette

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4. Nuski2Squad follow on Instagram: @Nuski2Squad and watch on Youtube: Nuski2Squad

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5. 5ive follow on Instagram: @5ive and watch on Youtube: 5ive

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6. NWM Cee Murdaa follow on Instagram: @NWM Cee Murdaa and watch on Youtube: NWM Cee Murdaa

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7. Dee Huncho follow on Instagram @Dee Huncho and watch on YouTube: AMR Records

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8. LA4ss follow on Instagram: @La4ss and watch on YouTube: La4ss

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9. Sexyy Red follow on Instagram: @Sexyy Red and watch on Youtube: Sexyy Red

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10. Jizzle Buckz follow on Instagram: @JizzleBuckz and watch on Youtube: Jizzle Buckz

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11. BIGBUCKZVON follow on Instagram: @BIGBUCKZVON and watch on Youtube: BIGBUCKZVON

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12. 3 Problems follow on Instagram: @3Problems and watch on Youtube: 3 Problems

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13. Head follow on Instagram: @Head watch on Youtube: Head

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14. Rahli follow on Instagram: @Rahli and on Youtube: Rahli

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15. Day1ss follow on Instagram: @Day1ss and watch on Youtube: Day1ss

Honorable Mention St Louis Rappers:

Raysta Instagram: @Raysta and Youtube: Raysta

Benji Kellz Instagram: @Benji Kellz and Youtube: Benji Kellz

Karma 2zz Instagram: @Karma 2zz and Youtube: Karma 2zz

Vaunn1k Instagram: @Vaunn1k and Youtube: Vaunn1k

Kmurda da steppa Instagram: @Kmurda da steppa and Youtube: Kmurda da steppa

Benji Bam Instagram: @Benji Bam and Youtube: Benji Bam

bad business junior Instagram: @junior and Youtube: junior

Pooda Bouetto Instagram: @PoodaBouetto and Youtube: Pooda Bouetto

Bookie Glockz Instagram: @Bookie Glockz and Youtube: Bookie Glockz

BigRae Gwalla Instagram: @BigRae Gwalla and Youtube: BigRae Gwalla

Nikee Turbo Instagram: @Nikee Turbo and Youtube: Nikee Turbo

Cudi Mula Instagram: @Cudi Mula and Youtube: Cudi Mula

R.I.P: Bizzie Gambino  |  KB Sixx  |  SGE Breezy

*Make sure to leave a comment, for missing artists or anything related to St. Louis hip hop.

Top St Louis Rap Youtube Channels:

ViCkMoNtFiLMS: YouTube.com/Vickmontfilms

Torrey Production: YouTube.com/TorreyProduction

TJ Films: Youtube.com/TJFilms

DivineShot 314: Youtube.com/DivineShot314

Jake & Gune Productions: Youtube.com/Jake&GuneProductions 

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*Unofficial Order. The more popular artists that have a combination of the most followers, streams, views, and most recent releases are near the top.

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