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Top 10 Boston R&B Artists: 2023’s Best Massachusetts R&B Artists

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Massachusetts R&B Artists

List of Best Massachusetts and City of Boston R&B Artists

The famous Boston R&B artists of New Edition, a group of Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, Johnny Gill, Ronnie DeVoe, and Ralph Tresvant, somewhat kickstarted modern day rhythm and blues music. As R&B music exploded during the 1990s, New Edition went their separate ways, creating the careers of Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill, and Bell Biv Devoe. Fast forwarding into the 2020s, R&B has had a resurgence, with several Massachusetts R&B artists being among the top contributors.

Talented, gifted, and all adding their own unique value to R&B, the roster of Massachusetts R&B artists is not the average. Starring artists like JoJo, who is one of the very few teen sensations that transitioned their careers into adulthood, becoming one of the top R&B artists of 2022. The inconspicuous talent of Che Ecru, possibly R&B’s greatest kept secret. The veteran Sebastian Mikael showcasing years of talent since debuting in 2012 and building a catalog of hits like “Beautiful Life,” “Last Night,” “Time,” and “Exit.” The multitalented The Bonfyre, singer and dancer who debuted in 2018 with the hit album Ready to Love.

TeaMarr spilling the tea by offering a dose reality, love, and overall, a remedy for good feelings through songs like “One Job,” “Kinda Love,” or “Cool Enough.” The up and coming artist of Jesenia, a rising talent that has only displayed a preview of what’s to come, with only three official releases, “I Need Me,” “Rodeo,” and “Do Me Like That.” Fall River native Rasandra gaining notoriety with the Lil TJay collaboration, “In Too Deep,” showcasing a promising career in the making. Palestinian artist Neemz providing an unique and an unconventional approach to R&B.

From R&B’s next star of Raiche to multiple veterans and up and coming artists, Massachusetts R&B singers have created one of R&B’s best music scenes. Whether from the small towns and cities of Massachusetts or from the city of Boston, talent travels throughout the state. As music has grown, Massachusetts is destined to produce the next face of rhythm and blues.

Top 10 Boston and Massachusetts R&B Artists

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1. Jojo Follow on Instagram: @JOJO and watch on YouTube: JoJO

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2. Che Ecru Follow on Instagram: @Che Ecru and watch on YouTube: Che Ecru

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3. Sebastian Mikael Follow on Instagram: @Sebastian Mikael and watch on YouTube: Sebastian Mikael

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4. TeaMarr Follow on Instagram: @TeaMarr and watch on YouTube: TeaMarr

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5. Raiche Follow on Instagram: @Raiche and watch on YouTube: Raiche

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6. The Bonfyre Follow on Instagram: @The Bonfyre and watch on YouTube: The Bonfyre

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7. Jesenia Follow on Instagram: @Jesenia and watch on YouTube: Jesenia

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8. Rasandra Follow on Instagram: @Rasandra and watch on YouTube: Rasandra

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9. Neemz Follow on Instagram: @Neemz and watch on YouTube: Neemz

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10. SALYSE Follow on Instagram: @SALYSE and watch on YouTube: SALYSE

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